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CodeCanyon Review – How to earn $2500/mth from This site

CodeCanyon Review - How to earn $2500/mth from This site

This is the top CodeCanyon review to clarify and make you understand what codecanyon is all about and how it works. Codecanyon is most times the first code and scripts marketplace that pops up in mind, probably because they have visible marketing. I guess I am not alone on this, as they have an audience base.

You definitely must have gone through the users’ reviews online and whilst they are a mix of positive and negative, you might not get the real deal. Our review of CodeCanyon is solely confined to a systematic approach and also uses practical experience with diverse initiatives and feedback.

In this codecanyon review article, you’d know what is to know about CodeCanyon from an unbiased point of view.

CodeCanyon Review - How to earn $2500/mth from This site.


CodeCanyon is the world leading marketing place for code scripts and plugins ranging from WordPress scripts, PHP scripts, Mobile app templates, HTML 5 templates, JavaScript code and many more.

CodeCanyon is owned by Envato, a digital marketplace conglomerate that covers the broadest range of creative templates and assets across different niches. 

CodeCanyon is the 6th Marketplace launched by Envato in a bid to tap the market by selling premium plugins, code and scripts. Since its creation in 2009, CodeCanyon has sold over 19000 scripts, code and plugins, 4,800 of these are premium WordPress plugins.

Let’s do a bit of maths here, CodeCanyon has processed transactions worth over $75,000,000 and over $53,000,000 are exclusively proceeds from the sale of WordPress plugins.

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The figures above explain the fact that amidst the negative comments about CodeCanyon, its success has not been cut short. It thrives mainly on its customer’s purchases and this explains its large audience base.


CodeCanyon as a marketplace doesn’t create its product, they just act as the bridge between the creators and the sellers. Just like the way Uber doesn’t own the cars on their platforms, they just connect the drivers and passengers.The platforms house the products to be visible to visitors who are ready to purchase them.

To retain credibility, CodeCanyon reviews new entries one after the other to make sure they meet high-quality design and professional standards. You can purchase and sell scripts, code and plugins for a variety of frameworks. 

Although it hasn’t enjoyed the most positive reputation within the mainstream WordPress community over the years (most concerns have centred on licensing issues and a perceived lack of quality in terms of products sold), that hasn’t stopped its huge success. CodeCanyon has a huge customer base, large enough for some creators and sellers to build seven-figure businesses.

CodeCanyon Review - How to earn $2500/mth from This site.


We already established what CodeCanyon is for and how it works. The question is ‘Who is CodeCanyon built for?’ CodeCanyon is specially designed for developers from different niches of the digital world across all boards to market, distribute and sell their products to ready-to-buy clients.

Many developers are happy to give up a proportion of their sales income in return for a platform upon which to sell their products, this gives developers the freedom to focus more on ‘creating and developing rather than marketing their products.

This gives developers the freedom to focus more on their strengths and skills and the piece of cake they eat shouldn’t be seen as a problem.

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Nothing serious, just like the usual e-commerce store where you scroll through products and pick, you decide on the one you want. However, I’d walk you through a process of how you can seamlessly navigate the website and purchase quality products as a consumer.

There are 5 ways in which you can purchase a product from CodeCanyon but before that, You need to sign up on CodeCanyon, signing up directly gives you access to Envato Marketplace, a conglomerate network for creatives across different niches. 

This is not our focal point, as this article squarely focuses on the marketplace where you can buy code, scripts, plugins etc.After creating an account, you can navigate the website through 5 different means.

CodeCanyon Review - How to earn $2500/mth from This site.

  • Category list:

Here you can browse through the CodeCanyon website extensively by checking each category.

  • Keyword Research

Depending on the product you wish to purchase you can easily search for it with a keyword, thereby eliminating all the stress of seeing unrelated products. The search icon is on the top right corner of the page.

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  • Popular files

If you wish to navigate with the hottest products at any moment. A section was specially curated for this purpose.

  • Collections

This section is a user-compiled item collection on a variety of themes.

  • Featured files:

You can also view through some featured files, where you can find products hand-picked by site editors each week.

  • Top Authors

You easily pick from the best of the best, this section displays the portfolio of top authors on the website.

Now, you can find your way around the website and selectively pick a product depending on your preference. As an author, CodeCanyon has a forum, more like a support group under Envato Market that enables Authors to meet together and discuss. 

This discussion helps the creativity of the individual as the latest trends and development are discussed to help generate feedback as well as create more quality products. In addition, authors can monitor their progress and sales for data analysis purposes through the dashboard. It enables them to know the best of their products, the best time to create, what to keep creating, etc this feature contributes greatly to the author’s success.

A win-win for both parties.That was, by the way, moving on, if you have selected a product you’d like to purchase, the next step is to ‘checkout’. But, if your purchase would be more than one, you’d have to add to cart, keep searching and adding up products you want and then checkout.

Now onto the checkout page, where you’d proceed to payment using a gateway. You can easily use any of the payment methods below:

  • Your bank account or credit/debit card via Paypal
  • Skrill (available to non-US customers only)
  • Your Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

CodeCanyon Review - How to earn $2500/mth from This site.

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After successfully making the payment, the next step is to download your purchase immediately because the item might be removed because of the following reasons:

  • The author might be pending an update on the products, so it tends to become temporarily available.
  • The author may have decided to permanently delete the item from the marketplace.
  • The item may be disabled due to a technical issue or bug.
  • Copyright complaints may have been received about the product. To avoid all of these:
  • Download your files immediately
  • Store in a safe storage system for future access, (a clo and local storage)


Another way you can earn from CodeCanyon is through the Affiliate Program. As a buyer, if you have purchased a product from the marketplace, this automatically means you have an Envato Market account. You can refer a friend using your unique link generated from your username. If someone uses your link to purchase a product, you’d get a commission of 30% on the first purchase.

CodeCanyon Review - How to earn $2500/mth from This site.

This article has solely been written from an unbiased point of view, detailing all possible customer journeys. I do hope this provides enough information about CodeCanyon and all you need to make an informed decision.







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