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Simple life hacks everyone should know before its too late

Most of the challenges and troubles that comes with life has the tendency to build or destroy you, it all bounce back to how you handle each of them. In this guide i will be revealing the simple life Hacks that every young person should know before its too late.

Firstly, this is the simplest hack to deal with someone who disagree with you.

How to deal with someone who disagrees with everything you say or do

When having a disagreement with someone, you should remain perfectly calm. The other person may become angry, but you should not. Remaining calm does a few things,

-To any bystanders, you appear to be the reasonable one.

-Appearing calm makes people perceive that you are credible, which causes them to instinctively side with you.

More importantly, it causes the person you have a disagreement with to perceive you as credible, and makes them more willing to listen to what you have to say.

Remaining calm while the other person is exploding in rage, isn’t a skill most people are born with.

Instead of that argument, do this instead

If you argue with a fo×ol, you are the fo×ol; you are wasting your time. Attempting to change someone’s opinion is a waste of time. The probability of succeeding in persuading them is low, the probability of failing and causing them to dislike you is high.

Most people are ego invested in their opinions; if you express any disagreement with their opinion, they take it as an insult. Simply appear to agree (nod your head) and move on. Only attempt to change a person’s opinion if it is absolutely critical. Emotional people cannot be reasoned with; they can be manipulated.

One thing to understand about life.

One thing to understand about life is that A ‘superior’ is anyone who wields more power over you than you do over them. When interacting with superiors, you should appear to be deferential.

However, if you are too obsequious it causes superiors to lose respect for you, and they can never promote someone who they do not respect. There is a delicate balance you must maintain; appear calm, but not arrogant. Appear confident, but still polite.

I will make sure this post is simple and straight to the point. For those who do not understand until they read twice lol, i will be given my simple tips to live this webpage with.

Tip number one:

Most people’s opinions and decisions have not been carefully thought through. With most people their opinions and decisions were formulated impulsively and driven by instinct and emotion not careful logical reasoning.

Tip number two:

Your status in the macro hierarchy can rise or fall dramatically in a short period of time, often due to factors entirely outside of your own control. Do not allow your emotional state and sense of self worth to rise and fall with it.


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Simple life hacks everyone should know before its too late
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