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The Best Homemade Solar Panel Mounting Bracket: Sturdy, Customizable, Cheap

The Best Homemade Solar Panel Mounting Bracket: Sturdy, Customizable, Cheap

Have you finally decided to go solar but don’t want to spend a fortune on mounting brackets for your panels? You’ve come to the right place. Why shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for commercial mounting brackets when you can build your own sturdy, customizable brackets for a fraction of the cost? In this article, you’ll learn how to construct heavy-duty solar panel mounts that can withstand high winds and support multiple panels. The best part is you probably have most of the materials in your garage already. If you’ve got basic tools and skills, you can whip up a custom bracket set in a weekend. Before you know it, your panels will be securely installed and you’ll be generating your own free, clean power. The sun’s energy is yours for the taking if you follow these simple steps to craft the best homemade solar panel mounting brackets.

Why Build Your Own Solar Panel Mounting Bracket?

Why build your own solar panel mounting bracket? There are several benefits to DIYing this important component of your solar power system.

First, it’s cheaper. Commercial racks can cost $200-$500 or more. You can build your own sturdy bracket for under $50 using basic hardware store parts.

Second, it’s customizable. You can design a bracket tailored to your specific panels and roof. Want an angle other than 30 degrees? No problem. Need to account for obstacles like skylights or vents? You’ve got the flexibility to create what you need.

Finally, it’s a rewarding project. If you’ve invested in solar panels, you’re probably interested in self-sufficiency and learning new skills. Building your own mounting system is a chance to get hands-on experience with a vital part of your solar setup.

Materials and tools

To construct a basic bracket, you’ll need:

  • Wood boards: 2x4s and 4x4s work well for a sturdy structure.
  • Metal beams: aluminum bars or steel tube stock to clamp the panels.
  • Fasteners: screws, nuts, bolts, and washers. Stainless steel is best for outdoor use.
  • Drill/driver and wrench set.
  • Adjustable mounting feet (optional). These make it easy to level the bracket on an uneven roof.

With some scrap wood, metal parts, and a free afternoon, you can craft a custom solar panel bracket to be proud of. Your panels will be secure, at the perfect angle to maximize energy production, and you’ll have acquired a useful new skill along the way.

Designing a Sturdy, Customizable Homemade Solar Panel Mount Bracket

Designing your own homemade solar panel mounting bracket is easier than you might think. The most important things are that it’s sturdy, customizable to your needs, and budget-friendly.


For sturdiness, metal is your best bet. Aluminum bars or steel rods work great and are easy to weld or bolt together. You’ll want at least 1-inch thick bars for the main supports.

For customization, consider how many panels you want to mount and their dimensions. Get bars long enough to fit however many panels you need, plus a bit extra on each end to anchor the structure. Think about the pitch or angle of your panels too. A 45-degree angle is typical but you may want more or less of a slope.

To keep costs down, check your local hardware store for materials. They often sell metal bars, rods, bolts, and brackets at lower prices than solar retailers. You can also find many parts secondhand.


Once you have the needed materials, assembling the bracket is straightforward. Cut the bars to size, then weld or bolt them together into a sturdy frame. Attach the frame securely to your roof, wall, or the ground. Finally, bolt your solar panels onto the frame at your desired angle.

With some metal, basic tools, and a little DIY spirit, you can build a custom solar panel mount tailored to your needs and budget. And when you flip the switch to turn on your new off-grid power system, you’ll feel a surge of satisfaction knowing you did it yourself.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Building the Best Homemade Solar Panel Mounting Bracket

The best homemade solar panel mounting bracket is easy to make and highly customizable. Here’s how you can build your own sturdy, DIY bracket:

Materials Needed:

  • 4 pieces of square steel tubing (1 inch x 1 inch x 1/4 inch thick, 3 to 4 feet long)
  • Self-tapping metal screws (1/4 inch x 1 inch)
  • Lock washers
  • Angle iron (1 inch x 1 inch x 1/4 inch, 2 pieces 6 to 12 inches long)
  • U-bolts (2 inches)
  • Lag bolts (5/16 inch x 3 inches)


  1. Cut the square steel tubing to your desired lengths for the vertical supports and crossbar. For most small solar panel setups, 3 to 4 feet high is ideal.
  2. Attach an angle iron piece to the top end of each vertical support using two self-tapping screws and lock washers. The angle iron will provide a place to bolt the crossbar.
  3. Measure the width of your solar panels and cut the crossbar to size. Bolt the crossbar to the angle iron pieces using the U-bolts, securing in place with the lag bolts.
  4. Anchor the vertical supports in concrete for maximum stability, or you can attach the supports to an existing structure. Bury about 1/3 of the vertical supports in concrete.
  5. Once the concrete has dried, you can attach your solar panels to the crossbar. Place the panels and mark the hole locations, then drill pilot holes in the crossbar and bolt the panels in place.
  6. Aim the panels at the sun and you’ll be harnessing energy in no time! Your DIY solar panel mounting bracket can be customized to any size, and it’s a fraction of the cost of commercial hardware.

This simple but sturdy homemade solar panel mounting bracket is easy to build and highly adjustable. In just a few basic steps, you’ll have a custom bracket ready to hold your solar panels at the perfect angle to maximize energy production. Let the sun shine in!


So there you have it – a homemade solar panel mounting bracket that will get the job done and save you a bundle. You’ve got the materials, the tools, and the instructions to build a sturdy yet customizable bracket for your solar panels. Now you can sit back and feel good knowing your panels will be securely mounted and angled to maximize your solar harvest. And every time the sun is shining or your meter is spinning, you’ll appreciate how much you saved by going the DIY route. So get out there, grab your supplies, roll up your sleeves and build yourself the best homemade solar panel mounting bracket. Your wallet and your solar panels will thank you.

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