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How to use Fast VPN – Namecheap VPN Download.

How to use Fast VPN - Namecheap VPN Download.

You are reading this right now because you want to know more about fast VPN, or probably learn how to use fast VPN. In this article, I will show you how it works and how you can get the premium version of a fast VPN at a cheaper rate.

If you are searching for how to use a fast VPN, you will still understand that it is in connection with the Namecheap VPN. Fast Vpn is one of the most affordable VPNs that you can use today. So, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on those other expensive VPNs, you can use the Namecheap VPN which is called FastVPN. 

How to use Fast VPN

How to create fast VPN account

The first thing you have to do is, go to Namecheap to create an account.  you’ll be able to create your Namecheap account easily and it won’t cost you anything to have an account with Namecheap. Create an account with Namecheap if you don’t already have one.  And that’s important because the account details are the ones you’re going to use to log into Fast VPN. Create your account HERE.

How to use Fast VPN

Once your account is ready, it will take you to the dashboard. Then you just need to scroll down a little bit and you will see the fast VPN prices. It’s one of the most affordable VPNs available today and the strongest VPN ever.

How to use Fast VPN

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If you go with the fast VPN monthly plan, you can get it for free for a month when you click HERE. Because this VPN is cheap and stronger than most of the expensive VPNs out there today, going with the yearly plan is what I recommend you click on to get the best service from the fast VPN. I have used this VPN over and over again and it is my best VPN choice and the most interesting thing about a fast VPN is that it does the job 100 %.

How to use Fast VPN

Once you are on your dashboard, you need to click on the Yearly plan and it will take you to the section where you will choose your payment method, then you can now choose the one that is convenient for you. 

For me, I do select the PayPal option because almost anyone around the world can access Paypal and it’s very easy to use, but you can still make use of your Mastercard or you use cryptocurrency to pay.

How to use Fast VPN

And once you choose PayPal, It’s going to log you in to your PayPal account. Then you select, agree and continue, once you make your payment, It’s going to automatically redirect you back to the fast VPN dashboard. This is compatible with all devices and can be used on Windows, and Android. You can also use it on your Linux desktop.

How to use fast VPN | Namecheap VPN Download.

Once your payment is successfully added, you can now download the fast VPN on your windows, android, Mac, etc. Once the download Is complete, you can just open it to install it. After the installation, then you need to log in. For the login details, you are going to use the same Namecheap login details that you used in creating your account

Once you put in your account details, then you can successfully sign in, your Namecheap username and password are what you will use here. You will then be logged in, and you can just click on I understand. That is how to use the fast VPN which is also the Namecheap VPN. 

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How to use Fast VPN

What is my IP? 

Your IP is simply your IP address, this varies depending on your location. As I’m in Nigeria right now and if you are in South Africa, the IP address won’t be the same. You can also go to this website and it’s going to show you your IP address plus your location. If you switch back to your fast VPN account you can just connect to any IP using the fast VPN. 

Let’s say I connect to Chicago while I’m in Nigeria, If I go under the protocol I can use the OpenVPN protocol.  And also I want it scrambled also. And now if I reconnect it’s going to connect straight to Chicago IP automatically. Note, under settings you can add a kill switch. If it is turned off then your device’s internet connection will also be turned off.

I found that this really affects my internet connection so if it is not really crucial For your IP to be visible then you can just leave it turned off. You can automatically connect and also you want to start up with your Windows. You can also change the interface to dark mode if you like.

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How to use Fast VPN

That’s all the important things here under settings. If you go back under location, you can use any of the locations. You will see the multiple different server locations that you can connect to. If you go back and refresh, You’re going to see that your IP   address will be different and your location will change to Chicago or any county of your choice

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That’s how to use a fast VPN and it is still the same method you will apply to all the devices if you don’t want to use the VPN on Windows.

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