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Have you at a point in your social media journey lost some ideas of what to post on that Instagram, Facebook, Telegram or Twitter pages? If your answer is yes, then i will be helping you out with my top Creative social media posts examples for social media.  You can easily copy any of them and post on your page and get your audience engaged.  This social media post ideas will be centered on few social media page niches.

A page that talks about motivation, affirmation, life Hacks, tips and tricks and success falls under the self-improvement niche, with sub-niches including motivation, affirmations, life hacks, tips and tricks, and success tips. It can also be classified as a personal development or lifestyle page. So if yours is under this niche, then the social media post examples can go a long way in helping boost yout engagement and organic reach.

Interaction triggering social media posts ideas.

__Never initiate conflict with someone you know nothing about.

“Know your enemy.” -Sun Tzu

Making an enemy out of someone you know nothing about is foolish.


__A man wants to be powerful enough such that he can take care of himself, and take care of the people he loves.

A woman wants to be loved by a man who is powerful enough to be capable of taking care of her.


__A Man Who Dies For Something Dies Once.

Those Who Live For Nothing Die Every Day.


__Unpopular Opinion: If she has never worked a day in her life,

you should not marry her.

You need a woman who understands the value of money.


__The worst case scenario is not Death. The worst case scenario is Powerlessness.

It is better to Die, than to live and be Powerless. Death Is Nothing.

To Live And Be Powerless Is To Die Every Day.


__The fewer people you care about

the less suffering you will experience.


__As a man, the less emotionally attached to the women you become romantically involved with, the better.

This is for several reasons.

Most critical, if you are more emotionally attached to her than she is to you, she will cease to consider you attractve, and she will leave you.


__If They Will Never Understand, Never Tell Them

Most People Cannot Handle The Truth So You Should Never Tell Most People The Truth.


__If you want to increase your testosterone levels

and you don’t want to start TRT (Injections)

leave your girlfriend.

Being Single will cause your testosterone levels to rise.

I say this without irony and not as a joke.


—“There is dignity in work, no matter what that work is.”

No This is a lie. People with low end low paying jobs are treated with Disdain not Dignity.


___Dumb people are easier to control

Sick people are easier to control

Poor people are easier to control

That’s why in school they train you to be dumb, sick, and poor.

Thoughts driven social media posts ideas.

___When You Die, 99% Of Your Contacts Will Pretend To Care For The Sake Of Politeness.

There Are At Most 5 People Who Will Actually Care, Be Good To These People.


___”Money does buy happiness, but only up to a certain point. There is a point of diminishing returns beyond which more Wealth has zero impact on Happiness.”


That point of diminishing returns is a Net Worth of $10 Million

You’re not there. Get back to work.


___Most people’s decisions in romantic relationships are motivated purely by self interest. It’s not about love.

It’s about self interest. “You are being overly cynical.” No, I am being accurately cynical.

Reality Is Cynical

Most Men select Women to become romantically involved with purely on the basis of Physical Attractiveness.

Most Women select Men to become romantically involved with purely on the basis of Physical Attractiveness…and Wealth/Status….and confidence (Low Neuroticism).


___The Masses cannot tell the difference between Geniuses and Insane People.


What Geniuses and Insane People have in common is that they see the world differently than how The Masses see it.

Geniuses see the world More Accurately than how The Masses see it.

Insane People see the world Less Accurately than how The Masses see it.


___When a man tells you about his problems, he wants solutions.

When a woman tells you about her problems, she usually isn’t looking for solutions; usually she just wants to complain, commiserate, and be showered in sympathy.


___”Do you like Strawberry Ice Cream?” No

“Do you fear Death?” No

Aim to get to the point where you answer both of these questions with the same degree of emotional detachment.


___If you show your face, people judge the quality of your writings based on your Net Worth and Physical Attractiveness.

If you are anonymous, people judge the quality of your writings based on…the actual writings.


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___There are only 3 things that will universally win you Status in any group:

-Power -Wealth -Good Looks

If you wield Power, and have immense Wealth, and you are Good Looking, that will win you Status in literally 100% of groups on the planet.


___DO NOT LISTEN to the advice of most people.

Most people are dumber than you; chances are, your judgment as to what the best decision is, is a lot better than theirs.



___What women say they find romantically attractive in a man and what women *actually* find romantically attractive in a man are very different.

Women are untrustworthy witnesses when it comes to their own preferences  regarding romantic relationships.

What women *say* they find romantically attractive:

“A nice man with a good sense of humor, who is smart.”

What women *actually* find romantically attractive:

A man who is


-High Testosterone. Square Jawline. Broad Shoulders. Deep Voice.

-Good Looking. Symmetrical Face.

-High Status, Rich, Powerful

-Confident (Low Neuroticism, Big 5 Trait)


___Virtue requires sacrifice, is done for the benefit of others, and can be done in private.

Virtue Signaling requires no real sacrifice, is done for the benefit of one’s own reputation, and requires an audience.


___With great power, comes an endless supply of women demanding your time.


___It’s very important to convey confidence in your voice.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is talking too fast.

You should be speaking slowly and clearly; looks confident.

Even I sometimes have trouble with this because I forget about speaking slowly.


___Don’t bother explaining things to people who will never be able to understand them.

For those who will understand, no explanation is necessary.

Those who require an explanation, are never going to understand.


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