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This Is Simply The Best Lucrative 15 Ways To Monetize A Blog.

Simply the best way to monetize your blog

I am sure that you want to learn how to monetize your blog and generate more income from it right? yes, I love how you nodded confidently. This is simply the best lucrative ways to monetize your blog as a beginner.

I will be taking it step by step so that you can understand what it takes to turn your blog into full time income system and start earning fast from your own blog.

Blogs are better way to express yourself on any any topic. No matter what niche and subject, there’s an audience out there for your blog content so you don’t need to worry about who will read and engage with your blog posts. After reading this article you will  follow the money making family designed  for the serious bloggers, oh yes, I mean serious bloggers.I know you can’t wait.

Do you really know the best part of it all? It takes only six months to make enough money to quit your day job when you really know what you are doing. 

So I want to let you know in all honesty that blogging is never a get rich quick scheme or probably one shortcut to turn a billionaire overnight without doing something it needs your  Dedicationfocus, Passioncourage, Determination, Consistency, and Sacrifice to make more money on monthly basis from your blog site.

The main point is this: you can make good  amount of money blogging in a short time. You just need to know how to go about it, especially when you are just starting out.

The basic ideas are:

-Get quality traffic to your blog site 

-Figure out the best ways and methods to monetize that quality traffic

And also You surely need to reason and act like a CEO/Entrepreneur you are, because you are single handedly setting up the best company for yourself and your future.

You need to be original with your contents and you need to give your visitors genuine value and engage them positively in your blog.

I made you to  understand that we will be taking this topic step by step and making sure that you get the more value from this blog content. To really make money from your blog, you just have to build your self hosted blog. And  I always recommend that you launch your blog site with WordPress.org

There are 2 different categories in terms of blogging.

They are;

1.The Free Blogging


2.The Paid Blogging

These two blogging categories are a great start, depending on what you can afford.

The Free blog websites are those websites that enables you to create your blog free while all the major expenses are on the  website you registered with. 

If this is the method you are using, there is a low assurance that you will monetize your blogste and earn money fast.

However, they are good for people who are new in the blogging world and need not to pay a dime for their blog.

The list Below are the best top free blogging sites I suggest you begin with now.

_ WordPress.com




Hub Pages


All you are expected to do is click on the link of your loved free blogging website and enroll with your details and start establishing contents instantly.

It’s simple and available to begin,all the difficult jobs of constructing and so on have been dealt with by the company, you just need to come over and begin building your blog contents.

To learn more about how to start  free blog this Article will walk you through.

The Paid blogging

This is my best suggestion if you really like to make enormous cash from your blog without regulations from anywhere.  WordPress.org , the biggest blogging outlet for those who truly want to put up with their blogging excitement to the successive level and earn a decent percentage of cash.

With this outlet you can recast $200,000 as a blogger if you understand what you are performing.

But here you maintain to forfeit that tiny cash that could buy you a wrist watch or possibly sunglasses. You just have to collect the money and spend for your skilled blog construction procedure,Which includes the hosting, the theme, the designing,etc which is newly out an aggregate of  $20-$50 for novices.

Here are the main best inexpensive hosting sites you can begin your blog with.


To get launched with a self-hosted WordPress blog, you’ll want to purchase a domain name and select a WordPress web hosting.

We’ve experimented all main web hosting outlets by glancing at price rate, trustworthiness, achievement, features, and security and Bluehost is the nicest option for fresh websites.

From Bluehost, you will get:

•Your best custom domain name (available for the initial year) with an SSL certificate for security).

Website hosting (from $2.75/month)

•Simple, one-click install for WordPress

•Free email accounts (e.g., yourname@yourblogname.com)

If you select another web hosting corporation, make sure it has “one-click installs” for blogging outlets like WordPress. This will bring your setup procedures much simpler. And these hosting outlets are moreover our top best when it appears to quality and trust.


JustHost encompasses a lot of available extras that arrive with its one-size-fits-all budgeted hosting assistance, making them a strong, cheap to leverage your online dignity. The company’s website is simple to use, almost like its account and site.it’s one of our nicest.


An Excellent and Focused Web Hosting company.

There’s a bunch to love about Cloudways. The service has creative cloud hosting plans, rapid setup times, top-notch web-based consumer assistance and outstanding uptime. It’s a corporation you can depend to keep your site up and jogging to services that give those items.Those are our main choices.

For you to finalize your blog building,this writing will step you through and get your blog set up and riding

If you already obtained a blog site kudos to you but if you don’t, I would love you to steer over to this writing that will tutor on how to CREATE YOUR BLOG IN 5 MINS then come back and proceed with me so you won’t lose anything.if you have accomplished that Congratulations, your blog site is now prepared.

Let’s earn some money:

This in-depth writing will tutor you on monetizing your fresh blog. There are still chances to earn cash with your blog, even if it’s not as outstanding as any other bigger blog site you might think of.

Each little of advice that I provide you right now are virtually the ones I experimented out when beginning paddedvibez and they worked for me,I earned back then over $1000+ the initial month. If it works for me I acknowledge it will work out for you if you attend these phases.

