Best Side hustle ideas 2024 from home nobody will tell you

One of the best ways to make money online as a beginner is to actually think outside the box, do what others are not doing and money will come to you. I know you have read many blog posts and it seems everyone talks about the same thing like selling online, freelancing, starting e-commerce and all of that. Yes, they are all good points but in this article i will be revealing better and Best side hustle 2024 from home.

The reason you should read this article till the end is that I do all of these side hustles and they make me millions each month. Whatever I will be teaching you here are my personal experiences and what is actually working for me. So if you stick till the end of this article, you will be able to decide on a particular side hustle or a business to hold onto in 2024. Without further ado let’s kick start the journey guys..

If you want to start making money online the first thing you have to do is to make sure you focus on low competitive side hustles, and most of these businesses that i will be sharing here are not saturated and you can do them no matter what device you’re using. The best part of this business is that you don’t need high tools, you don’t need expensive gadgets for this, you only need your mobile phone or desktop and internet connection. the number one business idea that you can start and make money in 2024 is 

Build and Sell Monetized Websites.

Making money online is easier when you have a platform of your own and having a website blog makes it easier for you to express yourself and voice out your ideas out there for people to see while you make money.  

And a lot of people are willing to get started with this business but the difficulty of getting a website developer that can also monetize their website has made a lot of people lose hope on this. So you can help people build business online by setting up and monetizing websites for them for income generation. You can monetize this website with an ad network and sell it for a few bucks ranging from $500-$1500+ if it’s adsense.  But other ads networks sites seem cheaper in this case, from $100-$400+.

Most people want to get their website monetized but the difficulty in getting adsense approval has triggered a lot of people to quit blogging. I have over 5 niche blogs and 4 active YouTube channels that I monetized with adsense and for the security of these sites and their accounts I don’t share them publicly on my channels for people to see. And on this blog you are reading now, I turned off all my ads so as to give you peace of mind to read through this article without any interruption. 

if you want to start making money with the side hustle, you have to make sure you have the right skill and strategy that can help you to get a website monetize with ads and if you can get these websites approved by adsense, you can sell them off for $500-$1500 to countless people that needs them. 

I will be revealing an easy Strategy to do this in a nutshell later on in this article. This is easy to start all you need is to get a domain name, then get a hosting platform where you can host this website then the website will be developed for you and after that the next thing is to make sure you write quality contents on those blogs and if you can get this quality content ready on your website then adsense is going to approve your website. 

You can as well contact a developer to develop your website because you need a high quality website blog, optimized and user friendly site to get approval as well. Once your site is delivered,  it’s your duty to write unique contents on your site and gain organic traffic for approval.  Remember, apart from adsense there are other better alternatives like outbrain. Mediavine, hb agency, Adsterra, HilltopAds,  montag etc. 

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And once this website is approved the next thing to do is either sell it out to people that need it or you grow the website and keep earning from it. Once you hit $10 on your adsense account, you can then verify the adsense account and with this strategy you are going to be making money.

Most adsense websites are being sold for $500 to over $1500 and if the account is verified, you can even sell from $1500 to $3000+. With this idea, you can sell at least 5 websites in a month and check your bank account balance while smiling. the next thing you’re going to do is to make sure you repeat the same strategy and keep scaling. 

Two methods to to earn with this side hustle.

Remember I told you that you can make money with this strategy in two simple forms. The number one way is to sell the website or blog that is monetized with adsense. The number two is either keep the website monetized for yourself, grow it to earn from ads and other monetization options or verify the adsense account for double payment.  When you reach $10 on the adsense account you can verify the account and place it for sale. 

Build social media pages and sell them. 

That takes us to the next side hustle in 2024 which is to build and sell social media pages. If you have the skill of growing social media pages, there are lucrative business opportunities that you’re missing if you haven’t started yet. If you’re able to build social media pages like Facebook pages,  Instagram pages,TiK ToK pages, and the rest of them,you can make lots of money with this side hustle.

So one of the best ways to do this is to get a smartphone and head over to Google play store or app store and download Facebook,TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and all of that. These business ideas are totally for free and anyone can do them. you can do this side hustle and make money, no matter where you find yourself.  There are companies and individuals looking for already built social media pages to buy. 

All you need to do after downloading the apps is to make sure you create the Facebook page, tik-tok page, Instagram page, and you pick any interesting niche of your choice that tends to engage people faster.  You can go for the entertainment niche, celebrity updates and make sure you post more engaging contents that can trigger people to like your post or follow your page.

You have to do this consistently and build up a community of loyal followers in those pages. So if you can grow each of these pages up to 5,000 followers, 10,000 followers or more then you are able to sell them out to people that need them. There are companies and individuals out there searching for these types of pages to buy for $500 upward. 

How to start a social media page, build and sell business.

One of the best tricks to do this is to look for any trending information,  a trending celebrity, trending news or group of people and create a page around that trend. It can be a fan page. Then people will follow your page and engage with your page because of the name that page represents.  

