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How To Generate Subtitles For A Video[3 basic steps]

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Hello guys today we are going to see how to generate subtitles for a videos. Now let’s say you have a video and you want to add subtitles to your video like this

How To Generate Subtitles For A Video

now instead of typing the subtitles by yourself you want to create it automatically without much effort.

you can do that by following through this tutorial, so after reading this article you will be able to add subtitles to any video.

Now we are going to be using a software called dscript. All you need to do is just upload your video and you’ll automatically get your subtitles like this 

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and you can add the subtitle to your video, it’s that easy okay so let’s get started.

Now let’s create subtitles for our videos. to add subtitles we are going to do three steps 

  • First step is to install a software called descript on your computer: 

This is the software which is going to help you create subtitles for your videos, so to install descript subtitles just click the link and it will take you to the descript website.

How To Generate Subtitles For A Video

Now click get started and it will ask you to sign up. you can Use google to sign up or you can enter your details to create an account.

click on it and select your google account, as soon as you click sign up your descript account will be created and these script will be downloaded on your computer.

How To Generate Subtitles For A Video

Now to install this on your computer just click on it and It will be Installed on your computer. once it’s done you will get a message showing you have successfully installed dscript. okay once you have installed dscript let’s go to the second step which is to Generate Subtitles For A Video.

•Upload your video to dscript 

Once you upload your video, dscript will automatically generate subtitles for your video. so to upload it click sign in and click open descript and you will get a page in the descript software where you can select any option you want. Click continue, now here as we are going to create subtitles just select transcription and click continue.

You have signed into your descript account okay now to upload your video click start new project. You have to  give a name for your project and then click create project.

How To Generate Subtitles For A Video

okay now to upload your video all you have to do is just drag the video for which you want the subtitles and drop it in the descript, now if you click done your video will be uploaded

How To Generate Subtitles For A Video

And there you can see that you automatically got the text for the subtitle. so if we click play here you can listen to the audio and the text created for it at the same time to see if it all went well.

You can also check if the texts are correct. If any word is wrong you can edit it by  just selecting the word and then click correct and you can enter the right word you want and then click correct and the word will be changed in the same way you can correct any word from the software.

How To Generate Subtitles For A Video

now once you’re done editing the text, We can now go to the next step which is to

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•save your subtitle:

Once you save the subtitle you’ll be able to add it to your video so to save it all you have to do is click share and it will show the pop-up window now select export and you will get the options, now select subtitle then click export now and click save.

And the subtitles will be saved, now to see the file just click open and you can see that you have the subtitle file in your computer, so now we have successfully created the subtitles for our videos, next let’s see how you can add subtitles to your videos.

How to add subtitles to your videos.

 Now you can add subtitles to your videos on different platforms. First let’s say you’re using a video player, now to add the subtitle all you need to do is just drag and drop the subtitle file to your video and the subtitles will be added.

How To Generate Subtitles For A Video

And you will see the subtitle will be automatically synced with your video. Okay next let’s say you’ve had your video on youtube and you want to add subtitles on youtube how can you do that? so now let’s see how you can add Subtitles to a youtube video.

To do that, you have to go to youtube, make sure you log into your youtube channel and then go to content and you wil see all the videos you’ve uploaded in your YouTube channel. So to add subtitles, just go to the video where you want to add it and then click this icon

How To Generate Subtitles For A Video

here you can see we’ve got the subtitles option, So you have to select it and click add, then click upload file and continue. Select the subtitle file which we saved earlier and click open. Now to complete adding the subtitle just click publish and the subtitle will be successfully added to your video.

How To Generate Subtitles For A Video

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How To Generate Subtitles For A Video

so to check that, you have to view the video. now as you can see our subtitle is successfully added to our video. that’s it, this is how you can add subtitles to your videos automatically.

I believe you have been enlightened and your problem has been solved. Pls kindly share your thoughts in the comments section and let us know if this tutorial worked out for you.

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John francis is a professional blogger, website builder, affiliate marketer and the CEO of mandate empire records.
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