Best Free Blogging Platform to make money instantly in 2022.

In this article I will be reviewing the best free Blogging platform to make money in 2022. These are the most customizable platforms for your blog, and the greatest news of all is that

They are all free. Meaning that you don’t even need money to start blogging with these platforms. 

Best Free Blogging Platform

So today we’re going to talk about the best free blogging platform that you can actually start making money with in 2022 and beyond without restrictions. All right, let’s jump right in! So the first thing we’re going to do is go through some examples of mostly free blogging platforms. The first one we’re going to talk about is

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Best Free Blogging Platform

Wix is the best free blogging platform. Wix is very commonly used and works very nicely, but it has a few cons that you need to know about. When you use Wix, the free platform, Wix’s branding shows. They also show ads on your site, and if you ever want to move your site to a different platforms, it’s very difficult to do.

But aside the cons, wix is a great platform for you to start your blogging hustle and make some money real quick.

Best Free Blogging Platform

How to start a blog on wix

You can start a blog on wix by signing up for a free account, then after that you get a free website made for you to, after which you will be redirected to your dashboard where you can as well put your account details like your blog name, your profile picture, your email and so on. You can register with woc by clicking the HERE.

Best Free Blogging Platform

Now notice .com, because we’re going to talk about something very similar to that later on. has limited functionality. You can’t run ads on it and you don’t really own your own blog. But apart from that, it’s a nice place to start with if you really want to make it in blogging.

How to start a blog on

Just create an account and fill up your details then the rest is handled by the company. After setting up your account, you are now ready to start writing your content instantly. And the best thing  I like about this platform is that there is an audience already waiting for you to create contents for them to read.


Best Free Blogging Platform

Blogger is also a very commonly used blog platform. It’s actually owned by Google.The cons on this one are, it has limited features, and Google, as they tend to do, can suspend your account at any time. But aside from that, a lot of people are still making money from this platform and so many are still joining with no cash at hand.

How to start a blog on blogger

All you need to do is to head over to and create a free account. After that you can have some fun by just going through the settings and choosing the best look for your site. When you are done with that you can as well start publishing contents and sharing on your social eto drive more traffic to your blogger site.

As time goes on, you can still decide to apply for google adsense, if you qualify then google will approve and mediately start showing ads in your website and the more people click the ads, the more you get paid.

Best Free Blogging Platform

Now tumblr is not really your traditional blog platform. It’s actually for micro blogging. You can put all sorts of media up on tumblr, but you can use it for a very short form blog. But probably not what most of you are looking for, if you’re wanting to develop a more traditional blog.

Tumblr again has limited features, and almost impossible to move your content to some other platform when you want to do that.

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How to start a blog on tumblr

But without minding those cons, you can still make your way out to make money from blogging on Tumblr and you don’t need money to create your blog on this platform.

Just sign up with a free account and you are ready to kick off. Then you start creating some content to drive traffic and you can start making money by promoting some affiliate products on your blog.

Best Free Blogging Platform

A lot of people have used Medium, although it’s becoming a little less popular at this point. Medium again has limited features. Your audience is not really yours, it’s Medium’s audience, and again you can’t run ads on medium.

How to start a blog on medium

Starting a blog on medium is so simple, all you have to do is create an account with your email and you can also download the medium app on playstore if you are using your mobile phone for this.Then after that you can start making some content and the more people read your blog contents, the more medium pays you.

And the sixth one we’re going to talk about is not really a free blogging platform, but it’s a very popular one and really very good, and that’s


Best Free Blogging Platform

Squarespace also has limited features on its proprietary platform. It has limited integrations, and on the personal plan you can only have twenty pages, plus your blog, and you can only have two contributors.

The cost at the time of writing this is about twelve dollars for that personal plan and eighteen dollars if you want to go to a slightly more robust plan for businesses.

How to start a blog on squarespace.

All you need is to select the plan that is most better for you then you start creating your account and making your contents. And finally, the last one, the seventh one we’re going to talk about is

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Best Free Blogging Platform not .com, but org. is completely free and there are a lot of famous people, big companies, etc, that used for their websites, to design their websites and for their blogs. It’s completely Customizable. There are no limits from ads, no limits on features, basically there’s all sorts of free plugins that you can expand the usability of your blog.

In fact there are so many great features, there’s almost no reason to go with something that you have to pay for it. Now to be completely fair, you do have to, with many of those other platforms that I listed, they will do your hosting for you. You’re not going to have a custom domain name, you’re going to have something like whatever your name is dot Wix dot com or whichever one you’re using.

Best Free Blogging Platform

Example: , etc

But with you need to have your own hosting and you need to have your own domain name. You can check out the best hosting companies for WordPress today. So you’re going to spend a little bit for that. You’re going to spend somewhere in the vicinity of ten to twelve dollars monthly for your domain name and for your hosting.

It might be a little bit less than that if you pay for it on an annual basis. I use for my blog, my website, and I also use Bluehost and Namecheap to get my domain name and to host the site.

Now Bluehost integrates very nicely with WordPress. In fact I haven’t found anything easier. If that’s something you’re interested in,  you can try out Bluehost and namecheap and see what you think of it.

Best Free Blogging Platform

Now you can, with, also pay for your website design if you don’t really know how to handle that.You can pay us to design your website for you. At paddedvibez we have a $350 option for e-commerce website development, we have a $250 option for business website development and we also have the $100 option for personal website development.

You can contact us via Email:  the way your website looks is referred to as a theme in WordPress. And again there are so many free themes out there.

There’s a lot that you can Pay for as well, but there are so many great free themes that you really don’t need to buy because they are completely free. I don’t think I will suggest what the best theme is, because it may vary on what niche you’re in that sort of thing, but I will mention a few.

Like the Astra theme, and it is a very nice theme. Some of the other themes that are best for your blog are one you might consider. And if you want to take a good looking website like this one, you can go for upthemes.

so with just a little bit of work, an hour or two of work, you can have a nice blog/ website setup with WordPress. Well, you can be posting contents, and how much time is what is going to cost you?

Well, if you’re already doing vlogging, you could be repurposing that content in just a few minutes to a blog, and driving more views to your videos, to your affiliate links all that sort of thing, and adding a little more money to your bottom line.

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And do remember that those blog articles are evergreen and continue to work for you basically forever, just like your videos do. 

Best Free Blogging Platform

My final thought on it, it’s really a no-brainer. You got to do this! That’s it. So again, if you want a highly profitable Blog so that you can escape the rat race and have the freedom to

live life on your terms, check out my Blogging Strategy for beginners ebook on how you can have that highly Successful blog site that generates over $5000 weekly.


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