Why is youtube not working

Why is youtube not working on my device(6 solution)

Are you having some issues with the YouTube mobile app or the software in your laptop? Why is youtube not working on my phone or laptop has been the most question people ask each day.

Why is youtube not working

Do you feel like not just logining in to your YouTube again because of the constant issues you encounter each time you want to go on YouTube? Just relax, I got you covered. 

In this article I will be showing you the best way to make YouTube work out so fine for you so you can be free and happy to browse and watch your favorite video and as well subscribe to your favorite content creators on YouTube.

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YouTube App.

Why is youtube not working

The YouTube app is one of the top word best search engine applications where users visit to ask questions and get answers, to get entertained, to learn, to explore latest information and also to make money just by creating content for other users to watch.

A lot of people have earned financial freedom with this awesome platform and millions of people are still going in for one reason or the other. 

Because of the importance of this platform (YouTube), many people tend to have the application running on their mobile phone or computer.

It’s always heartbreaking when you try to log into your YouTube channel and upload your new videos as a content creator or you try to explore your favorite videos then the app starts giving you a headache. 

This has made many lose hope in their content creating career and some give up on the video they wanted to explore from the platform.

Why is youtube not working

Causes of YouTube not working on your device.

The issue we have today is that we tend to find a solution to the problem we have but not minding what actually caused the problem.

Remember you started using YouTube the moment you downloaded the app but at a point you started having issues with the same app that was just working so fine from the beginning.The question is, What made my YouTube stop working on my phone?

I will tell you why your YouTube suddenly changed from working just fine to giving you a massive headache and how to solve the problem 100%.

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Below are the major reasons why your YouTube started having issues.

1.YouTube is Down.

Why is youtube not working

Sometimes the problem might not just be coming from your end but it might be as a result of YouTube as a whole being down.

How to fix YouTube downtime.

When you are not aware where the issue is coming from, you might just be trying to fix something that is out of your reach. So to see if this issue is from you just head over to downdetector or you check the outage report. These very tools will now tell you where the problem is coming from and how you can fix it

Why is youtube not working

Sometimes YouTube might normally send out notification across their users to notify them about the downtime,but if you didn’t receive such a message, you can as well go over to google news and check it out.

2.Your browser is outdated.

If you are using YouTube on a desktop or mobile device, there is every tendency that the browser might need an update.

You might notice that sometimes you would like to do some searches or visit some website but you end up seeing some pop up notification telling you to update your browser before you can proceed.The same thing happens when you are trying to log in to YouTube with an outdated browser on a laptop or mobile device.

How to fix the browser issues.

Some popular browsers like the chrome and the firefox browser can automatically update on their own when your settings are right.

Why is youtube not working

To know if your browser needs an update just paste in chrome://settings/help url into your search bar and you will see if your browser needs an update or not, but if you couldn’t see anything, it will automatically start downloading the latest version of the browser you are loging in with.

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3.Some extensions are the main issue.

When you are browsing YouTube on your desktop and at a point you start having some issues, just head straight to the chrome extension bar and see the list of your browser extensions that might be the cause of this issue.

Why is youtube not working

How to fix the extension problem.

As some extensions on your desktop can cause some compatibility problems with the YouTube you are trying to access, it’s advisable to try disabling them one after the other to know which one might be causing the whole lot of issues.

When you are at the chrome extension menu, just try disabling the extensions one after the other and try accessing YouTube again, it will work out for you.

4.Full and loaded cookies and cache.

Some internet users are not familiar with the cookies and cache stuff, that’s why they don’t pay attention to them.

When you are always browsing on your phone or desktop, there is some data that is being stored by your browser and the more the data is stored, the more your browser cookies and cache get loads up and it will affect your browsing experience.

How to fix the cookies and cache issues.

To fix this issue and forward straight to your YouTube channel, this is what you have to do.Just head over to your chrome browser and go to the history panel by clicking the three dots.

Why is youtube not working

Then hit the history button and you will see all the lists of the information that has been going on with your browser and also you will see clear the browsing data at the top.

Why is youtube not working

Click on it and select the categories that you would like to clear from your browser.

Why is youtube not working

For the sake of this tutorial, I would advise you to click the All time button then you select the browser history, cookies and site data, and cache images and files then at the bottom part you hit the clear data and boom you are ready to go to YouTube.

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Remember when you are clearing the cache data and the cookies be sure not to go to the advanced area in your browser so as not lose important files and the password database in your browser.

Reasons are that you may still need those passwords to log into the sites you have already registered with your browser. Do not select the saved data password button, auto fill form data and site settings if you don’t want to lose your browser data. After that just head over to YouTube and it will work perfectly.

5.Unstable internet connection.

Some people always focus on their browser when viewing things online and at a point they might discover that some searches take more time to load and sometimes it doesn’t go at all, this is as a result of wrong or unstable internet connection.

Why is youtube not working

How to fix internet connection issues.

Many of us use different mobile networks and there are networks that work better than the other and the moment you discover that, the better for you. In the situation of poor internet connection, It might be a temporary issue from your mobile network agency which they will soon resolve in a short period of time.

When this type of issue occurs just relax, everything will soon get set. Some network agencies might decide to contact their customers telling them that the issues have been resolved or there are issues with their servers that they should please bear with them.In this situation, it’s best advised for you to wait and they will fix it for you

But if the issue is not from your network agency, I will advise you to upgrade your sim to either 3G or 4G network which will make your browser work faster and better.

You can do so by going to the network agency or the customer care services and making some complaints and demanding for upgrades. After that just try accessing YouTube and I believe the problem will be solved.

Another trick to this is to switch off your internet connection and reconnect it back so as to gain more strength to load YouTube for you right away.

This works best for me each time I try to access the internet and I discover that my browser hangs or it’s so slow. I normally switch off the data connection and turn it on and things get better.

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6. Your YouTube app is outdated.

Sometimes when you are Using an app, there is always this notification that starts coming up to you when you try to access the app. 

Why is youtube not working

They might tell you that the app you are running is outdated and that you should get the recent update. Sometimes, strong and stubborn heads like me will always skip and keep on using the app like that.

When this happens the app might decide not to function again and you might not access it anymore. So the best thing to do is to update the YouTube app and get the recent update and you will be free to access YouTube instantly.

I believe these tips have been able to solve your problem, just try out each of the options and see the one that works best for you. I will be waiting in the comments section to hear your testimonies, cheers.

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