The Blogging Grind: From College to Full-Time Entrepreneur [my story]

Today i will be revealing a special glimpse into my blogging story and an overview of our courses. As you already know, apart from creating video contents, and other businesses that i specialize on, blogging will always be my root.

I make it a point to share these insights regularly, shedding light on my journey and the continuous evolution of our courses.

As we consistently update our offerings, this walkthrough will help you discern the best fit for your needs. If you’re my die hard fan on all my social media platforms,  you would know that isn’t my first nor 3rd blog website.

I have successfully built and grow many other blogs before developing as a means to communicate with my audience base. So in this article i will share a little story of how i manage to build successfull blogs without breaking the bank. Let’s dive into the details.

Inception of My Blog: A Brief Prelude

Few years back , during my Second-year studen of college, I embarked on a blogging journey out of necessity. Shouldering the financial burden of my education, I sought ways to make money while navigating the demands of being a college student.

Research led me to stories of stay-at-home entrepreneurs achieving financial success through blogging. Inspired by their resilience, I committed to understanding the intricacies of blogging and applying strategic approaches.

The Blogging Grind: From College to Full-Time Entrepreneur

From my second year to senior year, I treated blogging as my full-time job. Rigorous schedules, strategic planning, and a relentless work ethic became the foundation of my success.

By the time I graduated, my blog generated a monthly income of $50,000+ from both ads monetization, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing,  cpa and digital products sales.

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This accomplishment paved the way for me to transition into full-time entrepreneurship. Income reports detailing this journey can be found on my YouTube channel

Niche Evolution: From computer science to Diverse Ventures

But at first, when my blog haven’t started making me money, i lost my dad, i struggled to carter for myself and my education because man must survive. Initially i was focusing on computer science course during college, my blog served as a marketing tool, propelling me towards my dream of owning a digital tech firm.

But because of one issue or the other i wasn’t able to pay my bills and other expenses as a student so i had to drop out of school and couldn’t further more.

That alone gave me more time to focus on my online businesses and blogs from home. Don’t feel bad for me because i am proud of dropping out from school and facing the real deal of life and the best part is that i conquered. I grew the bog, built multiple youtube channells and also built paddedvibez media.

The blogs, channels gave rise to $100k+ businesses. While the scale of these ventures surpassed the blog’s income, the blog, youtube channels remained instrumental in marketing and accelerating the growth of other businesses.

The Courses: 6 figure Income Stream Blogging hack.

1. Perfecting Blogging

Ideal for beginners, this course delves into the intricacies of my blogging strategy. From SEO techniques to content calendar planning, it provides a comprehensive guide to setting up and optimizing your website for success. Regular updates ensure the information remains relevant. And you can find them on our community on

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2. Perfecting Pinterest

Recognizing the unparalleled power of Pinterest as a traffic driver, this course unveils our proven Pinterest strategy. Covering pin creation, captions, titles, and content calendar planning, it is a vital resource for bloggers seeking rapid page views and eligibility for ad agencies.

3. Perfecting Email

Tailored for bloggers with at least a year and a half of experience, this comprehensive course demystifies the complexities of email marketing. From trip wires to lead pages, opt-in forms to sequences, it guides bloggers in building a robust email strategy, emphasizing its pivotal role in sustained audience engagement.

4. Mini Social Media Course (Coming Soon) and other courses on 

A condensed yet impactful course focusing on social media strategies. From Instagram to TikTok, it provides insights into my approach to each platform, aiding bloggers in establishing a cohesive social media presence.

The Course Philosophy: Learn What Works

Our courses reflect a philosophy centered on teaching what has worked for me. Instead of dictating theoretical strategies, I showcase the actual practices that have contributed to my blogging success. Regular updates ensure the courses remain aligned with the ever-evolving landscape of blogging.

The Journey Continues

My journey, outlined briefly here, is a testament to the transformative power of blogging. From a source of income to a catalyst for diverse entrepreneurial ventures, my blogs not to talk of my YouTube channels has been a constant companion in my professional evolution.

In an upcoming article, I will delve into the nuanced details of my blogging story, offering a deeper understanding of how starting a blog can pave the way for multifaceted career growth. If you’re on my space and haven’t started a blog but you want to start making money online,  you must be a joker man.

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You can’t start a business or an office without having or renting a space to showcase your work or services,  likewise online business.  You can start an online business today with a space like a blog or youtube channels.

I and my team are giving out 20 discounts price slots to all my students,  subscribers and followers to get their blog website fully developed and monetized. To qualify join us on Telegram and dm @realminsjohnfrancis

I hope this overview provides valuable in sights into my blogging journey. Don’t forget to stay tuned and join other students on our vip classroom on

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