How To Advertise On Whatsapp Business

Let’s see How To Advertise On Whatsapp Business effectively and promote our business. When choosing a platform to market your business, which one comes to mind first? Facebook? Instagram or Twitter? Perhaps you choose Linkedin to be professional. Have you ever considered WhatsApp as a marketing platform to advertise your business?

WhatsApp is one of, if not the most popular messaging platform in the world. With roughly 1.3 billion people use it daily to communicate with friends and family. Despite not being designed as a marketing tool, businesses and brands can use it to sell their products or services.

How To Advertise On Whatsapp Business

What is WhatsApp business

WhatsApp Business is a Facebook-developed business app that businesses can use to communicate directly with their clients and customers. It differs from WhatsApp and provides businesses with tools such as automated messages, a product/service catalogue, a price list, and opening hours.

With WhatsApp Business, you can successfully implement a “one-to-many” marketing strategy. In simpler terms, you can reach out to many people at once rather than just a few. Let me show you how to use WhatsApp as a marketing tool to advertise your products or services now that you’re aware of the possibility.

How to advertise on WhatsApp business?

Setup WhatsApp Business

To advertise on WhatsApp, you first need to create a business account. Download WhatsApp Business from the Play Store or App store on your Android or iOS device.

Set up your business page (I’d advise you not to use your personal number to do this,get a business line) by including your business description, business category, logo, welcome messages, products/services, address, contact information, price list, and hours of operation. 

The goal is to inform your customers about your business. Building a customer base in WhatsApp Business may take some time if you’re just getting started. Fortunately, you do not have to rely on only organic methods to start growing your client/customer base. 

To connect with customers more efficiently and effectively, you can integrate WhatsApp Business with Facebook Ads.

How To Advertise On Whatsapp Business

Let’s Talk about advertising

Before we go any further, you should be aware right now, you cannot run Ad campaigns directly on WhatsApp.However, there are still ways to use WhatsApp Business to promote your products or services, and we will look at all of them.

Facebook/Instagram: When creating Facebook or Instagram ads, you can choose to direct people who click on those ads to WhatsApp by including a “Send Message” button. This will allow WhatsApp users and customers to easily reach out and communicate with your company in real-time. Let’s go over the steps involved in creating WhatsApp linked Ads.

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  • Link Your WhatsApp Business Account to Your Facebook Account: You should

connect your WhatsApp Business account to your Facebook Page now that you have one. On your profile. You will need to create a Facebook page if you do not already have one.When creating your page, you’ll see an option to connect your WhatsApp number.

Follow the on-screen instructions, and your WhatsApp number will be linked to your Facebook profile. By connecting the two accounts, you can analyze your traffic and gain access to other advertising metrics to determine the success of your WhatsApp advertisements campaign. 

You cannot view any metrics or analytics to optimize your strategies or run click-to-message ads unless both accounts are linked.

  • Create your advert: if you have never created an advert on Facebook, it’s quite simple. Go to to access your business manager page. Go to Ads Manager and start creating your Advert. Let me give you a quick overview of the procedure (click next after each step):

➔ Select your campaign objective and select “get more messages”

➔ Add your business description, image, and headline and choose your messaging platform. Select WhatsApp.

➔ Set your schedule

➔ Set your budget and add payment methods

➔ Set your target audience and campaign placement (which platforms you want your Ads to run e.g. Facebook and Instagram)

➔ Publish/promote your campaign.

Anyone who interacts with your advert will be redirected to your WhatsApp business page as soon as they do so.

How To Advertise On Whatsapp Business

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  • Website or landing page: A great way to communicate with your audience is to include a button on your website that allows them to start a conversation with you. If you do not already have a website, I recommend you get one right away. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you can build one yourself using platforms like WIX, WordPress, Squarespace, or Webflow.

If you don’t have the time, you can have one built for you by a professional.

Chatbot widgets that link directly to your WhatsApp Business can be added to your website. Don’t worry, building the widget is simple. Most of the platforms I mentioned have them built in, or you can use elfsight to create one. People can chat with you on the website if you choose this option.

The other option is to include a button/icon on your “contact” page that directs the potential clients to WhatsApp on their phone or desktop. Obtaining a WhatsApp ‘’ link is simple. Use<number>, where <number> is a phone number in international format. Both options are viable depending on your objectives.

  • Send Messages: This method works well if you already have a client base on WhatsApp. Simply create a broadcast message in which you offer a new product alert, discount, promo, giveaway, or any other information. However, if you use this method of advertising too frequently, your clients may block you. Use only when necessary.
  • WhatsApp Status: Using your status benefits your business in two ways. The first benefit is that it adds a personal/informal and relatable touch to your business. The second benefit is that your clients can easily see your updates. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, where your business may get lost in the constant shuffle of feed updates.
  • Create a catalogue: One advantage of using WhatsApp for business is that you can create a catalogue of your products/services. This allows your clients to know what is available at any given time without having to DM you. It is an excellent advertising tool for your company.
  • QR Codes: Making a QR code is a subtle yet aggressive way to promote your products or services on WhatsApp business. In your WhatsApp Business app, go to Settings >Business Tools, then click Short Links and View QR Code and Generate it. You can embed the QR code in your fliers, website, receipts/invoices, and product packaging so that when a customer scans the code, they are directed to your WhatsApp.

How To Advertise On Whatsapp Business

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So Why choose the WhatsApp business? It is a type of conversational commerce that has many advantages, some of which are as follows:

  • Giving your business a personal touch
  • Personal customer relationship management
  • Give customers real-time assistance.
  • It is simple to obtain customer feedback and ratings.
  • It is simple to send reminders to your client base.
  • Ideal for retargeting advertisements and encouraging referrals.
  • Increased sales as a result of trust and positive perception.
  • A great way to convert leads into customers
  • Sell your products and services directly.

These are only a few reasons why WhatsApp business is an ideal platform for you to advertise your business. WhatsApp Business helps you get closer to your customers and prospects by providing them with a convenient way to reach out directly to your brand. What are you waiting for? Go and start promoting your brand now.







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