Small business grants for Black women 2024

Hey there, visionary entrepreneurs! Picture this: $100,000 Small business grants for Black women 2024., Ripe for the taking, applications just opened, and the window’s closing fast. Imagine being a part of a game-changing initiative, unlocking free money tailored explicitly for black women entrepreneurs. Intrigued? You should be.

Welcome to our deep dive into an extraordinary realm where opportunities and empowerment collide. In this blog post, we’re about to unravel a treasure trove of grants designed to fuel your dreams, supercharge your businesses, and bridge the funding gap for black women in entrepreneurship. Join me on this exhilarating journey as we explore six grants that could be the catalyst for your success story.”

we’re discussing how to access free money, specifically for black women entrepreneurs. Yes, you heard that right – free money! Did you know that black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs? However, here’s the catch – we’re also the least funded. Many companies are starting to recognize our value, but historically, that hasn’t been the case.

My goal is to ensure that every woman in this community accesses the available funding because if we don’t, those funds might go elsewhere, and we can’t let that happen. In this article, I’ll highlight six organizations offering cash ready for your business growth.

While all six are incredible, number four is particularly noteworthy as the applications just opened this month and will close soon. If you miss everything else in this article, don’t miss that opportunity – it’s the main reason I’m making this blog post. Let’s dive into these grants:

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1. Cardier Women’s Initiative:

Cardier, known for luxury fashion, also has an initiative supporting women entrepreneurs. Their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award offers grants of $100k, $60k, and $30k. They aim to fund businesses working towards gender equity and inclusion, aligning with underrepresented groups.

2. Black Girl Ventures:

This organization focuses on funding black women entrepreneurs. While the grant is smaller ($10,000), it’s dedicated to businesses with at least 51% ownership by black or brown women. Even if you’re not a black woman but run a business with a black woman partner owning the majority, you might still be eligible.

3. Tori Birch Foundation:

In 2023, they supported 75 women-owned businesses with grants of $10,000 to $20,000. Beyond funding, Tory Burch offers educational resources and community support, essential for business growth.

4. Sephora:

Currently offering a $100,000 grant, Sephora aims to close the gender gap. If your business focuses on skincare, haircare, or makeup, this is a golden opportunity. But remember, you need a solid business plan; vibes won’t cut it.

5. Amber Grant:

Different from annual grants, Amber grants offer $10,000 every month to mission-driven businesses. Winners are chosen monthly across various industries, allowing multiple opportunities throughout the year.

6. Wish Local Empowerment Program Grant:

Though not as glamorous, this grant provides $500 to $2,000. It’s a lifeline for struggling businesses. However, it’s exclusively for black-owned businesses over 18 years old.

Before pursuing any of these grants, having a comprehensive business plan is crucial. Luckily, thanks to HubSpot’s sponsorship, I’m providing a business plan template created by experts for free. Click the link below to access it.

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Remember, my mission is to empower women like you to thrive. I’ll keep bringing resources to help you achieve success and build a life you love.


As we wrap up this exhilarating journey, remember this: the landscape of entrepreneurship is evolving, and so are the avenues for funding and support. These grants are not merely financial aids; they represent a movement, a commitment to equity, and an opportunity to rewrite the narrative for black women in business.

Each grant we’ve explored is a stepping stone towards realizing your vision, but beyond the financial aspect, they signify acknowledgment, validation, and a belief in your potential to create change. Remember, behind every successful entrepreneur, there’s a strategic plan, relentless determination, and a community rooting for their success.

So, seize these opportunities, craft your business plan with meticulous detail (don’t forget our exclusive template!), and step boldly towards your dreams. You, dear entrepreneur, have what it takes to reshape industries, shatter glass ceilings, and carve your legacy.

Continue advocating for yourself, promoting your brilliance shamelessly, and embracing the journey, because success isn’t just about reaching the destination; it’s about the transformative journey you undertake.

We’ve merely scratched the surface here. Keep exploring, keep innovating, and keep striving. You’re not just chasing grants; you’re claiming your seat at the table of empowerment and driving a narrative of change. The future belongs to the bold, the visionary, and the persistent. Here’s to your unstoppable journey towards success. Until next time, keep hustling and never lose sight of the greatness within you.”

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