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How to get more Affiliate sales | 8 tips to bank $2000/week

How to get more Affiliate sales | 8 tips to bank $2000/week

I know you clicked on this blog post because you want to know how to get more affiliate sales and boost your affiliate earnings, So in this article, I’ll be teaching you how to get more affiliate sales and make money from your affiliate marketing business. So, right now, I will first of all, let you know what affiliate marketing is all about, how you can go about it, so that if you don’t know most things about affiliate marketing, you’ll be able to get it right here.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply the art of promoting a Merchant’s product for a commission. you registered for an affiliate marketing program to market a Merchant’s product because you want to make money from them but you don’t really know what you have to do to make that money come in, you don’t know how you will refer people to that product to make sales, in this article I will reveal to you how to get more affiliate sales and start getting paid from your merchant. 

How to get more Affiliate sales 

So there are simply some steps and strategies that you can apply to make more affiliate sales and boost your affiliate earnings. But before we move down to the steps, I would like to enlighten you on the best affiliate marketing program to go for if you haven’t joined yet.

Best Affiliate Marketing program to join.

  • Shareasale affiliate program
  • CJ affiliate program
  • Clickbank
  • Fiverr
  • Bluehost

These affiliate programs are the best Affiliate programs and top paying affiliate marketing marketplace where Marchants and affiliates meet together to promote their products for sales. You can register as a Merchant if you want to publish your products for promotions. You can also register as an affiliate to promote Marchant’s products in your own personal platform with the sole aim of making sales and getting a commission from Marchants.

My best affiliate marketing site is ShareASale, you can register and start promoting any affiliate products.There are too many affiliate marketing programs out there today. So the best part is for you to know the one you like and stick to it. So the one I suggest you use and the one I’m using is shareasale.

Shareasale is an affiliate marketplace with the combination of most of the other affiliate programs and merchants that you know already. 

So having heard about what affiliate marketing is all about, right now, I want to show you how you can make more Affiliate sales instantly. So you’ve been wondering how to get sales, or you’ve just registered for an affiliate marketing program and you’ve gotten your product link, images and video and you’ve seen the percentage you’ll be getting paid when you make sales, but the problem here is how you can make the sales. 

How to get more Affiliate sales 

So in this post, I’m gonna break it down for you so that you will understand the simple tips that I’m going to show you right here. So the first one is 

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Create social media accounts. 

Social media is so important for any business today and you can make use of social media for your affiliate marketing business. It serves as an easy medium where you can communicate with so many people. The social media sites I would like you to create are Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, you can also create a WhatsApp business account and you can create a Twitter account too. So these are the top social media sites I recommend you go for.

So, for you to start making sales from these social media accounts that I’ve just listed right here. What you have to do is to set up your profile for each of these social media sites. Then you embed your name, your description, your profile picture and add some friends to follow you up and build your profile.

All you have to do is to embed your name there, then you embed what you do in the description. You can also describe yourself as an affiliate marketer, digital marketer and when you are writing the description, you put some description of the kind of products that your audience should be expecting from your posts. So once you’re done setting up your profile, what you have to do is this, you go back to your affiliate dashboard in shareasale or any other platform that you’re working with. 

You go back to that specific product you want to promote, then you screenshot those product’s images, the product that you’re promoting, and screenshot all of them. After that all you have to do is to post them in your social media pages, with a good description describing the product and how it works. This is going to help your audience to know what they’re going to benefit once they buy the product.

You describe everything for them to know because the reason why you have to do this is because once you are promoting an affiliate link most of those audiences that you’re promoting it to don’t really understand what the product can do for them. Sometimes they might be in need of that same product but because there’s nobody to explain the importance of those products and they will simply go their own way.

So that’s the important thing you have to do: screenshot the product pictures, then write down the description. Describing the product in your social media post is just a simple way of writing a review for your audience to be convinced and hopefully make a purchase, do a simple review of this product, then people will start coming for more. 

How to get more Affiliate sales 

Create an Affiliate Blog.

You can create affiliate marketing websites for free. There are too many free sites to create a free website without spending any money. You don’t have to spend money creating this website. The only thing you have to do is to go to these websites,, or you go to These are free blogging sites where you can create and start writing a review article of a particular product. 

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When you are done creating your free affiliate website, then you start writing reviews of that particular product that you are promoting. They’re going to be indexed by Google, and once your review article has been indexed by Google, you will start getting massive traffic from Google search engines. You can create a Search Console account where you can embed your website url and then make sure traffic is coming up. 