Without additional fuss, here are the authentic ways to monetize a blog that produces rarer than 1,000 visitors per day:


Make money blogging

1.Sell Ads space rapidly.

While Google Adsense is simple to set up, the quantity of money you can receive is restricted. So, you might want to deem selling ad space on your blog rapidly.

By selling ad space rapidly, you get to set the rate. Rather than getting reimbursed tiny amount for each individual click on an ad, you can authorize a flat price for an ad on your blog. By charging a flat price, you can earn more cash and it’s simpler to manage than tracing clicks.

To find industries ready to buy ad space on your site, you can establish an Advertising page on your website or use a platform like BuySellAds to relate with corporations.

Selling ad space rapidly is a bit extra hard to organize than Google Adsense because you’re accountable for negotiating the pricing, coming up with the term and the agreements, management invoicing, and all the other elements.But, you can make the procedure a bit simpler by using a tool like

AdSanity. Which gives facilitated ad supervision for WordPress. You can handily display ads on your site, track impressions and clicks, and extra.

Other bigger paying ad network are:




*promo republic



2. Monetize Your Blog by Selling Other People’s Stuff: Affiliate Marketing

One of the vastly outstanding techniques for monetizing a blog is to influence affiliate marketing. This is particularly helpful when you’re just starting out and you don’t have your own commodities or services to sell.

All you have to do is formulate content that will eventually be in unity with whatever affiliate offers you schedule to push out to your audience.

For instance, if you’re running a fitness blog site, you can handily sell affiliate health, weight loss or body building accessories. Since the content is already enticing people that are curious in fitness.

Selling these categories of commodities helps you to establish a near-automated stream of revenue revenues.

Best reimbursing affiliate programs for fresh bloggers:

*Piggy vest







3. You can monetize Your Blog by Selling an Online Course.

Selling digital online courses is another means you can benefit from blogging. Formulate instinctive and useful courses that expand a great amount of value and the rest will be soft sailing.

By settling your heart and your soul into these courses, you can completely allow them to sell on autopilot for you, another tremendous parkway for passive income.

Online Course work great when it comes to specialized skills like the web development, the digital marketing, the graphic design and so on. But they also work in networks like finances, commodities, currency investing and accounting.Find what you’re really good at and do the outstanding persistence before creating your course.

4.Monetize with Ebooks

Selling ebooks is another outstanding means to monetize a blog and it’s a big source of passive revenue.

Passive revenue is income that expects little to no action to earn and retain. When you compose an ebook, you only have to compose it once. Then, you can barter that ebook over and over again to your readers. Ah sounds so good right? But, if you like your ebook to sell, it requires to be nice, yes! So good for your consumers to purchase and profit from.

Most honorably, the topic of your ebook needs to be thrilling to your target audience. Blogger Sarah Mae wrote an ebook established on a question about forgiveness she often gets inquired by her readers.

But you can also also create an ebook that your audience will love by renovating one of your most outstanding blog posts into an ebook. For instance, if you have a blog post on SEO that does certainly well, turn that into a more comprehensive ebook for your readers.

For additional tips on writing an ebook that will sell, check out this guide on how to make an ebook.

5. Monetize Your Blog with Google Adsense

Advertisement is usually what first appears to mind when you’re guessing about how to begin a blog for profit. A simple way to monetize a blog with ads is by utilizing Google Adsense. Google Adsense is an ad network run by Google that shows adverts on websites. When a visitor clicks on an ad on your site, you earn cash.

The ads that will be indicated on your blog are targeted to the site content and the audience. For instance, the categories of ads that show up on the travel blog are travel related.

Adding Google Adsense to your blog is  easy. Once you’ve put it up, the ads shows automatically.You can also trace how much Adsense money you’re making and which ads are operating the best with a tool like MonsterInsights.

6. Monetize Your Blog through Sponsorships.

Want to get reimbursed for composing a blog post? If your answer is yes, then accept sponsored blog posts!

A sponsored blog post is an outstanding blog monetization technique. In a nutshell, a firm pays you to write about its products on your blog. They may just write the post themselves, so all you maintain to do is publish it.

It’s related to how influencers accept sponsorships to promote a commodity on Instagram or YouTube.

If you have a good looking blog with quality content, a constant blogging plan, and active readers, many corporations are willing to pay big bucks for you to promote their commodities or services. To link with companies offering reimbursed opportunities, you can join blogger networks like:



*Massive Sway

You can furthermore reach out to brands rapidly to see if they’d be eager in partnering with you.

Put jointly a media kit using a tool like Canva. With Canva’s pre-made templates, you can assemble a stunning media kit in no time.

Your media kit should encompass details about your audience demographics, your blog traffic, page views, your social media following, and other that would be bidding to advertisers. Then, deliver your media kit to corporations you’d like to work with.

But remember, bloggers in the United States must accept with the FTC’s Endorsement Approaches by letting audience know loud and clear that a post is sponsored.

Make sure to include a message like “This post is Sponsored by ABC company” at the outset of the post.

