20 best Online side hustles for teens in 2024

This is an era where everyone both young and the old wants to make money online without having to face much competition and stress. In this article, I’ll share the top 20 best online side hustles for teens to make $300 per day. The important thing to take note in this article is the fact that these side hustles I’m about sharing here are less in competition and most people do not know about them. 

And this makes it easier for a beginner to venture into any of them and succeed in no time.  So if you’re ready,  let’s get into it. starting with a side hustle that personally earned me hundreds of thousands at 18 and 19 – 

Snapchat Spotlight. 

The beauty of this hustle is its accessibility; anyone could post a viral video and earn big without needing a massive following. Snapchat Spotlight is a 9 figure side hustle that can make you a millionaire in 2024 if you’re consistent with it.

To succeed in 2023/2024 and beyond with this side hustle, aim for 200-400k views within the first 24 hours. There are two main video types: influencer content (ideal if you’re already an influencer) and Snapchat memories (share funny or interesting clips). 

While reposting content has become riskier, you can still download creators’ videos with permission and repurpose it to add your own uniqueness before posting.  This is one of the side hustle that can earn you real money big time. Moving on to the next one, we have 

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Organic affiliate marketing.

I have made countless posts about affiliate marketing and if you’re on my YouTube channel,  I have also made countless video tutorials about affiliate marketing and so many approaches to it. This side hustle is simply where you earn a percentage of sales through your affiliate link. This versatile hustle works for various products, from jewelry to clothes. Just be aware that many affiliates require you to be 18 or older for PayPal withdrawal. 

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But you don’t need to worry because most affiliate programs and marketplaces like Digistore24,  shareasale,  ClickBank etc offer numerous payment methods like wire bank transfer,  crypto payment,  payoneer etc. So you just have to sign up on any of these platforms as an affiliate and pick any product of your choice according to your audience and interests.  Whenever you make a sale from your link, you get paid. The next side hustle for teens is..

Reselling products at school

This is somehow off the point according to the title of this blog post which says online side hustles for teens, but this is an offline side hustle and it can also work online if you have a website or social media page where you can resell products. 

Whether it’s candy or custom T-shirts through Teespring, it can be lucrative. Selling print on demand shirts both in school or online is a straightforward process: gather design requests, create on Teespring, and sell for a profit. I personally made over $2,000 online with this.

Platforms like printify,  printful, redbubble pays you money when someone purchases your design on their platform.  You can check out my full tutorial video on youtube @ (mins john francis) on how to create and sell print on demand products without handling any inventory. 

TikTok live streams.

I’m not a tik-tok fan but I have seen for myself how young people are constantly cashing out big time from just streaming live on the platform.  They make money when their viewers gift them and each of these gifts has a specific amount attached to it.

particularly exploiting the NPC Trend, can bring in donations. Even with fewer followers, this trend’s quirky reactions can attract donations and potentially make your streams go viral. You only need at least 1000 followers to activate the live stream feature. 

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Video editing.

If you have editing skills, there’s a demand for video editors in the age of TikTok and CapCut. Reach out to creators and offer your services; you could make $500-$2,000 a month. Before you kickstart this side hustle make sure you learn the basics of video editing. 

You can start with CapCut by watching top tutorials on youtube so you could make money from this side hustle. When you deliver a good job to your client,  they will refer you to another client and the circle keeps rolling. 

Curb painting. 

Curb painting is an inexpensive side hustle, painting house numbers on the street. This emotionally attached service can be pitched door-to-door, charging $20-$25 per curb to start. As a teen you need to pick any of these side hustles and get started with them.

Ai homework

I know you’re surprised to hear about my Ai homework  as a side hustle.  Many people find it difficult to solve some homeworks and you can take it upon yourself to assist them and get paid by using tools like chatgpt.

AI homework is an unconventional hustle where you help classmates with their assignments using ChatGPT. This can be profitable, especially with lazy or busy students willing to pay for your assistance. You can do this both offline and online with freelancing platforms like fiverr and upwork.

Become a school tutor.

Becoming a school tutor is a straightforward way to make money, especially if you excel in a particular subject. Schools or parents might pay you $10-$50 per hour for your tutoring services. You can advertise your service as a tutor and get hired for this job.

You can make this an online and offline side hustle by teaching online as well. You can gather your students on WhatsApp group,  Telegram channel or through zoom and teach them while you get paid. Remember before accepting any student in your tutoring group, they must have registered with a certain fee.

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Landscaping is an ideal first hustle for teenagers, offering immediate payment, repeat clients, and low startup costs. As a teenager you can charge less than a professional landscaper, I recommend charging around $40-$70 per lawn.

Sell your photos and videos 

I believe you’re reading this article with either your mobile phone or a desktop.  And I’m sure 80% of my blog readers used their mobile phone to access my site.  And inside that photo is a built-in camera that can capture good images and videos.  So if i can check your gallery at this moment,  i must see these images and videos.

So you can start making money with those images and videos you have on your device. You can sell your photos and videos on Shutterstock, a platform where brands buy specific content. It’s an easy way to make money from pictures you’ve already taken.

Pet sitting 

Pet sitting is an enjoyable and in-demand job paying $15-$30 per hour. While you’re at it, inquire about additional services like car washing or landscaping. This will help you generate more additional income as a teenager. 

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On my main youtube channels I have made several beginner friendly dropshipping videos which will guide you step by step on how to get started with this side hustle. 

Dropshipping is a lucrative business model where you find a product from a Chinese supplier, sell it at a higher price on your website, and keep the profit.

These are just a few options for teens to explore and potentially make substantial money. Remember while these are low in competition,  it still requires consistency and dedication for you to start making 6 figures from any of them.

If you want the remaining list, drop your comment and join us on Telegram via the telegram button at the website header asap.

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