How to make money from CPAbuild affiliate marketing

Due to the state of the world’s economy, earning passive income has become a must-do for people. Hence people scout different ways of accumulating money besides their primary source of income. One of the easy, and trending ways of earning passive money today is the cost-per-action (CPA) affiliate marketing system in which people get paid for the activities carried out on their products. There are plenty of CPA marketing networks where you can earn steady money. However, this article centers on guiding you on how to make money from Cpabuild affiliate marketing which is one of the best paying and user-friendly CPA affiliate networks.

How to make money from CPAbuild affiliate marketing

What is Cpabuild?

is a CPA affiliate network that allows affiliates to build or customize templates and lock their content. It also provides the affiliates an opportunity to develop real-time networks with each other via social media to enhance productivity and improve their chances for success.

The Cpa network leverages cloud computing to improve its service processing system, leading to the swiftness of the server. The network also features tracking software that allows affiliates to track their conversions. It uses the data collected to provide its users with accurate statistics that can help them improve their performance.

Another feature of Cpabuild that makes it outstanding is that you do not need a website because the platform already makes generating leads easier. It allows you to optimize your pages for search engines, offers attractive payments for referral programs, and allows sharing of content on social media. 

Benefits of Cpabuild affiliate marketing.

Cpabuild affiliate marketing is different from other CPA networks‘ affiliate marketing because its sole interest is to enhance the productivity of affiliates, making it one of the best CPA affiliate marketing networks. Here’s a list of things you stand to enjoy when you are on the network


  • User-Friendly interface

CPA build is easy to navigate and use. Whether you are registering as a new member or signing in to use the platform, the registration steps and navigation of the site are easy to follow and understand. If you are registering as a new member, ensure to access the registration link from the Cpabuild’s main site. Fill in your correct details, and follow other prompts that come after. After that, you’ll need to wait for the account to be approved. Approval most times takes one day. So, you will not have to wait long to start enjoying the goodies the network has in store for you. 

  • Server speed

One of the sweet things about Cpabuild is fast server processing. The network uses cloud computing to reduce load and create balance on its servers, thus enhancing speed. The swiftness of the servers is the main reason for high conversion traffic on the platform.


  • Weekly payments

Being a part of Cpabuild means weekly cash out for you. The network’s default payment schedule is weekly, meaning you don’t need to wait a whole month to pull out your earnings. Also, it has a minimum withdrawal threshold of $50.

How to make money from CPAbuild affiliate marketing

  • Attractive commission

Cpabuild is designed to make earning easier for affiliates. It offers a competitive commission approach that motivates users to be more productive. Cpabuild pays you for every template you create, referrals, and leads generated. That is to say, you get paid for each template you create or customize, and also earn between $1 to $20 for each lead you generate.


  • Smartlinks

Cpabuild provides you with quality traffic generation. The Smartlinks features of the platform save you time and effort that would waste on non-targeted traffic. The best part of the Smartlinks is that you can customize them to display your preferred offers, thereby generating leads.


  • Content lockers

Cpabuild offers the most revolutionary content locking technology you can ever find. The content lockers suit different niches, meaning you can modify them to what you need. To use the content lockers, create your templates on the homepage —make sure it highlights the details of your niche, then use the content locker to get your link. Once your content is locked, the content lockers appear whenever people try to access your content.


  • Landing pages

Cpabuild provides affiliates with over 2,000 landing page templates from which they can pick the one that matches their niche. These templates span several niches, meaning you can never be out of landing page design options.


  • Attractive offers

Cpabuild is available to users in all the countries of the world. And it has over 2,000 mind-blowing offers for users. The network ensures that it covers all kinds of users and their needs.


  • Statistics

Cpa build also provides advanced tracking software that generates analytic data. The data helps affiliates enrich their content, tailor it to their niche, and reach out to their target audience.


  • Social media sharing

One distinct feature of Cpabuild is the social sharing function. Users of the platform can cooperate, share content, and link up directly and in real-time. With the social media buttons, you can promote your content on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms to generate traffic. 

How to make money from CPAbuild affiliate marketing

How to earn from Cpabuild affiliate marketing network

There are many ways to make money from Cpabuild affiliate marketing. The beautiful thing about these methods is that they are easy to practice. They Include:

  • Creating your templates: Cpabuild pays users a commission for creating templates. It is an opportunity for creatives to leverage their creativity to earn steady money. To create a template, first, become a member by registering and getting approved on the platform. Once registered, log in to the member area, and locate the template function on the left pane. Click on it to see the options to create, modify, or use one of the existing templates.
  • Lock your content: You get paid for locking your content on Cpabuild. When you use content lockers, they will appear whenever users want to access your content. To use content lockers on your content, check for content lockers at the left pane of the Cpabuild homepage, then choose to create a content locker or modify existing content lockers.
  • Lead generation: Cpabuild pays you for every single lead you generate. To generate leads, you can pay for traffic promotions of offers available on the platform, and promote your content and lockers through social media sharing.
  • Referring people: You can also earn on the Cpabuild affiliate marketing system through referrals. The platform pays you for every referral that comes on the platform through your lead. You can get your referral link by locating referrals on the left pane of the Cpabuild homepage. 

Payment methods of Cpabuild affiliate marketing

Affiliates on Cpabuild can withdraw their earnings through Payoneer, PayPal, International bank transfer, Bitcoin, and ACH (for US residents only). The minimum withdrawal limit for CPA is $50. So, you can withdraw your earnings weekly once your balance is above $50. Before choosing a payment platform, browse through the sites to confirm their transaction fee and how they operate.


Cpabuild has made affiliate marketing much easier than ever. Now that you have proper knowledge of Cpabuild and how to make money through the Cpabuild affiliate marketing system, explore the network through their website, and leverage the knowledge you now have on Cpabuild to start earning big.

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