Once a related query of the product you are promoting is being typed on Google search box, your affiliate product review will pop up on the search result.


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Run Social Media Ads.

Sometimes I emphasize more on this particular strategy where you can be able to promote your affiliate links. All you have to do is to create a landing page for your affiliate product then run some ads to get more people to see your product and hopefully make a purchase.

You can simply decide to run a Facebook ad or you run a YouTube video ad. Sometimes I prefer Facebook ads and Google ads. So these are the platforms that will help you to generate more sales and make more money from your affiliate marketing business. If you don’t want to wait for the free Method of promoting your affiliate link. So I prefer going for Facebook ads, Google ads and also YouTube ads.

If you want to promote the affiliate links on YouTube without making videos yourself, the best thing to do is to switch over to your Marchant’s dashboard and look for the provided marketing videos available for you, then download those videos and use them for YouTube ads. They will give you access to videos, so these videos are important for you to use and run your ads on YouTube. These videos are also important for you to use and run your ads on Facebook and for your Google Ads.

The videos will try to explain more of the functions of the product you are promoting rather than just writing texts. I prefer you get the videos because it’s good and It goes straight to the point and it doesn’t waste a lot of time trying to convince your customers to make a purchase. So I prefer you go and download those videos from your shareasale affiliate account.

How to get more Affiliate sales 

Create a MORE Account.

This MORE APP is a social media app. They’ll help you to drive traffic to your affiliate products.There are too many apps out there and there are too many social media applications out there too. But this particular application is a new social media app. Most people have not yet discovered it. And a lot of people are trooping into the app and making massive sales. You can create an account and start uploading your product’s videos and start getting views, followers and making more affiliate sales. 

These are what have worked for me that I’m trying to reveal to you. So create an account on MORE app after you might have downloaded the app on playstore. Then you will be able to paste in your affiliate links, videos, photos and lots more. One thing I like most about this app is that it’s very easy to get followers and reach more people unlike Facebook, Instagram and other popular social media apps.

Now the next part of this article is for you to go and create an account on Quora, Reddit and also create an account on Pinterest. so I’m gonna break these three websites down for you to understand. 

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Quora Account. 

Quora is a popular platform where people come together to share some ideas and get answers to their questions.In Quora you can ask questions and requests for an answer, before you know what is happening, people will start dropping answers to your question. There are millions of people on Quora that are requesting for an honest review about the product that you’re trying to promote, and they don’t have answers to those questions.

So all you have to do is just go on Quora, create an account on Quora and get to the search box where you can be able to see the questions people are searching, and once you get to Quora, you search for the name of your product and see the question people are asking concerning your product. And since you’ve created an account there, all you have to do is to start answering their questions and linking back to your affiliate link. Then at the end of that review article you can link your affiliate link in your answer. 

You have to first of all give out value in your answer to convince people that you know what you are talking about, and at the end of the paragraph or the ending of the answer you’ve given them you can paste your link telling them to click here if they want to learn more. 

How to get more Affiliate sales 

Reddit account. 

Reddit is similar to Quora, this is also a website where you can be able to go and ask a question and people will answer you. So you do the same thing that you’re going to do on quora.Then I will not advise you to start spreading your Affiliate Links carelessly in these websites or you could get yourself restricted if you do that  

All you have to do is to create an account and start answering people’s questions. Maybe for the first week, you’re not going to put your Affiliate link at the end of your answer till the second week, then You will start putting up your affiliate link at the end of the question you’ve answered and then people will start clicking your affiliate link to purchase your product. 

Pinterest business account. 

Once you have created an account on Pinterest, I recommend converting it to a business account so as to have more features on your account. Below is the video on how to create a Pinterest business account.

Pinterest supports more picture uploads with less text. you can go to Canva and create an image concerning your product that you’re selling, you create a design with the Pinterest size format. then you will be able to post it on your Pinterest account with the link embedded in the description and in the url box. 

you’re going to start making sales once your design is fully indexed and you can also speed things up by sharing your links to your social media accounts. 

So these are how to make more Affiliate sales instantly without stress. Remember this is a business and you have to treat it like one and be dedicated to it and in a few days you will start seeing traffic and Earnings instantly. If you have an affiliate link you are promoting, share some tips that have been working for you in the comment section so we can learn too.


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