Top 7 Best Hosting Affiliate Program in 2022 | Earn $2500

In this article I will be revealing these top 7 Best Hosting Affiliate Program in 2022 that can earn you money even without stress. Hosting is an internet service that helps in creating, hosting, developing, and maintaining a website.

Web hosting service also known as Web hosting or Website hosting does not only offer you with all you need to create, host, develop, and maintain your website but also makes the site accessible on the internet.

Web hosting is very lucrative and competitive as there is an overwhelming list of hosting affiliate programs and it might be stressful in choosing the best one you can deploy in creating and hosting your website.

In this article, I have noted down and analyzed some of the best web hosting affiliates programs for you to join. These have been selected based on their contribution, reliability, payout and quality.

Let’s review them for more details!! Best Hosting Affiliate Program in 2022

In this article, we will look at seven out of the other overwhelming list of hosting affiliate programs that are available in 2022. Read: How to make money from CPAgrip affiliate marketing

Best Hosting Affiliate Program in 2022

1. Kinsta Affiliates Program.

Kinsta is a completely managed WordPress hosting source provider with cloud servers generated by Google Cloud platform. This affiliate program is one of the leading programs, if not the best in the hosting industry. Kinsta Affiliates Program is one of the best in the hosting industry as you can earn $50 to $500 for each and every sale you refer which is based on the plan chosen. For instance;

  • Rookie plan ($50 commission)
  • Pro plan($100 commission)
  • Business plan ($150 commission)
  • Enterprise plan ($500 commission)

Also, Kinsta affiliate programs are very involved in the development industry and web hosting service. 

This is so obvious that the affiliate program has their own plugins that can assist you in optimizing any WordPress installation. These are some of the reasons why Kinsta Affiliates Programs are the best web host.

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2. CloudWay Affiliates Program

CloudWay is a web host that swiftly allows you to deploy websites to cloud servers. So if you talk about WordPress growth, plug-ins and themes, then cloudway is the best choice for you. Cloudway is among the highest paying affiliate programs offering commission up to $200 per sales. For instance,

  • Bloom (performance based) Earn $50 to $125 per sales
  • Amalgam (recurring based) Earn $30 per sign up + 7% lifetime commission
  • Custom (project based) Earn up to $200 per sale.

Why CloudWay is the best affiliate program.

Many might wonder the reason CloudWay is considered one of the best affiliate programs around in the market today. Some of the reasons include the following;

  • Performance Report:

With the CloudWay affiliate program, you can access your feature performance reports. This can be accessed in your affiliate board to evaluate marketing efforts, optimize policy for Improved results.

  • Ample and Flexible Structure:

The greater you perform, the higher your commission. You get to choose amid performance based or incline to massive income. The hybrid Commission model is great if you are in it for the long run.

  • Exclusive Affiliate Manager:

With the CloudWay Affiliate Program, you get an exclusive manager that will be assigned to help and guide you through every step of the cloud hosting affiliate program. The assigned manager will answer your questions and provide you with the appropriate solutions. He or she will help or give access to expert advice.

3. Liquid Web Affiliate Program

Liquid Web Affiliate is a premium hosting space. They present different services from VPS hosting and dedicated servers. Their affiliate programs are among the best in the world and in the industry. Affiliates are paid 150% monthly liquid web managed all classic WP plugins, affiliate WP, and glew analytics.

As an affiliate associate of liquid web you will be given an excellent spur to help refer clients to them. Here are list of CPA ranges:

  • Direct WordPress: $150 – $2,000 per signup
  • Control WooCommerce: $150 – $3,000 per signup
  • VPS Hosting: $150 – $300 per signup
  • Committed Hosting: $150 – $7,000 per signup
  • Cloud Hosting: $150 – $5,000 per signup

4 Ipage Affiliate Program

Ipage is known by its name in the hosting service domain industry providing plans to suit the demand of website owners and business executives. The Ipage industry with smooth rates for different hosting plans from $105 for shared and VPS accounts going up to $150 for hosting plans.

The following are Ipage specific hosting affiliates program

  1. Course to Promotion Materials:

iPage gives its affiliates a variety of promotional materials like benefit banners, text links and more, which they can use on their website for further iPage hosting services. It also furnishes you with your own referral code that you can use in your ad.

  1. Great commission rates:

As an affiliate you have the golden chance to earn up to $150 in commission per sales. This is the payout by an affiliate program; the best base rate of $105 is the standard.

Best Hosting Affiliate Program in 2022

5. Bionic WP Affiliate Program

Bionic WP Affiliate Program is the fastest hosting service hosted on Google Cloud Platform [GCP]. Bionic WP allows you to focus on your business and prompt the hosting team to manage your business.

The best thing about Bionic wp affiliate program is:

  • You earn $75 to 12.5% commission for 2 years
  • You are assigned to manage all hosting referrals and assist you in minimizing your earning
  • No commission payout threshold

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6. HostGator Affiliate Program

HostGator is the most popular hosting affiliate program. Partnering with HostGator is a win-win: we get more business, you get more cash. And to make your side of things incredibly easy, We’ve spent a couple of decades building up a reputation that speaks for itself.

On top of that, a partnership with us means enjoying a generous pay structure. For example, let’s say you were to send 21 signups our way in a given month. Taking a look at the chart on the right, that’s $125 x 21… equaling a whooping $2625! Not too shabby for just displaying an ad on your site.

7. BlueHost Affiliates

BlueHost Affiliates is one of the best and widely used hosting platforms for affiliates. This hosting choice is suitable among bloggers and pays reasonable commissions to all promoters.

The hosting choice pays the sum of $65 commission if the person you refer to the platform successfully sign up. This fee will be received based on the number of persons that signed up. Here is what you need to know about the BlueHost affiliate program;

  • Unlimited Earnings:

With the Bluehost affiliate program, there is no limit to what you can make. It is just so simple. Your earnings from the platform are determined by the number of successful sign ups you refer.

  • Instant signup:

Another interesting thing to know about Bluehost Is the instant signup available to users. With BlueHost, you can access your affiliate account once your account is opened for free in order for you to promote their product right away and start earning your money unlike other hosting affiliate programs.

  • Best tracking software:

The hosting affiliate program is popularly known for its best tracking software. They offer this tracking method so you will be able to track your earnings after the people you refer successfully signed up. This ensures that you get your earnings once there is a successful referral.








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