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Here you don’t need to show your face or create the contents by yourself.  You only have to make sure you follow the main celebrity page and repost whatever content he,she or they post to the said fan page. Do this consistently and build loyal followers. 

How to sell the social media pages I built. 

After growing them to 5k followers, 10k or more then you need to do the following before selling it. You have to make sure the page has the change name option,  you have to make sure the page has no monetization issues in case your buyer intends to monetize it. 

After making sure all of these are in place, just visit any social media buy and sell groups and forums and place your pages for sale. Interested individuals will buy your pages for a huge amount and you make your money. Then repeat the strategy and start all over again. The next business idea that will help you to make a lot of money in 2024 is.

Monetize youtube channels and sell.

I’ve done most of these businesses and I’m still doing them and they are so lucrative if you must know. Most people are not aware of these businesses that i have listed here, you can utilize this opportunity and make your money.

Building a YouTube channel from scratch is totally difficult, especially getting your first 100 subscribers, 500 subscribers and 1000 subscribers. The most difficult part is attaining the monetization requirements which is 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. Most people gave up on youtube because of these and you can take it upon yourself to help people get monetized on youtube and you earn money by selling out these channels.

I have built over 40 monetized youtube channels and sold over 38 channels in the last 3 months to most of my subscribers and international clients. I have 4 active YouTube channels in which only one of them has my face and identity, the rest are being managed by my team. And to shock you, I make all the videos myself for all of these channels without running out of contents and all of them are monetized and generate income for me on a monthly basis, go and verify.

So if you want to do this, the next thing you’re going to do is to make sure you create a YouTube channel. You can start with one channel for a start and automate it. I mean making the videos and running the channel with ai. This will save you time, money and help you create more content with no stress.

The next thing to do after your channel is created is to customize your channel profile image and channel banner. This can only be possible if you have picked a niche. Just pick a niche you’re good with and set up your page for this and get ready to explore. 

I will not write how to create YouTube automation videos here because you won’t see the demonstrations, but I have made a full video guide on how to create a full YouTube video automation with AI and human-like voice over all for free on my YouTube channel.

You have to make sure you upload lots of videos on your channel then once you get to 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours, you can monetize this YouTube channel and sell them out for $700-$2000 each. remember you are building your channels organic and you’re going to sell it with a higher price. a YouTube channel that has 1,000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours that is already monetized can be sold for $700 to over $2000+.

If you want me to reveal the secret strategies that helped me grow my channel to over 23,000 subscribers and other channels with 8,000, 1000, 5000, subscribers, kindly click the telegram link at the website header and join us on Telegram and also drop a comment under this post indicating interest then i will post the secret strategies that helped me achieve that in few months. so the next side hustle that will help you to make money in 2024 is

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Sell and verify adsense accounts.

You can create an adsense account and grow it till you are verified and then sell them out for $500+ and $1000+ if they have received multiple payments from your website. but this strategy you are only going to be verifying adsense accounts for individuals which means you are not going to be building the website, you only need them to come with their accounts and then you verify their adsense account and get paid.

These side hustles are not competitive and they are demanding and lucrative. 

You just have to make sure you get the right skill and ideas on how to verify adsense accounts. Once you hit $10 on your adsense account, Google will request for id and address verification. This is where your job comes in. 

Most people are looking for someone who will help them verify their account,so the best way to do this is to make sure you find a client to work for. Enquire about the country of the adsense account because that’s the major thing here. Then get the IDs for the Verification ready. Add the id and address and Google will verify the account then you get paid.

These are totally for free and you don’t need capital to start all of these businesses I have already mentioned. You just need to be consistent and treat your clients so well, so as to get good reviews and more clients from them, do this consistently and you see yourself make more money from this side hustles. so another way to make money in 2024 is 

Design YouTube thumbnails for top YouTubers.

This is a side hustle that most people don’t know about and it is lucrative and less competitive. There are lots of top YouTube creators out there that are too busy with other works and find it hard to design good thumbnails for their youtube videos, most of them can design but not too good and some have no idea at all.

you can take it upon yourself and start doing this job for all of them while you charge a fee for each thumbnail. With tools like canva you can simply design thumbnails then send it to your client and get paid. You can charge $5 to $50 or more per each thumbnail. 

In a day you can end up designing 5 to 10 thumbnails for different YouTubers and you make a lot of money from this single side hustle. this is totally for free, you don’t need high gadget for this side hustle, you don’t even need a desktop for this, you just need your mobile phone then download the canva application with the canva application you can design quality YouTube thumbnails then get the thumbnails delivered to your client and you make lot of money with this very strategy. 

 These are the best side hustles that I will recommend that you take charge with in 2024 and make a lot of money. These are totally for free and anybody can do it. If you want to learn more on how to make money online, I would like you to click the telegram button at the website header to join us on Telegram. click the youtube image down below to subscribe to our YouTube channel. I have already made a detailed video on how to make money with all of these strategies.


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      Yes you can make money through direct link if you register as a publisher on adsterra, monetag, HilltopAds and other ads networks that offers direct link

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      Promote on social media using a landing page. Check my YouTube channel for the full video

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