Fastest online business to start as a beginner 2024 from home

So, we’ve entered a new era, and the World Economic Forum calls it the sharing economy. A bunch of teenagers are earning as much as lawyers without any experience or technical skills, working from their kitchen tables.

But what does sharing economy mean? It’s another fancy word for affiliate marketing. Actually, affiliate marketing is a huge part of the sharing economy.

If you’ve clicked on this article, it means you want to create a sustainable, profitable online business. Listen up, because in the next few minutes, I’m going to guide you on the fastest way to become an affiliate marketer and take advantage of this so-called sharing economy.

I’ll implement an uncanny five-step formula that can get you paychecks in a matter of weeks. But, I have to warn you, I’ll be completely transparent with the results you’re about to see.

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But what I can guarantee is that I’ll guide you on the exact system one of my recent students, used to generate more than $20,000 in affiliate commissions. Or Alison, who started making $5,000 a month in his first month after implementing this system. More importantly, Alison was just 16 years old.

What you’re about to read now was previously only available for my paying clients and students, and now I’m rolling it out for the public so everyone can benefit from it. I know this system works, not just because of my students, but because I’ve been perfecting it for more than a decade. What you’re going to learn today is something that I believe is going to change your life forever.

Forbes magazine says that 83% of companies worldwide use affiliate marketing, and this number is expected to grow to 100% in the next few years. This means almost every business out there will use affiliate marketing. Forbes also says that the affiliate marketing industry is a $9 billion industry, growing at 10% each year and has not declined since it was invented.

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This is the only industry, affiliate marketing, that has not seen a decline. Real estate, drop shipping, e-commerce, banks, financial institutions – all have seen declines. So, there’s a huge opportunity to make a lot of money.

How to create affiliate marketing business and make money faster

Here’s how you can create an affiliate marketing business that generates passive income every single month for months and even years to come. Step number one:

100 us dollar bill

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

If you’re not a beginner, you can skip this step and jump to the next one. But I urge you to stay because you might learn something new. Affiliate marketing uses third-party services, like you and me, to promote different products and services to a large audience.

What I mean by that is there’s a vendor or merchant who creates the product. You don’t have to create, touch, or ship the product. You don’t even handle customer support. You simply take this product online, create a special affiliate link, and find people willing to click and purchase.

The vendor or merchant will give you a percentage from the sale. For example, Nike sells sneakers for $100. You, as an affiliate, get 30%, which is $30 for every sale. But I don’t recommend dealing with big brands. I’ll show you a better way to earn way more money than just $30 per sale. this leads us to step number two:

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picking a niche or category.

I always recommend doing a lot of research. If you have a hobby or a particular interest, that’s the best place to start. If you like hiking, look for affiliate offers related to hiking – hiking boots, gear, equipment, etc. You can start promoting to an audience related to hiking because you’re already familiar with the topic. If you’re not sure, use Google Trends to find niches or topics with either high demand or high competition.

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The most profitable niches today are finance, real estate, making money online, health, and fitness. People always want to make money, either online or offline. Step number three:

picking an offer.

After you’ve decided on a niche, it’s time to select your affiliate offer. There are two types – digital and physical. I recommend digital offers because they’re easier to sell and have higher profit margins. For example, Nike shoes cost $100, and you make $30. Digital products, like courses, can pay $50, $100, or even $150 per conversion.

You can find these offers on Amazon  shareasale, ClickBank or digistore24 Look for offers with at least $70 per conversion. Also, check for an affiliate support page from the vendor, which provides marketing materials to help you promote better. Look for private offer owners – course creators, influencers, and public figures.

They often offer higher profit margins. Choose products with a strong money-back guarantee to make buyers feel safe. For example, one of my course, high income blog print, has a full refund guarantee for 30 days, and I even PayPal $100 for wasted time. Step number four:

create a blog website.

After choosing a niche and offer, create a website blog around it to pre-warm your traffic. On your landing page, educate your audience about the product, state problems, and provide solutions. Use the AIP method – Attract, Identify, Provide. Attract attention with a compelling title, identify problems, and provide solutions.

You can contact a developer to develope your website or join us on Telegram from the telegram button at the website header so as to get my team build your website for you. Step number five:

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Drive traffic to your website/landing page.

Use Facebook, especially if you’re targeting adults aged 35-65+. Create a Facebook group related to your niche and set up Facebook ads. Spend $5-$15 a day to drive traffic. Set up an email opt-in form on your landing page to collect emails.

Even if people don’t buy immediately, you can follow up with valuable content and affiliate offers via email. Bonus step:

Create a faceless YouTube channel in your niche.

You can use PowerPoint presentations and your voice to share valuable information. That’s the entire system. Now that you know the steps, implement everything right away. If you need help, join us on Telegram and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more updates.

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