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Top Business Hack that originated from the bible

Top Business Hack that originated from the bible

Our own businesses and income streams were already backed up by God himself right from the creation of the world. Even when he created the first man, he kept him busy doing some works in the garden.

So today you will be surprised about today’s topic and why I have to write about this particular topic “Top Business Hack That Originated from the bible” 

Top Business Hack that originated from the bible

Here in paddedvibez, we are devoted to making sure you get the basic quality information you need to make smooth sales, grow your income and become the boss of your own.

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Before we get down to the topic of the day let’s quickly recap. The purpose of the topic is to let us understand that God is totally interested in our income flow and businesses, and his major concern is our success in any area of our businesses and that’s what paddedvibez stands for.

To make us understand that success in business is the simple striving force that motivates even the broken to keep moving, Making sure that the wrong belief that Christianity and business cannot go together is wiped off and everyone stands out to make maximum progress in his or her businesses.

To build in us the main principles for starting a business and to also sustain the business in God’s own way and to transfer to us the useful management principle that can keep the business moving.

What is a business?

 Business can simply be defined as any endeavor that is engaged in the exchange of goods or services which are mainly intended to bring forth profits and add value to others.

Top Business Hack that originated from the bible

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What is a Strategy? 

Strategies are simply the things that convert your plans to a full time results. A strategy is simply what get you from where you are to a better place, where you are to be. Everything in this life operates on a particular strategy. ones you apply some strategy to that hustle you will get to discover what others are not doing right then you do them yourself.

Money is not the only thing that is required to start up a business, what is required to start a business is simply your vision. The foundation of any big and successful business is vision.

Keys to connect to your vision

•Start with whatsoever your hands finds to do. Inside any particular problem there is always a seed of solution. Eph 1:17/18. 

Every idea must not just have to come from you, as a Christian you are, you have to be sensitive , be more attentive to see things that are around you. You always start a business by simply identifying the problems around you, the wants and needs that are around you then you start creating the solution which will in return earns you more money for a problem solved.

•Always try and engage in a business that is simply conformity with your kind of value system

•Work more better on yourself than you work on that your business, having in mind that your value will outstand your own ways.

Top Business Hack that originated from the bible

The Attributes of a Successful Business.

Be Focus. Mat 6:22, Pil3:13

Start Planning. Pro 16:9, Lk 14:28

How to remain in a Business


The first law in a business is integrity. Integrity is simply the delivering on all your promises. Or you can say that it the ability to keeping your own words. Remember vividly that Your own words are your bonds.

•Risk taking

The only key to growing in business is just risk taking. In all business, there is always an element of big or small risk. There are also careless risks and there are still calculated risks. It takes only courage to stand and take risks. What you should always bear in mind is that everything that you do in this life is all about risk taking, so you should not think of running out from it. You slept at night not minding if you will die or not is also a risk, meanwhile even if you decide not to sleep at all, what must be must be. You gat to take the risk.

•A Proper Time Management system.

The main soul of any particular business is control. You have to time yourself very well, always be time conscious. Some people always invest their time while some do play with theirs. When you don’t have any plan, you will be serious running other people’s programmes and leaving your own behind.

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•Be Diligent

Pro 22:29 tells us to be diligent in all you do. Whatever type of business you venture into, do it with all your heart, at due time and season you will reap all you have invested. Don’t give up.

•Be Disciplined

Always Act as demanded, not as you are  convenient. you have to Seriously build that community of cash flow audience with everything that  you have and always be honest with yourself and to others. People always tends to support the brands that offer true and appealing services. It takes only disciplined person to achieve greater heights in business. 

Making God your senior partner. 

Always work and pray for greater and better tomorrow. Remembering that promotion comes only from God. Spend time and work on yourself,build up your skills and abilities to ensure you have all it takes to handle the audience that awaits you in the future.Giving God his share which is 10%.

Top Business Hack that originated from the bible

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Every human being on earth was created for a purpose in life and that purpose should be the force that will push you to the path you were called for. Until you discover that your purpose of existence you will still be at the same level you are today. One thing I tell you today is Never give up and never look down on yourself. Keep pushing until you get there. Like,share to touch lives.


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