The Top 8 Highest Paying IT Skills in 2022

Technology will continue to unfold and thrive at an exponential ratio in the years to arrive, offering more chances than ever before to those who are ready to learn how to use and advance these new technologies.

One of the nicest ways to assure your career has longevity as technology proceeds to advance is by understanding how to master one of the top 8 highest paying IT skills in 2022.

This directory will discuss why some of these IT skills will be the vastly in-demand, what you’ll want to understand, and where you can get started with some high-paying credentials on your road to success. Let’s get started now!

The number one on our list…

The Top 8 Highest Paying IT Skills in 2022

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Software development

Software developers are required to be some of the highest-paid experts by 2023. The Bureau of Labor Statistics foresees that more than 1 million employment will be built for computer programmers solitary during that time.

If you’re eager in functioning with computers and software, programming can be a tremendous career option, but it’s crucial to understand what types of skills are most desired in years to come.

According to online job website Zippia, here are five various programming terminologies and their middle salaries as foreseen by its data

The Top 8 Highest Paying IT Skills in 2022

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Hardware Engineering

A hardware engineer is an important player for both electrical engineers and computer engineers. If you have a talent for working with electronics, then a job as a hardware engineer may be your decent bet.

The median annual earnings of these experts is $127,620, and it’s expected to boost to $135,910 by 2023. This isn’t surprising when you consider how crucial they are to all forms of technology.

The Top 8 Highest Paying IT Skills in 2022

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Data Science

In our network-based world, having a solid understanding of how networks function is becoming increasingly more important.

For example, knowing what kinds of information can be gleaned from Internet searches or knowing how to interpret commonly used algorithms could help businesses better use and make sense of data. According to ComputerWorld , data science will be a critical skill for every profession, so it’s not surprising that data scientists have been earning top salaries.

The same report predicts that data science specialists are expected to have a median salary of $120,000 annually by 2023.

This huge pay increase likely has something to do with the fact that while demand for data scientists is increasing year after year, there simply aren’t enough individuals who currently possess these skills.

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The Top 8 Highest Paying IT Skills in 2022


Mobile App Development

Mobile apps continue to be a top investment for companies across industries. In fact, according to Gartner, more than 80% of large companies will have an app by 2024.

As mobile devices become even more ubiquitous, demand for developers capable of creating apps that people will actually use (and pay for) is expected to rise accordingly.

Between 2012and 2024, a whopping 4 million new jobs related to software development are expected to be created—many of them directly related to mobile apps. All told, there are plenty of lucrative opportunities waiting for you on your path toward becoming a skilled app developer.

The Top 8 Highest Paying IT Skills in 2022

Cloud Computing

As companies adopt cloud technology, they will also need people who can manage and maintain those applications. Cloud computing engineers earn some of the highest salaries across all industries, with recent surveys showing average wages in excess of $125,000 per year.

More demand is expected to be placed on cloud services as more companies move their data and applications online. Cloud computing experts may find work at hosting providers or even inside large corporations that are moving to adopt cloud-based platforms internally.

In 2021, revenue generated by cloud service providers should hit $65 billion worldwide (up from $21 billion today). This means there will be a strong need for tech professionals who can design, implement and operate these systems for clients.

The Top 8 Highest Paying IT Skills in 2022

Cyber Security 

Cyberspace is an ever-changing place and your job as a cyber security professional is never done. Whether it’s defending against internet criminals or hacking into another company’s database, there are always ways to improve your skill set.

Investing time in these top high-paying tech skills can help you land a better job, improve your earning potential and make a world of difference when it comes to future career prospects.

Join us for a closer look at the top 8 highest paying computer skills for people looking to go into tech in 2022.

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The Top 8 Highest Paying IT Skills in 2022

Digital marketing

In 2018, digital marketing salaries are at an all-time high. Here’s a look at what you can expect when it comes to salaries and bonuses for digital marketing talent.

In order to provide a comprehensive analysis of pay levels across major metros in India, job sites have analyzed over 1 million job listings.

Based on their findings, they predict that by 2023 (by which time 33% of internet traffic will be video), digital marketing professionals will earn upwards of $200k per year globally as demand continues to skyrocket! That is nearly four times today’s average salary! Check out the infographic below for more details on why these jobs are becoming so popular and lucrative.

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