Best Lucrative Business You Can Start With 10k Or Above In Nigeria

Living in Nigeria is a very big task when you have nothing doing. The pain of what to buy, what to eat and what to even out on will make you seek for a necessary way to earn money and meet your needs. In this article I will show you the best lucrative business you can start with 10k or above in Nigeria.

When you are thinking of starting a business with 10k or above in Nigeria, you need to focus on who and where will your services be needed. You can’t just wake up and start a business without proper planning. So I will like you to plan yourself very well so as to make some profits with these ideas am going to share with you.

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Best Lucrative Business You Can Start With 10k Or Above In Nigeria

People are planning to become entrepreneurs and self employed since the rate of unemployment in the country is vastly increasing. Some people’s main thought is that only the millionaires or the rich people can raise a successful top business but they do not really know that every successful business only belongs to the people that can take risk.

Yes you have to be a risk taker before you can think of starting a business. Take for instance, you have your 10k at hand and you are at same time thinking of the business you can start with it without Minding if you are going to succeed in it or not. That alone is risk taking, because you are not sure if the money is gonna come back to you.

It is always better to have something that you are doing than to start begging for arms. it doesn’t really matter matter how small that your business is, it is still better than begging for arms. In Nigeria today, there are lots of lucrative businesses that you can start with between 5k ,10k, 20k, 50k and so on. So lets dive into it right now.

Buy Ok shoe and resell it.

In Nigeria today, many people no longer have time to start going to the boutique to get some fancy shoes that they will wear. Many are complaining that most of the boutique shops products are so costly and because of that they now prefer those by the road side who still sell quality shoes at lower price.

If you can fix yourself in this category of business, then with 10k or more you can start buying shoes from those that sell in wholesale and resell for a profit.

Start a phone accessories business

The rate at which people change their mobile gadgets and the accessories is always increasing. To Most people, their people is to change their phone pack to the latest on on board, while many, their problem is to get some better earpiece or charge.

You can direct your energy in this sector and solve these people’s problem with just 10k. With 10k you can go to the market and get some quality phone accessories at cheaper rate and you come back and resell to these people.

Start Selling OK women clothes

I know you might be wondering why I just made this section specific for women. Yes I said ok women clothes because that is where you can make profit fast. I know what I’m saying. Lots of women, girls are always trying to look more beautiful with the clothing they put on. So it likely that in a month a girl can be able to tell you that these 10 clothes I bought them this month ,while you can’t see that for guys.

Start Selling leather belts for men

I know of a guy who has only but 10k with him when he met me, and he told me that he needed to put this money in my account to save for him. So I asked him to use that same money and buy belt for sell that in a space of 1 month that it will add up something.

He did What I told him and now he is busy making his money from selling leather belts that I told him to venture into. You can start selling leather belts with as low as 10k then while the money doubles, you can as well boost your business.

Buying And Reselling business

The People that are in this type of business are making it on a daily basis but they are just a few. One thing about buying and selling is that it is not stressful as the factory work , and the buying and selling business is so profitable. You can even start the lucrative businesses with 10k or more.

All you have to do is to start looking out for some items to purchase online and that can easily sell online too. The good thing about this business is that you are buying used items that still has quality and people can also put money into.

Buying a fairly used laptop computers or mobile phones can even help you generate more money instantly by reselling to the people who need them.

Best Lucrative Business You Can Start With 10k Or Above In Nigeria
Best Lucrative Business You Can Start With 10k Or Above In Nigeria


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There is one particular secret why so many people always sell their items which can be inform of phones, laptops computer or other items. The main secret here is some of those owners may be in need of money urgently that they were not able to find.Therefore right now they will now make the price of that particular items cheaper so that people can be able to buy it quickly for resell,

After buying these items, your new job now is to find a buyer that can buy what you have.


Making money with little amount of money is very possible if only you were able to channel yourself in the right direction and stay consistent in it.

It might be difficult at first but as you do it on a daily basis, you will get to find the fun part of it. If you have a y question just do well to drop it in the comments section so we can discuss business right away.

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