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How to make money on Rumble [10 ways to earn $100/video]

How to make money on Rumble [10 ways to earn $100/video]

Probably this might be your first time hearing about rumble or you just want to know how to make money on Rumble, whatever motive that made you to click on this page, I know it’s a sign that you want to make money on Rumble.

But before I give you all the basic information you need to know on how to go about making money on Rumble, I want you to fully understand what rumble is all about.

How to make money on Rumble.

What is Rumble?

Rumble is another great online video platform that was created by Chris Pavlovski earlier in 2013. Rumble is another brother to YouTube where a lot of videos are being shared worldwide.

How does Rumble work

Like every other video platform, rumble is widely a fast rising video sharing zone, where content creators gather to share their great videos for their audience to watch. 

Rumble has millions of users across the world and is also available in more than 150 countries. That is to say, if you are really interested to know how to make money from rumble, you are not restricted.

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Rumble vs YouTube.

YouTube is the number one video sharing platform in the world and it’s always ranking on top. But how can you really compare rumble with YouTube?

How to make money on Rumble.

Yes I love that question! 

I will be reviewing this two great video platforms in a simple way so you can understand and know which one to put your energy in.


Youtube is the top video sharing platform in the world today and it has billions of users which makes it one the most top websites in the world.

A lot of people switched to YouTube so they can be able to watch and stream their favorite videos and watch their favorite content creators, while some people got there with the sole aim of making money.

To make money on YouTube is not easy because it’s requires that you have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in your YouTube channel so that you can be able Monetize your channel and start making money. Sometimes little beginners give up and quit because getting even 100 subscribers is very hard this days.

The competition is so much on YouTube which makes it difficult for new and upcoming content creators to make their money from the platform.

I have seen lots of friends who gave up and quit YouTube because nobody watches their video or subscribes to their channel irrespective of the quality of their videos and that of their thumbnail.

The reason behind it, is that the YouTube algorithm tends to favour those who already have a certain number of audience and views.

YouTube requires a lot of time and patience before you can think of making money from it and you need to create attractive videos and build your fan base before you can think of monetization.

The era has gone when YouTube was easier, now to succeed as a YouTuber requires a lot of hard work and networks, unless that , you will get frustrated and end up giving up.

How to make money on Rumble.

YouTube is worldwide and they have a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

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How does Rumble work


Rumble is one of the fast rising video platform where you can get entertained,informed and explore your favorite type of videos without stress.

Rumble has over millions of users across the world and more people are still joining everyday.

Rumble is the easiest video platform to earn money with your videos without stress, unlike YouTube.

To make money on Rumble you don’t need any subscribers, you don’t even need to ask for people to pls subscribe to this channel, once you are getting the views, you are making your money.

To make money on Rumble you don’t need to have 1000 subscribers or 4000 watch hours to monetize your video.

All you need is sign up to rumble and start uploading your videos. The sweetest part I love about rumble is that you can be only one day old on the platform and monetize your videos and start making money from them.

How to make money on Rumble.

Rumble is not competitive, because a lot of people have not yet discovered this awesome site, that is another bonus for you to start instantly to make money before the site get hard the more and the competition becomes higher. Make use of that opportunity and sign up to rumble and start cashing out.

Rumble is worldwide and they have a mobile app for the iOS and the android. But if you are in Nigeria, I will advise you to use their website because the mobile app on playstore is not yet available in Nigeria at the time of writing this content.

So you can browse the rumble website on your android and start making your money instantly.

How to make money on Rumble

For you to make money on rumble you need two things and they are:

1.Your Rumble Account:

This account is like a power house where all your contents will be and you can create an account today here.

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2. You Rumble videos:

After creating your account, now it’s time to make some videos and upload to our rumble account to get the cash flowing instantly..

How to make money on Rumble.

How to get your videos for rumble.

There are numerous ways to get your videos for rumble and upload to make money.

  • First is by creating the videos yourself and editing them to suit the test of the Audience in rumble , so that you draw more people’s attention and in return get massive views.
  • Second is by getting other people’s video and re-uploading them on Rumble. Yes , hold on a little bit.. Did I just say get people’s videos? Lols

Yes, that’s what I said, you can actually make more money on Rumble just by publishing other people’s content that are free to use, not those with copyright license.

Remember if you publish a content that is not free for public use, your rumble account can be blocked for violating the rumble terms of service.

How to get videos to republish on Rumble and make money is very easy and straightforward.

All you have to do is  head over to YouTube, there are too many videos on YouTube that you can download and republish on your rumble account. But how do I get them?

Just go on YouTube, search the video title in your mind and hit search..

How to make money on Rumble.

And click the filter button on YouTube, 

How to make money on Rumble.

Then click the creative common button and hit the apply button.

How to make money on Rumble.

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Then the remaining videos that are showing on the search feed are all free to reuse and make money on Rumble. But how do you get them out of YouTube so you can have them in your phone or desktop storage?

How to download YouTube videos for free.

For you to download any YouTube video easily for free , just search the video you want then ones the videos are out, click on the share button and Copy the link to your clipboard.

How to make money on Rumble.

Then head over to your browser and search for a YouTube video downloader.. Hit the results and paste the link you copied to the space provided for the link and boom you can now download the video.

How to make money on Rumble.

Just repeat the process and you will have multiple videos to earn from on Rumble.

How to make money on Rumble

Now we have our videos and ready to use them on our rumble account. Just click on the upload icon and select the video you want to upload to rumble.

After that you should exclude the YouTube option so that your video will only be monetized by rumble and no other third party company. Once you are done with that you are 100% set to make money from rumbles.

Once you publish the video, try to share your video link to Facebook groups, Whatsapp and to your friends to boost your views and start cashing out from day one.

You will start making money on Rumble the Moment each off your video is approved for and monetized. You will get paid $50 for one video that is approved,  you will also get $100 for your video that made it to the front page and you will always earn 60% of ads revenue from advertisers on Rumble.

How to make money on Rumble.

Remember you have only one video and you are making about $50 to $100, how much more when you have those videos like 20 or there about, you will get to find out that you can make over $1000 from rumble without stress of looking for subscribers.

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You can make use of this great awesome opportunity and start earning from rumble and as well run your YouTube journey with ease. To get started with rumble click the link and create an account then start uploading videos.


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