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PropellerAds is an advertising company that provides self-ads and optimization services for digital marketers and publishers. The company started as a traffic network in 2011, before its expansion into the conventional industry. Today, the company tops the list of the biggest AdTech companies with over one billion active users and thousands of ad campaigns launched daily on desktop and mobile devices.

Propellerads earning tricks

PropellerAds supports CPA, CPC, CPI, CPL, and CPM models and offers real-time reports. The AdTech company provides a system that allows publishers and advertisers to get matched. The system also allows advertisers to create and design campaigns, and publishers are allowed to develop ads codes. However, the company offers account managers to assist and support users for better output.   

Types of propellerAds

PropellerAds offer five types of Ad. They include native direct ads, popunder ads, Interstitial mobile ads, web push notification ads, and dialogue ads. Through these ad types, you can earn money on the propellerAds network.

  1. Native direct ads

Native direct ads are a type of ad that uses Smartlink to drive traffic and turn in conversions for publishers. It is flexible and offers an eCPM that is up to $15. The rate of CPM you get on propellerAds native direct ads depends on where you stay and the device you use.

  1. Popunder ads

Popunder ads, just as the name implies, are ads that pop up under the main page the user is viewing. It is the most common type of ads used on popular websites or by people who pay to drive traffic to their sites. Popunder ads offer up to 200% revenue which is higher than most other ad types.

PropellerAds offer clean ads, easy integration, payment per impression generated, monetization of traffic, dynamic CPM rate, more ad space, and anti-blocking feature to help curb the risk of Ad Blockers.

  1. Interstitial mobile ads

Interstitial ads are the kind of ads that appear on a page a few minutes after the user loads a page. It generates the highest eCPM irrespective of the user’s location or device. The good thing about interstitial ads is that they have a high conversion and click-through rate, and does not need a mobile-optimized website or an app to monetize your traffic.

Propellerads earning tricks

  1. Push notification ads

Unlike the other ad types, Push notifications are a new type of ad specifically for advertisers. It pops up as a message alert on mobile apps or web browsers. Push notification is less prone to fraud, has a high click-through rate, enhances customer acquisition, increases audience engagement and retention, instant delivery, and unique customization.

  1. Dialogue ads

Dialogue ads are ads format specifically for mobile audiences. It is SEO and AdSense-friendly. It also offers web integration, a high CPM of up to $5, a high CTR rate, accepts worldwide traffic, and does not need website optimization to monetize.

Getting started with propellerAds

PropellerAds is an ad network with a user-friendly interface. It is easy to use and navigate. To get started on propellerAds, here is a list of steps to follow:

  • Register or signup for an account using the main propellerAds site.
  • Wait for a confirmation email that states the approval of your account. This usually takes between a few minutes to 24 hours.
  • Login to your propellerAds dashboard.
  • Go to sites and click on ‘New site’.
  • Verify the domain of the new site.
  • Start using propeller

Tip: When signing up, there is an option to either register as an advertiser or a publisher. However, most people prefer to sign up as publishers because they have more ad offers on the network.

Benefits of using propellerAds

propellerAds have a lot of offers for their users and advertisers. Here’s a list of things you’ll enjoy when using propellerAds:

  • PropellerAds offers 100% web traffic monetization irrespective of your location or device used. They help advertisers to reach both English and non-English audiences. So, if your audience is a non-English audience, you are welcome to use propellerAds.
  • propellerAds offer high-quality ad campaigns. They use automation to ensure that websites get ads that are not prone to viruses, and are of high-quality content.
  • PropellerAds has a low withdrawal limit of 5$, and you can withdraw your earnings weekly.
  • The company uses an automated system to pay users and ensure that the payments are fast and error-free. 
  • On propellerAds, you can join a community where publishers connect and share ideas. 

How to earn money with propellerAds network

Propellerads earning tricks

Making money from the propellerAds network is easy as they have different monetization ad offers. The offers include Smartlinks, interstitial, in-page push, push notification, Onclick ads, and a referral program. PropellerAds pay you for the impressions you make, the clicks you get, and the people who get on the platform through your links.

Propellerads have two sets of users, advertisers, and publishers. Although signing up as a publisher is the most recommended of the two options, there are different offers for both users. Research the ad types to select the one that best suits you and hop on it to start making money.

Earning tricks on propellerAds

Here’s a list of special tricks on how to make money on propellerAds:

  • Use the direct ads link on sites containing downloadable content such as graphics, images, software, and mobile apps. Place the link on the call-to-action button of the downloadable content.
  • Place the direct ads link on the ‘skip to content’ button of a page between the homepage and content page. 
  • Share the link on social media platforms. You can place the direct ads link on the call-to-action button of graphic content and share it with social media groups.
  • Place the direct link on animated images found on video sites.

How to withdraw money on propellerAds network

Withdrawing your money from propellerAds is easy because there are several money transfers options on the platform to ensure that publishers can cash out their payments. The payments platform you can withdraw your money with on propeller includes Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, WIRE, and Webmoney.

These payment options are safe and convenient. However, they may charge you some money as a transaction fee. Before choosing any platforms as your default payment option, check their sites for information on their exchange rate and the transaction fee involved.

To withdraw your money using any of the payment options, here’s a list of things to do:

  • Create an account with the payment platform. 
  • Go to profile settings on your propellerAds dashboard, and select ‘payment method’.
  • Select the payment option you prefer, then click ‘Save’. Note that some of the platforms may require you to confirm your account. 

The minimum amount you can withdraw from propellerAds is $5. However, the payment platforms have their minimum payout limit. The minimum payout for Payoneer is $20, and that of WIRE is $550. If your balance is below the minimum amount, it is carried to the next payment date.


PropellerAds is one of the top ad networks we have today. It is user-friendly and offers its users numerous opportunities to earn money. Whether you want to grow your brand through ads or earn passive income, the propellerAds network is a great choice.


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