In this piece, I will guide you step by step on how to make money with email marketing. You are probably reading this because you must have wondered how email marketers make millions for themselves and the exact things they did to achieve successes in email marketing.

Well, if you are in this category, I will say you have found the most appropriate piece that will expose and give you deep insights on just four basic things you can do to earn a lot from email marketing as a newbie or as an existing email marketer who is not making enough money yet.

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Personally, when I write about how to earn money or the processes in making money with a particular trend online, I do not like to bore people with too many stories and long write ups. So, I will make it brief, precise and simple for you to understand. 



Email marketing is simply the process you use to reach out to a large number or targeted email users via their mails to promote your product and services for effective patronage. It is often seen as one of the methods of creating brand awareness to inform existing and potential customers about a new or an existing product as well as building trust and maintaining communication.

Like I have said and I will reiterate again. I will streamline this article to just the four basic things and processes that have been tested and proven to work effectively for email marketers. Before we dive into dissecting the four key things you need to learn how to make money with email marketing, let me run you through some facts about email marketing and why you need to embrace the idea of making money from email marketing with open arms. 


  • You could make as high as 40$ for every 1$ you will spend on email marketing.
  • There are over 4 billion daily email users. This is said to be the biggest contemporary means of communication.
  • Over 90% of smartphone users have their emails connected directly to their phones and over 40% of these users prefer to use their smartphones to receive business communication via their smartphones.
  • More than 70% of Email marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months.
  • Email marketing revenue is expected to reach $11 billion by the end of 2022.

The facts above counters the narratives of the quote “Email Marketing is dead”. Now you see there are huge chances and potentials to succeed in email marketing and it is a major advertising sector that businesses are not focusing on.


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• Identifying Your Objectives and Goals.

Defining your objectives and goal is simply to know the kind of value you want to deliver to those that will be on your email list. Some of the question that can guide you through the objectives and goals are; 

  • Who are the people I want to attract to my email list? 
  • Why should anyone join my email list? What will they benefit from my email list?
  • What Value will I give to them that will generate money for me? 
  • Why will they buy whatever idea or products and services I want to offer to them?

You really need to ask yourself these questions because at the end, you will eventually be providing either products or services for those on your email list. You can also provide value and quality information that can earn you money. I won’t sugarcoat it or play any shenanigans with you; the whole essence of email marketing is simply providing value to the people on your email list in exchange for money.

It might be your personal product and services you are offering or you can act as an affiliate. If you have an existing business, you can integrate email marketing into your business. If you do not have any business, you can act as an affiliate. Some examples of niche and services you can focus on with your Email marketing are; Cryptocurrencies, Graphic designs, Sales of Fashion wears,copyrighting, job opportunities… etc. 

• Choose an Email Marketing Platform.

Most of the Email marketing platforms have a lot of things in common but choosing an email marketing platform is very important because you will need to choose a platform with a nice interface, flexibility, good reviews, affordable payment plans, automation tools, features, service providers and how well email gets delivered to those on your email list.


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Oftentimes most mail ends up in the spam folders and this can also be tied to the email marketing platform you are using and some other factors. If you are having doubts about the Email marketing services you want to use. You can go online and read reviews about them. 

Personally, I will recommend mailchimp because it allows you to have as many as 2000 free email subscribers and you can send as much as 10,000 emails a month with a daily limit of 2000 emails. It has four basic plans; free, essential, standard and premium.

The free plan has some of the basic things like marketing CRM, creative assistant, welfare builder, marketing domain and forms and landing page. You can use the mailchimp website above to sign up and create a free mailchimp account for yourself.

• Build Your Email List.

There is a popular quote that says, “The money is in the list”. It simply means that the quality and type of people you have on your email list will determine if they will be able to pay or afford the product, services or value you want to offer. In building your email list, adding the right quality of people should be your watchword. 

In building an email list, we will be looking at just three key elements needed to setup an amazing email list.

Element 1: Lead Magnet.

Lead magnets are often enticements, freebies or bonuses given out for free to attract the desired audience to your landing page in exchange for their names and email addresses. It could either be a video, free 20 mins course or a special offer and slots for a discounted rate for your products and services.

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Element 2: Optin Page (Using Mailchimp)

The space or interface where people get to see your free offer, discounted rate on your products and services and the bonuses you want to offer them is referred to as an optin page. The page has a form embedded in it that allows you to collect the names and email addresses of your desired audience. 

You can create the optin page from scratch using your mailchimp account. You also have the leverage of fine tuning a template to how you want your optin page to look like. You can as well add colors, videos, images, text and customize the form on your landing page to make it more attractive and fascinating.

Element 3: Targeted Traffic

After creating your optin page, you will definitely want to get people to come to your landing page to submit their names and email addresses. You can choose to promote your landing page via any social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp Statuses and Whatsapp TV or Instagram where you can get the quality audience that can afford your product.

If you have enough money, you can also pay influencers to get your link to your desired audience or you can run sponsored ads on social media platforms.


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• Deliver Value.

Delivering value is key in email marketing. We won’t dwell much on this part because we believe you already have values to offer before you decide to use the option of email marketing. We have discussed this on the first point where we talked about having goals and objectives. 

If you follow all the steps above, you should already have people who have subscribed and joined your email list. The value and quality of product or content you send to the people on your email list will determine if they will patronize you or even open your subsequent mails.

A relevant way of having people open your mails or wanting to read more mails from you is to always use catchy titles or subjects on your mails because people receive lots of emails daily from different sources. The probability that they will Open your email actually depends on whether the subject of the mail catches their attention or if the mail is providing value for them.


Making money from email marketing is so easy when you follow the guild carefully and implement the steps I have listed so far. Remember you must have something to exchange for Money to your lists so you can cash out on a daily basis. I hope this article gives an answer to the question ” how to make money with email marketing “. Kindly subscribe to my email list or click on my YouTube icon to subscribe to my channel.







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