7. You can monetize Your Talents by Writing for Platforms.

If you are a freelance writer, a designer, a photographer, a programmer, or other service provider where your abilities can be sold digitally rather than you having to be there in person, you might like to consider this revenue stream from day one.

All you really require to get started is a contact means for customers to reach out to you.You get reimbursed to write for these outlet.

And the decent part is that you get reimbursed per word you write and when you write over 1500 phrases you can earn over $1000+.A normal freelance writer earns over $45k per year.

According to the data from Glassdoor, the regular freelancer in the United States earns about $40k a year. Maintain in mind that this figure is impacted by your experience level and the niche you write in.

8. Offer Coaching Service to Motivated Clients.

While it does appear like coaching assistance are entering every facet of the market these days, selling coaching services through your blog can certainly be a lucrative possibility.

Whether you establish yourself up as a life coach, a career coach or an industry development coach, you can earn a substantial income through just few of clients. 

Agree on a number of packages, and do your best to assurer that you address any complaints upfront.

You get reimbursed for the service you provide to your client and hopefully it’s a decent amount of money coming to you for just accomplishing what you love doing.

9. Monetize through paid review.

If your blog is related to a commodity or service, you can furthermore look into paid reviews. There are many corporations that are ready to pay bloggers to write reviews of their products.

Some of these companies may offer the product itself in exchange for an honest review (i.e., a free books for a literary blog), but some also pay in currency.

If you like to get paid for doing reviews, you could try searching for a particular product or type of item that your blog’s readers would be eager in, extremely as makeup or video games.

If your blog has a huge following, you can also tune companies rapidly and ask for free samples or expenditure.You can earn over $200+ per each review from your blog.

Recall to equalize your content, however. If your blog is greatly made up of paid reviews, it may begin to feel spammy and even questionable. It’s best to continue posting the useful content that drove visitors to your blog in the first place, and to follow the 80/20 doctrine. keep your sponsored content to no more than 20% in your blog.

10. Selling your blog

While this isn’t a prominent method, and it may work if you become champions of the blog monetizing methods. You can make money selling your (or somebody else’s) blog if you’ve accumulated enough good content or a large audience base.

There are even examples of people buying dead blogs and utilizing monetizing tools and SEO backlinks to revise the website and start turning a profit by renovating readership and eventually selling the site.

Opportunities are you will find some of these strategy uses more useful than others, though all have worked before.

The efficacy of each will necessarily depend on what kind of blog you are working on and how you sewer advertisements, commodities, and associations to your readers. 

If you integrate and combine even a few of these methods with a steady stream of quality content, your blog will begin sending you back a return for your actions in no time.

11. Sell Physical Products to Your Audience

Like I said before,many bloggers start out earning money from affiliate promotions. However, many of them also modify and start selling their own digital or physical products.

For instance, Darren Rose shares that his number one basis of income comes from selling eBooks and courses. These commodities take time and work to establish, but can be a lucrative path of revenue.

Forward with digital products, you can glance into selling real goods through your blog. It’s broad for a blogger to sell digital products, but occasionally bloggers also create products such as t-shirts, posters, and hats to sell for money.

To begin selling through your blog, you will have some start-up expenditures. You will also have to invest some of your time. But, selling a commodity online is easier than ever these days.

12. Accept Donations on Your Blog

It’s not very popular to see the donation button on blogs, but some people use this alternative to support their blogging endeavors. In some cases, it generates just sufficient money to cover the expenses, and occasionally bloggers even make enough money to make a living from this strategy. 

The above lists we have treated are simply the best lucrative ways to monetize your blog make more money.

If you have followed me carefully through this content, I will show you the things I avoided that helped many of my blogs and monetize them.

Resist making these:

 If you’re getting on to embark on monetization of your blog don’t make these mistakes:

Don’t anticipate any overnight and quick returns.

It can take up to a year before you see any significant reaction from your visitors. Be patient! Remember, this is driving to take about 6 months.

Don’t write an ebook or start selling one-on-one trials right from day one—it will be a big disappointment. 

You don’t just know what content your audience wants to reimburse for yet!

Don’t just keep on uploading posts. Interaction with your blog visitors is very important to stance your blog and private brand in the beginning.

If you’re an affiliate, don’t conceal that some of your posts earn you income.

Put a  contradiction of some sort, somewhere, for the sake of clarity with your readership. Google will enjoy that too.

Google has said this is necessary if you’re going to sell via affiliates. They’ll reward you with elevated rankings if you do.

Don’t put your belief in Google Adsense. Again, you want a lot of traffic to make any money from Google Ads. You also need to be much more imaginative than that!

Don’t forget back linking. Your site simply will not occur in Google searches unless you have some authoritative backlinks to your blog. Writing content is only part of the war. Getting dispersion for your content is equally important.


Do not forget that it is your Audience will be turned to your customers for you to  money. You make money only when you offer them some great value. Create more great content and get readers… then figure out how you can monetize your blog.

Hallelujah! We made it to the end part of this article, I hope you share with us how much you have just made in your first month blogging.

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