How To Make Money With Expert Options in Nigeria

I believe you clicked on this post to know How To Make Money With Expert Options in Nigeria. In this article I will be breaking it into pieces on the best strategies on how to make money with expert options in Nigeria. Have you been wondering how people make money by trading with Expert Option? Or you have just been hearing the name “Expert Option” and you want to figure out how people make money from it.

If you’re a forex or crypto trader you might have probably heard of Expert Option, so you might have an idea of what Expert Option is. And if you haven’t heard about Expert Option I’m here to tell you about it.Just keep reading.

I’m John Francis and I’m going to show you how you can make real money from Expert Options here in Nigeria. If you are in Nigeria you’ll know how the Naira currency is depreciating and the best way to nullify this effect on you is to figure out more ways to make money.

How To Make Money With Expert Options in Nigeria.

What is an Expert Option?

Expert option is an online trading platform where you can trade Financial instruments like currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and stocks. It offers a wide range of assets you can choose from and trade with. It is recommended for beginners and novice traders because its user interface is simple to understand and use.

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With up to $10,000 virtual money and no logins required, you can practice and perfect your trading skills. The Free Demo account gives you access to the expert option features where you trade without losing real money.

One clear reason you should try the demo account is that you can quickly get yourself used to the platform before you register as a member. So how do you make money with Expert Option in Nigeria? I’ve put down the steps you should follow if you want to make real money from the expert option even if you’re in Nigeria.

1. Get an expert option account

First things first, to make real money you have to become a registered member of the expert option. As a registered member, you’ll enjoy all the features you got from the demo account, and any profit you make after becoming a registered member you’re able to withdraw.

You can set up your account with either your email address, your Facebook account, or a google account and a strong & secured password to get started. It doesn’t take up to 2 minutes to do this. Here’s how to registerHow To Make Money With Expert Options in Nigeria.


  • Go to
  • Click on “Real Account” at the top right corner of the page and fill out your sign up details.
  • Check terms and conditions then click open account. If you want to register with your Facebook or Google account then first check the terms and conditions then click your preferred choice. You’ll have to log in to your Facebook or Google account to continue.
  • For Facebook, Expert option will request to access your name, profile picture and email address Facebook then click “Continue” Now you’re done creating a real expert option account.

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2. Deposit some money

As earlier said expert option is a platform where you can trade a wide range of financial instruments. However, to start making money you’ll need to deposit some money you’ll use for your binary options. As the saying says “you need money to make more money” you’ll have to deposit money to make more money.This means that you’ll have to deposit some money into your expert option trading account.

So how much can you deposit? The minimum deposit you can put into your expert option account is $10. However, you can deposit more than that, depending on how much you have and are willing to risk. So how can you deposit money into your expert option account? To deposit money here are the procedures for that.

  1. a) Go to and log in with your details.
  2. b) Go to “finances” at the top left corner of your screen
  3. c) Then click “deposit” and you’ll see a variety of payment methods you can use to put money into your account.
  4. d) Select your preferred payment method from the available options shown to you

NOTE: If you are in Nigeria, it is advisable not to use the debit or credit card payment method. This is for the sake that your account might be suspended due to the ban of crypto in Nigeria.

  1. e) Now input or select your desired deposit amount from your interface. You can also enjoy some deposit bonuses given to you by Expert Option.
  1. f) You will be redirected to a new page to input some data depending on the payment system you choose. Follow the instructions and the required fields.

How To Make Money With Expert Options in Nigeria.

3. Start to trade.

To trade on a live account and earn real money might be a skill you might want to learn as this is crucial to your overall success. You can make up to 95 percent of what you trade with on Expert Option. But how do you trade here? The expert option is a platform where you can trade binary options.

What are Binary Options?

A binary option can be easily described as predicting that the price of an asset will go up or down within a specified time. When you make a trade, there will be a stipulated percentage of the money you put in for the trade which will be your profit.So when you win, you win your money back plus the stipulated percentage.

And when you predict wrongly, you get no money at all. Not even the money you put in for the trade. So you should study the charts and the price history of an asset before you set a trading position so you don’t end up losing all your funds.

4. Withdraw your earnings.

Let’s say you predicted rightly and you made more money. So how do you withdraw your money? The minimum withdrawal you can make is $10. So follow these steps e step to withdraw your money:

  • Go to and log in with your details.
  • Go to “finances” at the top left corner of your screen
  • Then click “withdrawal” and you’ll see a variety of payment methods you can use to get your money. you must have made your first deposit before you request to withdraw funds.
  • Fill in the required information then click “request” You should get your money instantly or at least one working day.

How To Make Money With Expert Options in Nigeria.

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Expert Option gives you the platform to trade and make money from it. However, you cannot achieve that if you are not a good trader. As this is a skill you should learn. I will suggest you take out time to learn how to trade binary options.

And you can do that by using the free demo account on Expert Option. Once you perfect your trading skills, then you’re on your way to making money here in Nigeria. Remember not to use your credit or debit card for your payment method as it may affect your bank due to the reason for the crypto ban in Nigeria.

I would love to hear comments on how much value you got from this article. Was it helpful? If yes, then please share so those in your network would read it too. If you have any questions you can let me know in the comments section.







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