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Top 7 free sites that pay you money daily

Are you looking for free sites that pay you money on a daily basis? If your answer is yes, I have great news for you. In this article, I will be reviewing the top best free sites that pay you money for doing somethings you already know how to do best.

Are you one of those people who get it twisted when it comes to making huge amount of money daily, weekly or monthly online? Probably you have tried so many of the online businesses out there like surveys, games tasks, affiliate marketing programs but it seems not working.. just chill and sit tight because you are at the last bus stop.

This is the combination of the best free sites that pay you money for doing a simple task and the best thing about this is that you don’t need a capital to get started. This is the main strategy that has been making me over $2000 weekly without me putting in so much work, time and the energy in them. It never stopped me from doing my daily work or spending time with my family.

These are the sites I recommend you just give them a try and thank me later by leaving a comment in the comments section.


free sites that pay you money
free sites that pay you money

Fiverr is one of the world biggest freelancing market place where almost everyone on the planet earth come to sell their skills and make money fast online. With this website, you can make over $600 daily by just selling out a service.

How does Fiverr work

For you to actually make money from Fiverr, you have to create and account and sign up with the platform. Then ones you are through with your account set up, the next thing is to decide what service you will be offering to people. I recommend you discover what you are really good at, it might be graphics designing, writing, voice over, web design.

After deciding on which service to render for people, you can as well start making gigs, that is all about creating some post letting people know that you are offering this kind of service incase they needs you. You can make some artwork about your skill through Canva or through any free photo design app.

For instance: you want to offer graphics designing as a service, all you need to do is to create an artwork or image or video that will showcase your work as shown below.


free sites that pay you money

Then after designing your service artwork and the video, you will now publish it on Fiverr with the price range as it’s showing bellow.

free sites that pay you money

You can even Earn more money on fiverr by creating account on these sites categories*

1: *Fiverr CPA

2: *Fiverr hybrid

3: *Fiverr andCO

4: *Fiverr learn

5: *Fiverr business

6: *Fiverr sub affiliate



free sites that pay you money
free sites that pay you money

Piggyvest is another one on the list of the free sites that pay you money. This is the best site you can use to save money and at same time you make money in return. You can read more here.  I use PiggyVest site to save & invest securely. When you Sign up  you will get ₦1,000.00 instantly in your piggyvest account – Sign up :

How does piggyvest work

For you to make money with this site without even putting in your own money, you have to make use of the referral feature in piggyvest site. This is the feature that will allow you to make over 200k without doing anything at all.

All you have to do is to grab your referral link and share it across your social media platforms, to your friends and whenever anyone signs up with your link, you will get 1k instantly.  If you focus on it for one month, then let’s say in that one month, you were able to get like 100 complete sign ups, then you will be making over 100k for that month straight to your bank account. You can get started with piggyvest by just reading this Right here.

Are you in Nigeria or anywhere around the world.  This is the best platform to earn much money instantly just by referring people to sign up. But before you sign up I want to show you how you another trick on how can make over $500 to $800 every week with this simple website.

1: By signing up with this link you are sure of getting an extra N1000 and you fill in your necessary details and start sharing your referral link to your friends and family plus to your social media followers instantly. 

If a person register with your link you are going home with the sum of N1000, when you get like 20 people from your link, that will be over N20,000 then 500 people is N500,000.that is so great right.

Click here to learn more and sign up


3:Earn $700-$1000 blogging

free sites that pay you money
free sites that pay you money                    Blogging is one of the best online business that you can start right now and make money instantly without spending any money. Like you are reading this blog post right now, I am making money from it.

You can start a free blog now with WordPress without putting in your money and also start earning so much money on a daily basis. Blogging is the best way you can turn your passion into great stream of income by wring your desired content starting with your best hobby, best food or even clothing. Read more on how to start your own profitable blog.

Click here to learn more. And start your free blog 


free sites that pay you money
free sites that pay you money

Do you know that 1bitcoin today is worth over $40,000? Soon this same 1 bitcoin will be clocking $50,000. you can start making use of this great sites that gives you free bitcoin simply by doing simple task and enjoying yourself with games and in turns you can get over $1000 worth of bitcoin daily by having fun. 

Click here to learn more and get started. 


5: GetResponse Affiliate


free sites that pay you money
free sites that pay you money

You can earn $100 per person you invite in Get_response site. Imagine inviting up to 10 person per day, you can see that your earning will mount up to $1000 per day. That’s a great job right. 

Click here to sign up and start making thousands of dollars right now. 



This is one of the best tool that can generate you massive income without putting much energy.  Tube-buddy is a great tool that can make you over $600 daily on your YouTube channel. 

You might be wondering why you haven’t been making huge money on your videos on YouTube, with this great tool you can make more than $600 daily. With tube-buddy you can as well register as an affiliate, anyone you bring into the platform, you will get paid for it. It just work as that of piggyvest that we discussed earlier. 

Click here to get started 


7:Rakuten free $30 sign up

You can make more money with this great site called RAKUTEN just by doing your daily activities and telling your friends about it and shopping on their store, then you sit back and earn more of their $30 bonus when you you invited Someone to their website and the person completes the sign up process. When you invite like 20 people in this website you will be getting over $600 that is $30 x 20 people =$600.

Click here to learn more 

These are the best free sites that pay you money on a daily basis when you do some stress less task that you have all been doing without anyone paying you. I believe you have gotten something from this article, just drop your questions and thoughts on this topic so we can talk business tight away.

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