High paying 5 side hustle ideas for students online

If you’re a student and at the same time broke, then there is an error that needs to be fixed. Most people think it’s just okay and a normal thing for students to be broke but I say a capital NO to that culture.  I have been there and I know how I made my first million as a young student. 

So what I will be revealing to you is my personal experience, not just a normal fact you see online or on other blog sites, these are side hustles that I have tried and they are perfectly working and most importantly, they don’t stop you from learning while in school. So if you’re ready to learn and earn, then keep reading this article as we explore the my top 5 side hustle ideas for students in 2024. The number one is

Create and monetize No code Apps.

A lot of people do not know this business idea and as a student you can utilize this side hustle to earn some cool cash for yourself. As the name implies. No code apps are apps which are developed without coding. Which means you don’t need to have any knowledge about programming or coding. You only need to create the app with any no code app builder software. 

Best no code app builder.

You can easily access these platforms with just your mobile phone or laptop. And you don’t need to have any prior knowledge about coding to build these types of apps. My best recommendations for no code app builders are Mobiroller and Appcreator24.

Mobiroller app builder

Mobiroller app builder is one of the best no code app building software i can recommend for anyone who wants to make a living out of this side hustle. You just need to head over to the official website and sign up. 

I have already made a full tutorial video on how to build apps with Mobiroller and make money with it. You can build both android and ios applications on this platform without coding. The next no code app builder i will recommend for you is

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Appcreator24 app builder

If you’re a real online hustler like me, you must have come across this platform. This is app creator 24, it’s one of the best app builders that allows you to make any type of app for both android and ios devices. With this software You can convert a website to an app and lots more.

How to make money with No code app building side hustles.

Remember this side hustle is totally for free and requires any upfront capital. But the most interesting part is being able to build a business around this side hustle. So I will be making it easier for you to achieve this without going further to do more research. To make money with this side hustle we will be looking at ad monetization, freelancing, selling  and training.  I know you will be confused here but I got your back. Let’s dive more deeper. The number one way to make money from this side hustle is

Admob ads monetization 

If you’re a die hard fan of my blog and youtube channel,You must have heard about admob, and if you’re just seeing my blog for the first time, you’re highly welcome and don’t forget to join us on Telegram from the link at the website header so i can show you your own special room hahaha..

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Alright. Welcome back. Admob is a monetization platform for app developers. like you know adsense is a website monetization platform for publishers, that’s website owners.  And the most interesting part of all of these is that they are both owned by almighty Google. Yes you read that well.

The way you build a website and monetize with adsense is also the same way you can build an app and monetize it with admob to earn money. I have made so much money for just serving admob ads on most of my applications and you too can do the same even as a beginner. 

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You just need to get your app developed with the above listed no code app builders and integrate admob ads to begin making money with it. Like I stated earlier,  I have already made a tutorial video on my YouTube channel on how you can build an app from Appcreator24 and Mobiroller. With this strategy you can make your money and cash out on a monthly basis as a student without stress. This also doesn’t stop you from learning while in school. Just check the youtube banner below this page and switch over to my YouTube page for the tutorial video.  The next way to make money is

Turning no code app development into a freelance business. 

After acquiring this simple skill, you built a few apps for yourself. You can expand your business by turning this side hustle into a lucrative freelance business while in school.  You don’t need to look for physical jobs, you can get lots of clients from your mobile phone from platforms like fiverr and upwork

Many of these people want someone who can develop an app for them, some want to convert their website, eCommerce website into a mobile app. You can offer this skill as a service and make money online in 2024.

Build and sell no code apps

Most people don’t like the idea of waiting for a freelancer to take a whole day before delivering a job. So the best idea here is to build these apps and sell them to people who need them urgently.  You only need to research the market and see top Trending app ideas to build then place them for sale for interested buyers to purchase. 

Train people on how to build a no code app and make money.

I have seen many Facebook ads lately, of people promoting their no code app development training. You don’t necessarily need to run ads before you get people that can pay you to teach them this skill. 

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With platforms like, youtube,  tik-tok,  Facebook and Instagram,  you can make constant videos, showcasing your recent projects and apps you built and monetize and you will see your dm being flooded by people who would like to learn from you.

Like myself, I have over 500+ unopened inboxes of people who wish to learn blogging. Youtube content creation, no code app development , eCommerce, Amazon kdp, freelancing, cpa marketing and affiliate marketing plus many more. The thing is. Once you have something to offer and people are seeing your good works and testimonies from your audience, they will come to you to learn. 

I bet most of those people running ads without first building an audience around their side hustles, have a tiny chance of actually getting a paying client from those ads,except if you know a better pro strategy to do that. So training people to do this is another way to earn money online as a student.  Remember you don’t need to move out of school to do this, you only need to host an online training session either on WhatsApp. Telegram, zoom or on Twitter.  

I believe these ideas will help take you from being a broke student to becoming a star boy or girl.  Remember building this side hustle will require some time. Dedication and consistency.  You don’t need to do it just one day and stop. With dedication and consistency, you can make good money from this. If you want more assistance and guidance on this, drop your comments below,  join us on Telegram and let’s see on youtube as well.

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