How to take your offline business to online in 2024

Here is a quick guide on How to take your offline business to online in 2024 . Nnenna is one of my top fan on social media who wants to monetize her offline business online with the sole aim if generating more income. Let’s guide her through on this journey

How to take offline business to online in 2024

I present to you Nnenna Blessing:
She is a good Cook.
She sells underwear to earn money offline.
And she doesn’t know how to monetize these skills in the online space. She need the right information on how to get started 🤝.

Firstly, Nnenna has all it takes to bag consistent 6 figures monthly but what she lacks is the right information. The right Information is the real money ritual these days. You need to earn 6 figures even if you’re a graduate or not.

In my previous post , I mentioned that selling, solving and informing are the simple methods of making money online and Nnenna already has one.

how does she monetize this skill?

1.If truly she is a good cook, she should skip this first point. But if she is not, she should go ahead and get a mentor, learn more and perfect this skill. There are thousands of Catering Schools out there and millions of YouTube videos to teach you the professional parts of Catering. Go ahead and perfect this skill.

And for the underwear that you sell, if you’re not the producer, then focus on the Catering so as to make money to finance the underwear business if you want to continue with that. Your skill is your strength and with one skill you can finance numerous businesses and expand your streams of income.

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2. After perfecting this skill, you need to create social media platforms like a Facebook page, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. The truth is that everyone must not be a content creator, and not everyone will succeed in content creation. You only need to figure out your strength (skill) and use social media to expand your reach.

The above social media platforms are my top recommendations. Remember you’re not here for monetization sake, you’re only here to showcase your skill, business and brand to the world.

and while you’re producing good content on Catering, giving people the reason to trust your brand, your online community will be expanding ( increase in Followers, subscribers, likes and comments).

And when this happens, each of those platforms will then open the options for you to monetize your contents and earn a passive income from your audience. Remember this wasn’t the first motive and agenda at first but it’s a way of knowing that you’re gradually growing.

With these social media platforms, you will gain your customers’ trust, and people from different locations will be triggered to patronize you because they have seen what your brand can help them achieve.

If you want to take things professional, you need to create a website for your Catering business. On this website, you can add a blog where you turn your YouTube tutorials on Catering into blog posts. You can also monetize this blog with ads networks, affiliate marketing etc and make money.

On this website, you can integrate a store where you sell courses to people who would love to learn this skill from you, you can add your own products and services as well. This will not only attract clients within your country Nigeria but will also create an avenue for international clients to contact you for business.

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These are just a few strategies to monetize this very skill, to learn more, join my students on my YouTube page ( mins john francis ) go on youtube and search for that and subscribe.
Don’t procrastinate, start now.
If you have more questions, drop them in the comment section.


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