Social media post ideas for small business

As a small business owner that. Managing your social media pages might be so much work in the sense that sometimes you might out of contents and social media post ideas. So in this article i will be revealing the top social media posts ideas for any small business page.

This will work for any business page and help build more engagements to your social media pages and as you know already,  bring in more customers that will buy your services or products.  You can join us on Telegram to get the full pack of these ideas if you can’t copy each of the post ideas line after line.


Social media post ideas for small businesses.

___Things That Don’t Work:

-Positive Thinking



Things That DO Work:

-Have A High IQ

-Have The Energy To Work 60 Hours A Week

-Work In Finance/Law/Sales, Medicine, or STEM.


___Always have a few associates in the bottom 20% of the income distribution.

You need to keep a pulse on what is happening at the bottom of the macro hierarchy, so you have some warning before a revolution is launched.


__The single most important machiavellian strategy for you to be aware of today is Law 38;

Pay lip service to the dominant ideology of your society, lest you suffer ostracism.

Pay lip service to whatever is currently politically correct.


___If you are not willing to die to make your dream a reality.

You are not aiming high enough.

A man should have a mission that transcends himself.


___Living off your family member’s wealth means living at their mercy.

This sounds incredibly obvious, but most people will not realize it until 7 seconds after it is too late.


___Printing Money 

Makes The Rich Richer And The Poor Poorer

99.99% of people will never realize this.


___You are not paid what you are worth.

You are paid what you negotiate for.


___Many people enjoy judging others harshly, because it allows them to feel superior in comparison.

Harsh judgments usually come from a desire to feel superior, more than any real disapproval.


___Do not make the mistake of thinking every person’s time is equally valuable.


___If you can’t succeed as an employee, the probability you will succeed as an entrepreneur is practically zero.

The demands that entrepreneurship places on Intelligence, Cunning, Energy, and Stress Tolerance


than the demands placed on a employee.


___In most societies most of the time, the purpose of the schools and universities (the ‘Education System’,)

is to indoctrinate children and young people with whatever Ideology or Religion those who wield power over the schools and universities approve of.


___No matter how much power you acquire, your life will always be nothing more than dust for wind to take.

Unless, you build something that will outlive you.


___Your physical health is a MAKE OR BREAK FACTOR in success or failure.

With perfect physical health, succeeding is difficult.

With trash physical health, succeeding is impossible.

Do everything in your power to optimize your physical health.


___If you appear to be calm and confident, most people will automatically assume you are trustworthy and competent.

If you appear nervous and unsure of yourself, most people will automatically assume you are untrustworthy, or perhaps just incompetent.


___Every time you hear the word ‘Employee’ replace it with the word ‘Hostage’ and the world will make more sense.


___”Jobs Give Meaning And Purpose To People’s Lives”

This is the most successful piece of Capitalist propoganda in the history of the world.

It is so easily verified as false, that I am shocked people fall for it.

7 seconds of dispassionate observation would tell you that most jobs are miserable, and the only reason workers agree to do them is because they need wage income in order to survive.


___Be very careful about being sanctimonious, or overly judgmental.

Nobody likes sanctimonious people.

If you judge others unduly harshly when they fail, then when you fail, which you will at some point, others will be inclined to judge you harshly.


___Successful men tend to have a very small number of close friends, who they speak with sporadically (once every few weeks…or months…for a few hours at a time).

They are not spending 8 hours a day in coffee shops discussing the meaning of life.


___What You Want, Is Irrelevant.

All That Matters Is, What Is The Best That You Can Realistically Hope To Get?


___People who desire to ACTUALLY help you, are rare.

People who will try to do you tiny inconsequential favors, so that they can FEEL USEFUL, and feel like you owe them something in return, are common.


___Men with successful careers spend very little time thinking about how to manage a romantic relationship with a woman.

They don’t need to.

It comes naturally, the same way breathing comes naturally; how much time have you spent thinking about how to breath properly?


___If you have any sort of Power or Fame or Leadership Position there are going to be a lot of people who hate and insult you.

You need a thick skin; if you can’t ignore insults and feel nothing when they are thrown at you, don’t lead.


___If you take 200 sentences to say something that could have been said in 2 sentences

Extremely Intelligent Powerful People (the people who decided whether you get promoted or fired, or whether your startup business gets capital) are going to dislike you.


___The Wages in Finance will always be high because the supply of men who have the Psychopathy and Intelligence needed to do the work effectively as a percentage of the population will always be low.

Low Supply Of Labor = High Wages.


___We consider people Age 70+ to be unemployable due to the physical and cognitive decline that inevitably comes with aging.

yet the people who run The Government are almost exclusively Age 70+


___To be far richer than others is good, but to appear far richer than others is dangerous; it makes you a target for envy.


___Academics and University Professors are people who think that using 50,000 Words to say what a normal person could say in 50 Words makes them intelligent.


___If you say you are willing to help but you are not willing to do what is necessarry to substantially improve the situation you deserve zero gratitude. I owe you nothing.

People who say they want to be helpful are common.

People who will do what is necessarry to ACTUALLY HELP (substantially improve the situation) are very, very rare.


___If you were a Boomer, you had the option of being average and getting a decent quality of life.

As a Zoomer, this options does not exist. You Shoot For The Stars, Or You Drown.


___If You Want People To Perceive You Are Credible.

If You Want Them To Believe What You Say. Don’t Display Anger. Display Cold Detachment. Appear Completely Calm.


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