Top 15 hot new business ideas in nigeria

If you are in Nigeria and you are looking for the hot new business ideas in nigeria right now, this post is just for you, as I will be revealing to you the top best online and offline hot new business ideas in nigeria that you can start and make cool money without much stress.  So if you are interested in making cool cash, just keep on reading to the end of this article.

I am already convinced that you clicked on this guide because you want to make more money and escape this killer disease called POVERTY. You are in the right place to make this happen.

Right now, it’s You and I that will be walking down to the bottom part of this guild so as not to miss any important point that I have compiled to make sure this guild is worth spending time for. Before we kick off,grab your cup of coffee and make sure you read to the end.

There’s No tricks here. I’m not trying to sell a $200 course or lure you into a course. I’m just here to help you earn more money and terminate the ideas of being broke entirely. 

hot new business ideas in nigeria


Right now in this guild, I will reveal to  you for free without being charged on how to make an extra $200, $600, $1,200, and even over $5,000 a month while working ONLINE OR OFFLINE depending on the method which you prefer. No matter the method that you might decide to give a try, you will still get the best maximum result and make your money full time or part time, but you can as well combine the two  methods and increase your earnings. Sounds so good right? That’s it.

If you follow this guild accordingly without missing any line and you are really good and decide to push yourself after going through to the end of this guild, there is every tendency that in one or two years you could be making over $15,000 a month. 

You can even be an extrovert or introvert and make your money through the online or offline methods. You don’t have to be a professional for you to succeed in this, all you need is to just put in the work.

hot new business ideas in nigeria today.

1.Start Affiliate Marketing.

 You may already know that affiliate marketing is one of the oldest online money making strategy that lots of people used to earn more money without moving from their comfort zone.

Affiliate marketing is when a retailer pays you a commission or a percentage usually from $5 to $1000 for the traffic or sales that you generated from your referrals link.

The Top best affiliate programs you should join now.

Shareasale Affiliate program

The ShareaSale is one of my best affiliate marketing program and network that based in USA.  Affiliates marketers uses their own websites, blog site, social media platforms, the PPC campaigns, the SEO campaigns, the RSS and the email, as well as the number of other traffic means to get more traffic and sales to their affiliate links and in turn get paid for this. Affiliate marketers can earn over $800 or  more weekly from shareasale



Alidropship Affiliate Program

The Alidropship Affiliate Program also allows you to earn a commission for a sales after customers clicked on your unique affiliate marketing links in promotional materials you distributed which can come from your blog articles, your social media posts, your emails or even videos, etc.

Refer and earn up to $869 from every sale!

Referralcandy affiliate program

Here in referralcandy affiliate program you make money whenever you get  signups. Your followers will get to take advantage of the Referralcandy affiliate platform, and you will be rewarded with over $20 USD for every new sign up. When you get 1000 sign ups through that your referral link that should be $20,000.Get started now.

Drop affiliate affiliate program

I call this Affiliate Program a GIVE $10, GET $10 affiliate program. When you Introduce your friend to Drop! They are going to get a $10 reward when they successfully signed up, and you will get a $10 reward once they are able to place their first order. When you refer lots of people to this site you get $10 for each person and 1000 people will get you $10,000.

Get started now

Rakuten Affiliate affiliate program

When you Refer a contact to Rakuten Travel Exchange you will get $250 per a qualifying referral.If your referral also becomes a Customer, you will earn over $250 per Qualifying Referral.

Befrugal affiliate affiliate program

Here you will earn $10 for every qualified referral from you to BeFrugal, plus each of the referral will get a $10 for signing up bonus. This is one of my favorites Referral program and has generated me over $1000 the first month. You can give it a try.

Topcashback affiliate program

For you to receive your Tell a friend bonus from topcashback, the person you have already referred must sign up completely to TopCashback platform from your referral link and earn $10 that is a payable cashback or more.

If you have friends and family who would love to buy something, but don’t want a TopCashback customer account then simply send them your link to TopCashback Merchant and it will allow them to earn cashback on your behalf.

Honey Affiliate affiliate program

When you refer two friends, you will get $10 in the Honey Gold affiliate program, or a redeemable gift cards at some of the most popular stores. Also whenever a friend that you refer earns a Gold on their first purchase you will also make money.

Bluehost affiliate affiliate program

The Bluehost affiliate program offers one of the top highest paying commission structures for the affiliate marketers that are interested in earning some additional revenue from their social media or website.

The Users that are promoting Bluehost’s products and their services via the affiliate links on your social media or website blog, with the Bluehost affiliate program you can earn anywhere from $70 to $130 per sale from your website or the link. Even if you do not have a website or blog you can still promote your affiliate links in your social media, forum or you can share with your Friends. 

