Beginners Guide to starting an online business (User Generated Content)

I don’t always have time for social media,  especially those platforms that don’t contribute to my business or favors my audience base. I know my audience base and I strive to engage them daily. Once in a while I would like to keep updating my friends here on Facebook. 

So this is basically for those who wants to start making money online,  i mean earning dollars not your fu*☆cked up Naira.This is the first phase, if you’re a total beginner…

If You have a mobile phone and internet connection, then you’re already qualified to begin making money online and printing dolls.

Hey! I’m not here to sell you a course or tell you stories that I’m not into. 80% of Nigerians still doubt it when they are told they could make money online,  while the 20% are actually the ones busy preaching to these set of blind people. 

The system has made it like a culture that you must go to school,  become a graduate, seek for job before you could get employed and start earning money 💰.

But the system has failed so many while many are still going into the same system,that’s ridiculous 🙄. If you really want to start making money online , there are 3 ways to get that done.




The first strategy is Selling:

There are numerous things that you can sell online to earn some dollars online. You can sell physical and digital products to make money online.  Here you will also find affiliate marketing,  dropshipping,  e-commerce, trading both physical and digital currencies and all that.. 

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Secondly,we have information:

This is when you give out or publish information and earn money in return. Here you will find blogging,  social media content creation on youtube,  Facebook,  Instagram,  TikTok etc.

Thirdly we have solution for money:

Here you render a service that solves a specific problem to earn money online.  Here You can find graphic design , website development,  app/software development,  freelancing etc. 

If you don’t belong to any of these categories and you want to start printing dollars online,  it will be a bit difficult for you to do that alone, unless you have a mentor, pay for a course to learn any of these or learn by yourself through platforms like youtube.

I will be breaking each of these segments down for us to understand in the next post. If you’re a total beginner and willing to learn,  I would like you to answer the following questions !

What are you good at?

What do you do offline to make money?

What skill do you have and want to monetize online?

What online business do you want to venture into?

If you have an answer to any of these questions, it will stand as a foundation to your online business and help you stay focused on one path. If you want the next post , like, share, follow and comment below ✌️

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