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DIY Solar Panel Installers Needed in Florida: How to Get Hired for These Eco-Friendly Jobs

DIY Solar Panel Installers Needed in Florida: How to Get Hired for These Eco-Friendly Jobs

Hey there solar enthusiasts, do you live in the Sunshine State and want to make a living powering the world with renewable energy? Florida needs DIY solar panel installers. The solar industry is booming, and more homeowners and businesses want to go green by installing solar panels on their rooftops. If you’ve got technical skills, enjoy working with your hands, and want to help reduce pollution while earning good pay, this could be the perfect career for you. You don’t need an engineering degree or years of experience to get started. With some basic training, you can land an entry-level job installing solar panels for local solar companies servicing communities across Florida. The demand for installers is high, and companies are hiring. If you’re ready to power up your career in the Florida sun, here’s how to become a DIY solar panel installer.

DIY Solar Panel Installation Demand Is Booming in Florida

The solar industry is booming in the Sunshine State. With Florida’s year-round sun and rising energy costs, more homeowners want to harness the power of the sun. That means DIY solar panel installers are in high demand.

The need for installers is skyrocketing

In 2020, Florida ranked 3rd in the U.S. for solar panel installations, with over 10,000 residential solar systems installed. As energy prices climb and solar technology improves, that number is expected to double in the next 5 years.

To meet demand, solar companies are hiring installers at a record pace. Positions for installers in Florida have increased over 50% in the last 3 years according to recent reports. The median pay for solar installers in Florida is over $42,000 per year – not bad for an eco-friendly job that doesn’t require a college degree.

How to land one of these green energy jobs

If you’re looking for a stable career that’s also good for the planet, becoming a DIY solar panel installer in Florida is a great choice. Here are some tips to help you get hired:

•Earn an installer certification or associate’s degree in solar technology. Many schools offer programs that take less than 2 years.

•Gain on-the-job experience through an internship or entry-level position. Even 6-12 months of experience can make you a strong candidate.

•Build your knowledge of solar equipment, safety standards, and installation techniques. Stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices.

•Develop a professional resume highlighting any solar experience, technical skills, and certifications you have. Share your passion for eco-friendly energy solutions.

•Search for job openings on sites like Indeed, Monster and Craigslist. Also check with local solar companies, as many hire directly from their website.

•Once you land an interview, convey your enthusiasm for the work, motivation to learn, and desire to grow with the company long-term. The future is bright for DIY solar installers in Florida!

Skills and Certifications Needed for DIY Solar Jobs

To land one of the many DIY solar installation jobs popping up in Florida, you’ll need the right skills and credentials.

Technical skills

Having experience with electrical work, construction, or HVAC is a plus. You’ll need to be comfortable working on rooftops and handling heavy equipment. Basic skills like measuring, cutting, and wiring are essential. Many DIY solar companies provide on-the-job training, but coming in with the fundamentals will give you a leg up.


While not always required, certifications show your dedication and expertise. The top credentials for DIY installers are:

  • NABCEP PV Installation Professional certification: The gold standard. Earning this means you have a high level of knowledge and experience.
  • Manufacturer training certifications: Many panel makers like Tesla, Panasonic and LG offer product-specific training and certifications. These specialized courses will make you an expert in installing their systems.
  • OSHA 10 or 30 certification: Important for safety, especially when working on rooftops. This shows you know how to properly handle equipment and work at heights.

With the demand for DIY solar growing fast in Florida, installers who have the right skills and credentials will be poised to land these eco-friendly jobs. Brush up on your technical abilities, get the necessary certifications, and you’ll be wiring up solar panels in the Sunshine State in no time. The future is bright for DIY solar workers!

Top Solar Companies Hiring for DIY Installers in Florida

The solar industry in Florida is booming, and many top solar companies are hiring DIY installers to help meet demand. Here are some of the major companies offering positions for DIY solar panel installers in Florida:


Sunrun is the largest residential solar company in the U.S. and frequently hires DIY installers in Florida. They offer competitive pay, benefits, and lots of room for career growth. Sunrun provides training to get you up to speed on their specific installation processes and technology.


Tesla’s solar division is expanding rapidly in Florida. They hire DIY installers to install their innovative solar roof tiles and traditional solar panels. Working for Tesla provides valuable experience with cutting-edge renewable energy technology. Tesla offers good pay, benefits, and opportunities for career progression.


Sunnova is a leading residential solar and energy storage company that operates throughout Florida. They hire DIY installers to install their solar panel systems and home battery storage solutions. Sunnova provides paid training to learn their installation methods and safety standards. They offer solid compensation and benefits packages for installers.

Vivint Solar

Vivint Solar is a top solar firm that finances, installs, and maintains solar systems for homes in Florida and other states. They hire DIY installers to install Vivint’s solar panels and energy storage batteries. Vivint provides comprehensive paid training on their installation procedures and equipment. They offer competitive compensation for installers, including benefits.

To get started, visit the websites of these top solar companies to apply for open DIY solar panel installer positions in Florida. With the fast growth of solar in the state, the job opportunities are abundant for those interested in an eco-friendly career helping homeowners go solar.


So there you have it, all the info you need to land one of those in-demand DIY solar panel installer jobs in Florida. With the state’s climate and incentives, solar is booming and companies need people with the skills to meet demand. If you’re tech-savvy, like working with your hands, and want to do something good for the environment, this could be a great opportunity. Brush up on your solar knowledge, get the necessary certifications, build that experience, network, and start applying. The jobs are out there waiting for people like you to help Florida go green. What are you waiting for? Go get yourself into the sun – the solar industry sun, that is!

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