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Mobile ALOHA : Google Introducing New Ai robot 2024

 Mobile ALOHA: The Robot Buddy That Learns by Mimicry. I came across these trending robots that basically do everything and I was shocked. Imagine a...

Google Gemini: Unveiling the Next Frontier of AI

Just weeks after its December 2023 debut, Google Gemini has captured the imagination of the AI world. Touted as Google's most capable AI model...

Unleashing the Power of Creativity: OpenAI’s GPT Store Opens for Business

San Francisco, CA - January 12, 2024 - Brace yourselves, wordsmiths and wanderers of the digital wilderness: OpenAI has cracked open the treasure chest...

DeepMind’s Latest AI, Minerva: A Goddess of Numbers and Reasoning

DeepMind, the world-renowned AI research lab under Google's umbrella, has unveiled its latest creation: Minerva. Named after the Roman goddess of wisdom, Minerva is...