Top 10 Jobs that make the most money in 2022.

If you are looking to switch to a new career in 2022 and make more money, here are the “Top 10 Jobs that make the most money ” that you can consider. I sorted this position based on the research from the following sources with my own observations and experience while training students from different industries.The first on our list is

Jobs that make the most money

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1.Data Scientist.

Jobs that make the most money

As we get closer to 5G, we expect more data generated by IT sensors and new applications. Companies are looking to hire data scientists to build models, And not just traditional industries like finance, banking, retail or tech companies are hiring data scientists.

Basically, any company that has data, needs a data scientist. A data scientist is required to have the basic skills to explore in this field. And to stand a chance of getting hired easily, you need to gain some degrees and certificates to boost your CV. You can get a certificate from home through learning with Coursera or through Google certification.

2.A business analyst

Jobs that make the most money

This is a person who understands a business and is also able to apply data analytics to make improvements. For example, optimizing their delivery process. You can learn this skills on Google certification platform or through Simplelearn

3.DevOps Engineer.

Jobs that make the most money

The word DevOps comes from development and operations, so a DevOps engineer is someone whose duties are involved in the development lifecycle, deployment, Maintenance and updates. 

For example, the DevOps engineer in an eCommerce company will need to maintain the new version, release of their apps, their updates and also to scale the server, to make sure the app will not crash during the double 11 sales. 

4.Web Developers.

Jobs that make the most money

As we have more and more startups founded and SMEs that are going for digital transformation, we will need to hire web developers to build websites and web applications. You can start learning how to build a website by enrolling on these free courses Simplilearn and Coursera.

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5.Data Engineer.

Jobs that make the most money

Whether you own a cafe, bakery, restaurants or a stationery shop, A data engineer handles all the company’s data and secure vital information. A data engineer plays a critical role to secure a company database. 

Can you imagine how much loss incurred when Facebook or Grab databases are hacked. This is another job that makes the most money today. You can still give it a try and see how it will go for you. 

6.Cyber Security analysts.

Jobs that make the most money

The demand for cyber security analysts is proportional to the number of digital assets and their daily jobs. The skills needed for the cyber security analysts are thorough knowledge on how to secure data from Fraudsters and this is one of the biggest headaches that digital payment and e-wallets providers are currently facing.

For example, if a customer usually buys items in Johor, and suddenly they log in from Penang or somebody suddenly orders 2000 pizzas on Grab Food. 

This is what we call suspicious activity. The skills needed for a fraud analyst vary because there are many differences in this space. 

7.GIS Analysts.

Jobs that make the most money

Many Organizations have collected movement data that tracks how people’s move during the pandemic and that’s why we need a Geographic Information System Analysts or GIS Analysts in short, and this data is not limited to contact tracing that tracks where we go, like the shops and restaurants.We also have large amount of data from logistics companies like parcel delivery and food delivery.

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A GIS analyst is able to analyze these data and present them in a meaningful way, so that we can optimize the delivery route of our parcel and food delivery or monitor the supply and allocation of resources during natural disasters like floods. A GIS analyst engineer specializes

In building models and turning those models into self-running AI systems; they are able to make decisions by themselves. If you are seeking jobs that make the most money, this is a god track to venture into.

8. Machine learning.

Jobs that make the most money

Machine Learning Engineer’s jobs are of course one of the jobs that make the most money today. They will need to constantly monitor the performance and make necessary updates when we have new data coming in. The machine learning engineers Strongly needs to have some degrees to gain the best employment from higher companies so as to get the best pay. 

If this is what you want to look into, you can start learning about these skills for free on Google certification platform or in Coursera so as to gain the certification to seek for this job.

9.Software Engineering.

Jobs that make the most money

Software engineers design and create applications to solve real-world problems. We need software engineers to create applications for desktop and also mobile applications. 

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They will then work with the project managers, graphic designers and other developers to deliver the application. As we move towards Web 3.0, NFT, Metaverse, we will need even more software engineers to create applications that run on these platforms. The skills needed by software engineers If you notice, are all tech inclined. Most of the jobs here are more towards the tech industry. That’s because we suddenly have generated a large amount of data

In the time of the COVID-19, they come from work from home, the 5G, the food and the parcel delivery and also the contact tracing app and that’s why we saw a rising demand for the jobs in technology. 

10.Digital marketing

Jobs that make the most money

Digital marketing is one of the top jobs that make the most money today. As a company needs more people that can handle their products and services marketing. Digital marketers basically function as the path through which companies pass their businesses and services to the right audience. 

They are specialists in social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing and the rest of the marketing route to make sure they do their jobs efficiently to get the best result.

2022 is the best time to get a new job! Especially if you are looking to switch to another career path. More new jobs are created due to the digital explosion out of the Covid-19 and because of that, it speeds up the adoption of digital services. 

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Are you planning to switch to a new job this year? Let me know in the comments section. Let’s know how it goes.

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