WhatsApp marketing strategies to make money online

In this article I will be revealing to you the top whatsapp marketing strategies to make money online instantly. Social media has enabled businesses to contact and build customer relationships quickly. One social media platform you can use to leverage your business potential is WhatsApp.

Whatsapp is a top-ranked app for business marketing and product promotions. No wonder it has more than 2 billion active users every month. Whether your business is in a developed or developing country, Whatsapp has something that would excite your customers.

For example, more than 60% of people who have WhatsApp on their phones check their status pages. Research also shows that WhatsApp has an open rate of 98%. Customers have also said that they love communicating through Whatsapp. They trust the app.

WhatsApp marketing strategies to make money online

Several customers prefer to contact businesses through Whatsapp rather than through email because it offers them a personal point of contact.

Furthermore, unlike other marketing channels, WhatsApp has a lower marketing cost. All you need to start using it is to install the app and connect to the Internet. Then, with Whatsapp, you are assured that customers will read your messages, and your conversion rate will improve.

Now is the time to start implementing WhatsApp as your online marketing strategy. Here are some ways to make money from WhatsApp while using it as a marketing channel.

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Leverage your contacts.

Leverage your contacts and market a product of your own or a skill you have.To start with WhatsApp marketing, you can market a product you can sell. It could be a digital product or a physical one. For example, some people use drop shipping to sell products. They market the product on Whatsapp, but whenever a customer makes an order, the order gets sent to the manufacturer, who then supplies the product.

Some writers broadcast their services on Whatsapp. Others post videos of their services on their status pages. Since videos impact more than text, posting videos of your services on your status can make you reach a more significant number of people who check statuses regularly.

To start your Whatsapp marketing journey, install the “Whatsapp Business” app and create a business profile. Here’s how to do so.

Step 1: Install the “WhatsApp Business” app. You can get it from the Playstore.

Step 2: Agree with the terms and conditions.

Step 3: Enter your business mobile number.

Step 4: Enter any necessary information about your business.

Step 5: Set up the items in the business section.

Step 6: Add the payment option if it’s available for your country.

Step 7: Message your business contacts and notify them of your Whatsapp business number. You are ready to start marketing your products and skills for money-making.

Run a marketing agency.

Run a marketing agency for other companies. Many businesses are looking for people who understand social media to help them with online marketing. You can learn the skills and contact businesses to help them with Whatsapp marketing. 

The opportunity is enormous on Whatsapp. This is particularly effective if you have many people in your WhatsApp contacts. Marketing other people’s products will then become easier with quick results.

For example, if there are thousands of contacts on your phone, that represents thousands of views on your WhatsApp status. You can then approach businesses to inform them of your potential, giving them statistics on the reach of your status pages. 

While running a marketing agency, you should not limit yourself to Whatsapp. You can incorporate other social media like Instagram and Facebook to widen the reach of your promotions so that the businesses will maintain you as their agency.

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WhatsApp marketing strategies to make money online

Use WhatsApp as a traffic source.

Use WhatsApp as a traffic source for your blog. Many people don’t know that WhatsApp can serve as a traffic source, just like Google Ads and email. A monetized blog makes more money by using Whatsapp to drive traffic. Many bloggers add the WhatsApp share button to their websites. That way, they leverage their users to help drive traffic through their Whatsapp contacts.

One good way to use WhatsApp as a traffic source is to create WhatsApp groups. You can also join WhatsApp groups that have lots of members. Then send open invitations to your contacts on these groups, like newsletters and links to the content on your blog. In no time, you will see your blog traffic increase.

This is because the groups are relevant to your content. Users click on these links to get redirected to your blog content. Always get feedback to keep up to date with what your users want. Feedback helps you understand your WhatsApp audience’s likes, dislikes, and desires. That way, they will keep clicking on the links in the WhatsApp groups you created or joined.

Note that WhatsApp groups can only have 256 members. That is why it is essential to create several WhatsApp groups.

Use WhatsApp to promote affiliate links.

Use WhatsApp to promote affiliate links. Affiliate marketing has proven effective for online money-making. Advertisers pay you a commission when you make a sale. Usually, as an affiliate, you are given an affiliate URL for the products you have to promote.

Whatsapp can help you succeed in your affiliate marketing journey. When users click on your affiliate links in the Whatsapp groups you created, and they make a purchase, you then make money. Also, you can post your affiliate links on your text status when you have many contacts.

Become a customer service agent.

Become a WhatsApp customer service agent for businesses On Whatsapp, businesses that use it for marketing need to provide customer service. For example, when a company has many customers contacting them through Whatsapp, they would need to hire full-time customer service staff on the Whatsapp number. 

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As a Whatsapp marketer, you can stand in as their customer service agent while still doing Whatsapp marketing or help them employ such agents. That way, you are earning in more than one way.

The worst thing a business can do is keep customers waiting for hours. Frustrated customers take their business to other companies. 

That is why many WhatsApp marketers easily find employment as customer service agents. They multitask by doing customer service while still doing their Whatsapp marketing activities.

WhatsApp marketing strategies to make money online

Connect with potential clients.

Connect with existing and potential customers using status updates. Customers like to do business with companies they have a connection with. So it is not just enough to sell on Whatsapp. As a business person and marketer, you need to connect emotionally with your contacts on Whatsapp. Doing so will undoubtedly convince others to buy your products or use your services.

This is where the Whatsapp status feature shines. On the Whatsapp status feature, you can post text or videos about how you are feeling, the weather in your area, or a quote your customers find interesting. You can also post testimonials from customers about your products and services. That way, you will maintain existing customers and convince potential customers that your business is trustworthy.

Research has found that many purchases are made based on emotions. So if you can make that emotional connection through WhatsApp status updates and messages, you will surely make more money.

Doing giveaways on WhatsApp.

Doing Giveaways through WhatsApp Businesses often use giveaways to capture leads for lead generation. It is very effective. Regular giveaways on Whatsapp can result in more people buying your products and services or visiting your online or brick-and-mortar store.

You must realize that promotions on Whatsapp and Whatsapp statuses are free, unlike other advertising channels. The only cost you incur while doing a giveaway is the cost of those products you are giving out to your customers. Giving giveaways on Whatsapp brings new customers and maintains returning customers. 

Most customers will buy a product because it is associated with a giveaway. Customers love giveaways and deals.

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WhatsApp marketing strategies to make money online


Remember that the effectiveness of your WhatsApp marketing is related to the relevance of your messaging to your customers. People love associating with something they can connect with. That is why the introduction of video statuses made many businesses incorporate WhatsApp into their marketing strategy.

There is a lot of money to be made using Whatsapp marketing. Your only limit is your creativity. Using the strategies outlined in this article and many others not outlined, you can make Whatsapp your principal money-making resource. But you can increase your wealth by adding other social media channels. If you do so, you will surely make more money and build the wealth of your dreams.

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