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This article is made known to the public to educate them on reliable and sure means on how to make money on TikTok in Nigeria. The urge to dive right in is there because you are eager to know how but you have to understand the app and how it came about to further help you understand how you can make money from it.

Tiktok (Douyin the Chinese name for it) is a fast-rising app that hit social media in September 2016 owned by a Chinese company, ByteDance Ltd. Research shows that the amount of active users per month is about 1.2 billion. This goes to show that it is very possible to make money on TikTok because there is a large market base owing to the fact that it is used by millions of people which will only increase and not decrease.


The world is going digital; virtually everything is now done online. You can now make money online in the comfort of their homes. Many social media platforms are now used to make money online, the likes of YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and more. There are so many ways to make money on TikTok and it is not a scam, People often get it wrong when it comes to making money online and they often discourage others from doing so. 

There are sure means to make money from TikTok provided you stick to certain instructions you are going to be seeing in this article. Let’s look at the various ways of doing so and which of them is more suitable for you.

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Partnership with Brands:

One of the most popular ways to earn money on TikTok is Partnering with brands to post sponsored content, which is the act of granting brands the opportunity to use your video content for their brand promotion in exchange for money or the brand products in question.

Branded content is all about creativity on how to help brand advertise their products for example 1x Bet partnering with you as a comedian on TikTok to use your comedy skit to promote them so as to get more users in turn they pay you for promoting their services or maybe using Nivea and giving a good review about it. 


This proves to be very effective for skit makers in Nigeria. You have to have a large number of followers and viewers to attract the brands. We are talking about a minimum of 1,000 followers. Brands would want to partner with content creators who have a large fan base for their products to reach the public eyes faster.

One thing not to do in making branded content is not to make the mistake of partnering with brands with bad reputations or bad reviews from the public because doing so will affect your chance of earning money on TikTok. 

How much you earn depends on the success of your promotion of brands on your content, brand partnership can earn you about $60,000 or even higher but depends on how big you are as a content creator, everyone has that content creator that they know brings authenticity to the viewers and they trust their review of a brand, be that trusted creator, earn the trust of your viewers and this will surely boost your chance of making money on TikTok because everyone thrives for authenticity.

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Advertisement of Products: 

Using TikTok to advertise and sell your product. It is every business owner’s dream for his/her product to reach a large amount of the public and TikTok offers such a golden opportunity, you can make money by simply opening an account and advertising your products or services to reach your desired audience. 

To show how effective this means popular brands like Nike, Fendi, and Gucci all have TikTok accounts because they understand that the vast majority of the public use TikTok and they know the immense increase of consumers that will be added to them. This will help you make money on TikTok because it will offer content creators reviewing your product and it will give you a much wider range of possibilities to make money on TikTok.

Advertising your product on TikTok, you have to fully engage your audience by showcasing how the product is to be used, fun facts about the product, running contests or joining in trending things using your product for instance a viral trend of people doing a viral dance and them wearing your brand clothes and shoes knowing this would attract views because it is a trend and in turn attract customers, that’s why it’s important to study the users of this app.


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Video editing;

Content creators want their videos to be close to perfection to impress the audience but they are not professionals in that aspect this is where the money-making opportunity comes in. A person can be paid by content creators to be able to edit their videos to maximum satisfaction. The editor makes money off the feedback made from the content.

Making money through liking and commenting on videos, TikTok is all about the views and comments on it. Content creators understand this and they reach out to viewers and pay them for viewing and commenting on their posts. 

The money made here is not certain and it could be slow, it is not steady but it is a means to better utilize, especially if you can be on TikTok a whole day. Why not do that and make money at the same time, kill two birds with one stone at the comfort of your home.

Selling Accounts: 

TikTok is all about the views, likes, and followers as it was said before, you can open an account, grow it and sell it because people are willing to pay to have an account with high followers, likes, and views. Especially if you like working behind the scenes to make money, this method is for you.

Account management; 

Some content creators are super busy and need help managing their accounts even popular brands who cannot manage their accounts need an account manager to aid them in managing their accounts. This will bring earnings to the account manager and the owner of the account too.

Being an account manager requires lots of dedication, time, and energy. If you have this then you are halfway there. The money made by an account manager can grow from little to a huge amount of money.



Don’t be discouraged, you don’t have to be a content creator to earn money on TikTok, you can work behind the scenes and still earn your money. TikTok is an app used by many and the rate of users spikes every day. It is one of the juiciest applications to make money; the few listed above are sure means to make money on TikTok.

It is all about consistency and strategic means to command the attention of the public. The higher the views, likes, and followers the higher you earn.

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