Top 10 Highest paying jobs without a degree

Today we are going to talk about top 10 highest paying jobs without a degree. So now we can finally answer the question if going to university and getting some degrees is all that you need to get a high paying job. In my opinion these jobs definitely have the potential to make you a millionaire if you invest your money wisely and correctly along the way.

Anything is possible, to be honest with you I never got some educational qualifications because of some circumstances that were beyond my control but today I make more money than most people that has their degrees. Something happened and that same thing caused me to leave university at 18 with no qualifications but i didn’t let that stop me from becoming a who I wanted to be, so if I can do it I’m sure that you can also make money with these highest paying jobs without a degree.

Maybe you are just deciding that you don’t want to go to college or maybe you’re just interested in a different job options out there. By reading this article to the end you may find a very new path you want to walk down with right now, a small but a very important job that most people are unaware of. you certainly do not need a college degree to do these jobs and make money. let’s jump into it number one right now.

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1.A Skilled Tradesperson.

Highest paying jobs without a degree.

Do you know that once you have a trade no body can take that away from you, this includes the plumbers and the electricians the carpenters and even the elevator mechanics, all these skills are in really high demand today and can justify great wages up to sixty eight thousand dollars ($68,000) a year, this job is also growing every year as the number of the skilled jobs is far outpacing the number supply of workers, this simply could be due to more of people choosing to go through the university route and not to learn a trade.

It’s has been estimated that by the year 2024 there will be over five million job vacancies right there in the skilled trades, this is quite an amazing opportunity but it is also somehow pretty a scary thought as well because all these jobs are simply a crucial part of our society today.

Most of these trades can also be learned on the job without any need for higher education which is still great as you can get right into making your money at the same time as gaining some more values.

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2.An air traffic controller 

Highest paying jobs without a degree.

Imagine sitting right at this very cool desk and earning up to a hundred and twenty two thousand dollars a year ($122,000). The air traffic controllers are the ones responsible for simply directing the safe and secure movement of an aircraft arriving and also departing from a particular airport In order to prevent some collisions.

It’s just a bit like the conductor of the orchestra of a metal birds, they are crucial to the smooth running of a particular airport to keep their hundreds of passengers secured and safe.

3.becoming an influencer. 

Highest paying jobs without a degree.

Did you know that lots of kids now have this very dream of becoming the next professional youtube creator, rather than becoming a simple astronaut. According to my recent study it was difficult for me to find it surprising as they see their top favorite social media influencers as having the time of their very lives while simply making their millions yearly.

I mean if a someone like me could just start tiktok as a of fun during those pandemic times and now have over 100k followers, and making cool money from sponsored ads and lots more then some other person can still do same and make money instantly.

I have also started a youtube channel which is my channel where i make videos on finance and also business tips that can earn you money online. You can check my channel out and subscribe right away.

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4.Become A Radiographer.

Highest paying jobs without a degree.

How does this flooding people with the radiation and still making up to $50,000 a year sounds to you? you only just have to be more careful not to make anyone turn into the huge hulk lols, Radiographers is also called radiologic.

This is one of the highest paying jobs without a degree today. Actually my sister was also trained as a Radiographer in the uk and this particular skill has allowed her to totally emigrate to australia where this job has a high demand and now she is earning a massive bigger salary.

5.Become An executive assistant.

Highest paying jobs without a degree.

It can also be extremely funny being the right hand person of a particular business leader in a firm, you two are just striving towards a better shared mission and you can even make up to  $60,000 a year while working your own way up to becoming a chief executive assistant. This can also be very much rewarding as it simply means doing a different job almost every blessed day. 

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6.Become a construction site manager.

Highest paying jobs without a degree.

The demand for this construction site managers has been growing drastically, you can even expect to earn an annual income between forty thousand dollars ($40,000) and a hundred and twenty five thousand dollars.($125,000)

A site manager that is within the construction site industry is only responsible for overseeing all the operations of the whole construction site on a daily basis and also making sure all the projects comes in on time and on a budget.

7.Become an artist.

Highest paying jobs without a degree.

Like a photographer and videographer editors and a content writers  that I have been since years back when i was younger, most artists I knew then used to be broke but right now with the top explosion of the whole internet, becoming an artist is one of the most lucrative business today. You can make over $20,000 monthly as an artist.

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8.Become an insurance claims adjuster.

Highest paying jobs without a degree.

These set of people owns a tiny devices that simply allows them to be able to access people’s memories and also check if they are lying or not about their very insurance claims. oh hang on a little bit,  i think I am already getting you confused with this, oh no.

Their very own job performance is mainly evaluated based on the number of claims they can successfully take care of without involving supervisors or some corporate lawyers, all that is required for this particular job is a basic skill, this is simply because of the nature of this very job. 

9.Become a professional gaming athlete.

Highest paying jobs without a degree.

Being paid quite some good amount of money to play just computer game in a competition just sounds like a dream come true for some people, an average pro gamer makes over $50,000 per year and if you are really good at this skill, you can actually earn in millions. These Gamers makes their own money in a few different ways such as the tournament the prizes salaries and from being in a team.

Becoming a professional gamer is never an easy career but it’s achievable, it just requires thousands of hours of some gaming experience and just like any other elite sport, this is one of the best highest paying jobs without a degree right now even if you are a total beginner, you can as well take this skill to the next level.

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10.Become a high-ticket salesperson.

Highest paying jobs without a degree.

As a commission salespeople, just imagine selling a product for quite more than 200,000 and getting a huge six percent commission on that, that is a twelve thousand huge dollar daily.

This high ticket items are highly priced products and services, these very items can be products like motor cars, expensive jewelries, houses or some services like online coaching webinars and online training. 


Going to the university is becoming a huge business and our degrees are holding less and lesser value, i like to tag it degree inflation.

All these jobs that I have mentioned in this article have the tendency and potential to make you a millionaire without even stepping your foot in any university, so if you are like me who made it clear that school  wasn’t meant for me then it’s not the end of the world, there are plenty of better options out there for you,  it’s all about doing what you really want to do and not letting the society’s expectations to shape your future.

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