9 untapped side hustles from home for 2024

I know you clicked on this article to get the top 9 untapped side hustles from home that you can start today to begin making money. These side hustles I’m about disclosing to you are going to help you scale from $0 to over $1500 per month if you’re consistent with any of them.

The best part of this is that anyone can do this, it doesn’t really matter if you are located in United , Nigeria, Canada or any country you might think of. I will walk you step by step on these levels, level one requires no skills and no money, level two demands some skills but still no money, and to reach level three, you need both skills and money.

As a self-made millionaire, I’ve navigated these levels, and if you follow this guide carefully, you can make over a thousand dollars per month. Now, I won’t suggest tedious tasks like watching ads or filling out surveys; instead, let’s explore side hustles that can yield substantial returns.

Level One Side hustle with No Skills, No Money

Side Hustle 1: Content Critic

You know what content creation is all about and i believe you might have heard how lucrative this side hustle is, but here, you won’t just be creating content, rather you will be making video content which is an unbiased, honest feedback to content creators. Genuine fans providing constructive criticism are valuable. You can pick a particular niche and stick with good and quality contents for your audience while you make money.

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Side Hustle 2: Flipping Instagram Theme Pages

In my previous posts link above, i wrote a detailed article on how to build social media pages and sell for profits. Here you Grow pages in specific niches, like cars, and sell them when they gain value from advertisers.  I have made a full tutorial video on how to build Facebook , Instagram and TikTok pages on my YouTube channel,  kindly check out the channel banner at the sidebar for it.

Level Two side hustles that requires Some Skills, No Money.

Side Hustle 3: Designing Thumbnails

YouTube is the biggest video platform with billions of creators, most big YouTubers out there have no time for their video thumbnail, this is where your services comes in. Master the art of creating engaging thumbnails. With a few skills, you can charge more for providing value to YouTubers.

Side Hustle 4: Tutoring

Teach subjects online, focusing on selling specific outcomes, like standardized test success. Facebook is a great platform for advertising to parents looking for academic support. To gain more grand in this business,  you need to create a platform like YouTube where you can build audience that loves your contents, this will make it easier for clients to trust you with their money.

Side Hustle 5: Creating Logos

Build a portfolio by working for free initially. Once established, offer logo design services on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, potentially earning $500 to $1,000 per week and more. You don’t need to be a pro to make money with this business,  you only need your mobile phone and ai tool like canva for designing logos.

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Side Hustle 6: High Ticket Closer

Become the force behind sealing high-ticket deals for influencers and business owners. With just a phone, you can earn substantial commissions. Remember you need a platform for trust so as to get the best and bigger deal.

Side Hustle 7: Web Design

Learn web design skills and capitalize on the demand for good websites. Whether using website builders or coding bespoke sites, this skill can be lucrative. Platforms like WordPress can help you achieve this, you can design WordPress websites and make money. I have built a team from my trained students and they are all making money from this online skill.

Level Three side hustles with Some Skills, Some Money.

Side Hustle 8: Selling Digital Products

Create digital products like templates, ebooks, or online courses. Invest in advertising to promote your products and consider collaborations with influencers. You can do this on WordPress or use shopify to sell your digital products.

Side Hustle 9: Starting a Software Business

While not exactly a side hustle, starting a tech business can lead to significant profits and exits. Strive to incorporate technology tailored to your business. If you’re interested in making $10,000 in seven days, check out the telegram button at the website header to join us on Telegram for morr information.

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