How to withdraw from watch only wallet | Top 3 Hacks

Trust Wallet is one of the top best crypto wallets in the market today and one of the safest and strongest free and simple wallets that you can use to buy, sell and hold your cryptocurrency for greater profits.


I know you hit on this post to learn how to withdraw from watch only wallet on trust wallet, in this article I will reveal to you all you need to know about trust wallet and How to withdraw from watch only wallet on trust wallet.

How to download and use the trust wallet app.

How to withdraw from watch only wallet on trust wallet

For the beginners in the cryptocurrency world that would love to have some assets in their own personal wallet using the trust wallet app. You can download the trust wallet app on App store for those using iOS devices, playstore for those using Android device and you can also download it on your desktop device from Google chrome browser.

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After downloading the app, you will be required to sign up for an account which you will be using to buy, sell or store your cryptos. And in the process of getting your account ready, you will be giving some security guidelines and keys which you have to make sure nobody else knows about.


I will recommend you write your 12 word security logins, saved somewhere only you can have access to because once it’s mishandled all your funds and hard work will be gone. So this should be your own personal belonging and you can only share it with someone you trust that won’t be able to harm you in any way.

Once your account is ready and you have saved your security keys and private keys then you can now buy and sell your cryptos or even hold them for profits.


What is watch only wallets on trust wallet.

Watch Only Wallet addresses are accounts that you don’t have access to but you can see the funds and activities going on in the account but you have no right to withdraw or do some certain things on the address.

It’s just a public address which everyone else can have but can’t touch the funds right in there. 

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Why can’t I withdraw from watch only wallets on trust wallet.

How to withdraw from watch only wallet on trust wallet

If you had a wallet on trustwallet and mistakenly you lost access to the wallet or the private keys,12 security words then you will be seeing that same wallet address as watch only because that’s how trust wallet has made their system to be.

Remember they told you to always keep your private keys safe so as not to lose your account and funds. If you have lost your mobile phone or the desktop you used in opening the trust wallet account but your private keys are also written somewhere in a paper with you then it will be easier for you to recover the wallet and get your funds back but if everything is gone, then you can keep reading down.


BNB watch only wallet address.

When you have lost access to your BNB account on a trust wallet and you access the same wallet with the public keys then you will just view your account as a normal visitor. Trust Wallet doesn’t know you, they only know your private keys which is what gives you access to your wallet.

If you lose them then you can’t get your funds back and not even the trust wallet customer service can restore your wallet back for you.

App to withdraw BNB from Trust Wallet

There are lots of people and videos out there with lots of information on how to withdraw from watch only wallets on trust wallet using a simple app.

While this sounds so real and at the same time confusing, I tried to look into it closely and discovered that there are tricks to this.

There is a popular app I have been seeing online and people claim it has the ability to withdraw from watch only wallets. They call it bexchange app. This is the app they said it can be used to withdraw from watch only wallets on trust wallet. But the question is, is this app really able to do that?

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How to activate a watch wallet on a trust wallet.

How to withdraw from watch only wallet on trust wallet

If you want to activate your watch only on wallets on a trust wallet then you have to think of where you have saved your private keys or your 12 words security logins. With that you can retrieve your account back and your funds will be restored back to your wallet even with a new mobile device or desktop.

How to withdraw from watch only wallet on trust wallet.

If you want to withdraw from watch only wallets on trust wallet there are certain things you have to understand. First of all, is the wallet your own or you are trying to access other people’s funds, the answer to this question determines if I would help you retrieve your account back.


There are too many videos out there telling you that you can simply withdraw from watch only wallets using bexchange app or any other system or application but there are tricks to get your account back if only you are the real owner of the account and you simply want to get your funds back.

Not with the intention to harm your fellow human by getting access to their funds.

The video below discloses how you can withdraw from watch only wallets on trust wallet easily and if you have any questions, just redirect back to my YouTube channel from the video and chat me up then I will reply to you instantly.

Watch the video tutorial here

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Withdrawing from watch only wallets on trust wallet is not an easy task and anyone telling you to give him money to get your funds back to you has to be verified very well so that you won’t end up losing your hard earned money to scammers but if you are the real owner of the watch only wallets and you get in contact with me, there are things I will tell you to do, probably they might help you get your Wallet back and also restore your funds.