5 hair business ideas to start in 2024

Every woman, both young and old always buys hair and this has proven to be a top trending business that will never fade away and in this article i will reveal 5 hair business ideas to start in 2024 and generate your first million.

I’m so excited for this one! Today, we’re diving into hair business ideas for 2024 – new year, new money! There are numerous ways to make money, not just in the hair industry, so if you’re still figuring out your path or you simply love doing hair, let’s jump right in. I’ll share 5 hair business ideas to start in 2024 guaranteed to make you hundreds, if not thousands, in 2024.

become a custom wig maker.

The first business idea, and you should already know this, is being a custom wig maker. Trust me; the hair business is far from oversaturated. It’s a lucrative venture. Wigs are in demand, and the profit can range from $100 to $300 per wig. You can either customize pre-made wigs or construct them from scratch, depending on your preference and client base.

While starting a wig business can be profitable, it requires effort. One crucial step is finding a reliable vendor. Don’t compromise on the quality of your hair. Research your vendor thoroughly to ensure your clients are satisfied.

Offering various hair services.

The second business is a service-based one, offering various services like sew-ins, tape-ins, wash and blowouts, or wash and curl sets. Natural hair services are gaining popularity alongside wigs. Not everyone likes or knows how to deal with wigs, making service-based businesses a growing trend in 2024.

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Become a ghost wig maker.

The third idea is being a ghost wig maker – someone who constructs wigs for others without being in the limelight. You make wigs for other businesses and get paid per wig or based on a negotiated contract. Ghost wig makers can earn between $100 to $200 per wig, depending on the level of customization.

Become a braider.

Number four is becoming a braider. With braids making a comeback, you can easily earn $5 to $600 a day if you’re fast and efficient. Braiding offers versatility, as you can cater to various clients, including kids and older individuals.

Selling bundles.

The fifth and trending business idea for 2024 is selling bundles. Bundles are back, and promoting quality bundles can be lucrative. Offer different textures, provide bundle deals, and consider options like bundle and closure deals. Selling bundles is an excellent option if you’re passionate about hair but not inclined to hairstyling.

Remember, it’s crucial to do thorough research before starting any business, whether it’s hair-related or not. Take the plunge, invest wisely, and make that money! If you’re interested in more detailed information on starting a hair or wig business, check out my ebook on our patreon page – I’ve dropped the link below. It includes a step-by-step guide and some special surprises to help you kickstart your journey. Patreon.com/Paddedvibez

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