But its also good to have a blog site or a website for more earning, it doesn’t cost much. See how you can make a blog with $10 

You can as well go to our services page and book our web design service instantly and get your website you and running.

After creation your website you can now monetize your website 


Cryptohopper affiliate program

This cryptohopper company allows you to earn some bitcoin or ethereum whenever you bring in people to trade and buy crypto from their platform.You can make over $1000 monthly with this site.

Cryptotrader affiliate program

With cryptotrader You can earn your desired cryptocurrency by just referring people to Cryptotrader website and you can also convert your cryptocurrency coin into money ( that is USD dollar).

Haasonline affiliate program

This is one of my top favorite affiliate program website to make money simply by telling people about them and whenever they join through your referral link you get paid.

Justhost affiliate program

This is one of the best affordable hosting sites that pays you whenever you bring in customers for them. You make from $200 daily when you refer people to host a website with justhost.

Cloudways affiliate program

This is another top hosting site that pays you for bringing in people. Whenever a customer subscribes for any web hosting plan through your  referral link you get paid instantly.

Coinmama affiliate program

Coinmama is one of my favourite crypto sites that pays you a commission for any one you refer to the site.

Start Blogging right now

I can’t talk about making money online without mentioning blogging.

A blog is simply a discussion or an informational site published on the internet server. Blog Posts are displayed in reverse and chronological order, so that the top most recent blog post appears first, at the top of the web pages. This is one of the most lucrative online businesses ever. It’s recorded that most full time bloggers make over $100,000 and Above yearly blogging.

Starting a blog is a great decision and it requires proper understanding of what you are about to face before embarking on this journey. 

Read this article on how to start a blog and make money online.

It’s pretty easy to make an extra $500 – $3,000 per month blogging in your first year. In your year 2 and beyond, after you might have built much traffic and subscribers, you can now increase revenue to $100,000+.

Many of the full-time bloggers that I know are able to make over $200,000 per year and work about 10-30 hours per week. As I mentioned earlier.

Learn more about blogging and how to start.

After you have created your blog and made some valuable content you can now head over to How to monetize a blog fast and make money instantly

Start Dropshipping business

Drop shipping is the  best retail fulfillment method by which a business does not just keep the products they sells in stock. When an online drop shipping retailer sells a particular product, he or she purchases the item directly from the third party ( that is a manufacturer, a wholesaler, or another retailer) that is responsible for shipping the product directly to the customer.

Learn more about droppshing and get started today.

Start a Print on Demand business

The Print on demand business is next on our list of hot new business ideas in nigeria. Here, the sellers can customize a white label product with their own unique designs and sell them only when a customer make a purchase and it’s eliminate the need to hold inventory (which is what makes it a sub-set of drop shipping). 

The top most significant best advantage print on demand offers over the drop shipping is that you have always have control over the your products.


Start a YouTube channel right now

You can make thousands of money from just making YouTube videos and giving out information to people in your best niche. You grow your YouTube channel and monetize your channel when you have 1000 subscribers and approximately 4000 watch hours .

Using YouTube ads to promote your YouTube channel is the best and it is easy because all you need to do is turn on ads every time you make and publish a video. Obviously, you will earn more money with this particular strategy as you build your channel viewership. If you are still struggling to build up your own YouTube channel and make money instantly, you can make a payment for a basic plan in TubeBuddy. This tool helps you to build up your YouTube channel without stress and monetize it fast

You can use YouTube Ads:

Even though I was using YouTube back in 2018, I didn’t even use ads until 2021. When I did finally started advertising with ads, I started making over $5,000 per $6,000 per month

Make money from cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency in today has become the center of attention for so many people. Despite over hundreds of crypto currencies available today in the market, bitcoin has always remains the most prominent and the leader of the crypto space. With cryptocurrency you can make over $3000 weekly online.

Learn how to make money instantly with cryptocurrency. 

hot new business ideas in nigeria
hot new business ideas in nigeria

There are thousands of hot new business ideas in nigeria out there but I have compiled the top best so as to give you the maximum results you seek.


It has been wonderful in this journey, hope you are taking note and can’t wait to kick off and start making your dreams come through.

Bonus tips

Below are the list of offline hot new business ideas in nigeria today.

hot new business ideas in nigeria
hot new business ideas in nigeria

•Knitting or Crocheting business

•Keeping bees and make money

•Make Compost and make money

•Kids Projects business

•consulting business

•Babysitting, Daycare or Eldercare business

•Dog Walking or Pet Care business

•Start Farm share business

•Start Sewing business

•Start Baking or Cooking  business

•Start a Writing business

•Grow Bamboo and make money

If you have followed me carefully from the beginning, I rate you MY VIP READER TODAY. 

Have you made money by doing something naturally or from online? Tell us about it in the comment box.


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