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Amazon USA online shopping (5 things you need to make money)


Amazon USA online shopping is no doubt one of the top best leading E-commerce platform in the world right now. And lots of people get it twisted when they hear “Amazon USA online shopping”.

In this article you and I will be walking down to the bottom of this article with our cup of coffee in our hands so that nothing will sound complicating here. I know you are ready, so let’s kick off.


Amazon is an American top multinational and best conglomerate that focuses on quality e-commerce, quality cloud computing, quality digital streaming, and best artificial intelligence. They are one of the Big 5 industries in the United States. They are an information technology company alongside with Google, the Apple, the Microsoft, and the Facebook. Amazon is owned by Jeff Bezos.

How did Jeff Bezos start Amazon

Amazon is owned by Jeff Bezos, although in early 2021 he made an announcement that he would be stepping down as CEO of the company, alongside with Jeff, their top individual insider, the shareholders of the company are Mr Andrew Jassy, and  Mr Jeffrey Blackburn.The richest man continue to get more richer. founder Jeff Bezos is now worth over $214 billion, according to the recent data from the Bloomberg Billionaires too Index.Wooow such a huge amount of money right, smiles.

But I want to surprise you a little bit by telling you that you too can cut your share from Amazon income from the next paragraph, hold my hands tight let keep going.


Amazon usa

The best simple ways to start and make money on Amazon without selling are seen below.

1 – publish your own digital items on Amazon.

One of the best simple ways to earn money from is by publishing your own digital items on Amazon.

They might be Private label which is a process of making a pre existing digital item and putting your brandings and your logos on them, and when people download them you automatically get paid for it from Amazon. Amazon USA online shopping has made private labeling easier today.You can even earn over $600 to $1,500 per month per item with this simple method.

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2- KDP publishing on Amazon.

The Kindle Direct Publishing( KDP) is the amazon’s e-book self publishing top platform that was launched in Nov 2007. Amazon company launched the Kindle Direct Publishing, which is originally called the Digital Text industry, for all authors and the publishers to single handedly publish their digital or physical books directly to the Amazon Kindle Store. With the Kindle Direct Publishing,  you can publish your books on Amazon kdp and start earning over $1200 per day.

Click the link to learn more and start earning now

3 – give out wholesale items on Amazon.

Wholesaling is the practice of simply purchasing a bulk branded goods or products from another producer, the supplier, or from the distributor to quickly resell to the final consumers. Selling some wholesale goods on Amazon is a very lucrative way to make money, you can earn over $200-$2000 per month from this strategy.

Sounds so good right,the best part is, it is totally free to Start this business.To learn more about this method

Click the link below to get started right now.

4 – Deliver products for Amazon company.

The Amazon Flex site stated that you can even make between $19 and $26/hr during your top blocks. The category you fall on is dependent on some factors. You can also make over to $30/hr  by using a bigger delivery car, which makes it possible for you to deliver more packages at a time.To  become an Amazon delivery driver, drive you must first of all meet the following Amazon eligibility requirements:


1.You must be at least 21 years of age.

2. You must have a valid and updated driver’s license and updated insurance.

3. You must have your own qualifying vehicle.

With Amazon delivery business, you are sure to make between $19 and $25/hr during your blocks.

5 – Become a Serious blogger.

Starting a blog of your own Is one of the easiest and most natural ways to make huge money from Amazon. Most beginner bloggers start with affiliate marketing and they use the Amazon Associate to make more money while they blog. This is one of the best places to start.

There are over millions of affiliate products you can recommend for your audience through a review content. And as of the month of June in 2018, almost 70% of Amazon customers in the USA are also top Amazon Prime members. That is to tell you that more than half of the American top product users always purchase the products regularly from Amazon.

Before we forge ahead,let me give you some clue on how you can set up your blog in 5mins or click here to start a blog Now.

How to start a blog

There are two different categories in blogging.

1.Free Blog


2.Paid Blog

The two are a great starting point depending on how financially buoyant you are.

Free blog.

Free blog sites are those sites that allow you to set up your blog free of charge while the expenses are on them. 

If you are using this method, there is a low guarantee that you will monetize your blog and make money fast but they are good for those who are new in the blogging world and wish not to spend a dime on their blog.

Best free Blogging platforms


Hub Pages


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All you need to do is to click on the link of your favorite free blog site and register with your details and start creating contents immediately. It’s easy and free to start,all the hard jobs of designing and so on have been handled by the company, you just have to switch over and start creating your blog contents.

To learn more about how to start  free blog this Article will walk you through.

Paid blog

This is my best recommendation if you really want to make huge money from your blog without restrictions from anywhere. And this will serve you better to start making good money from Amazon USA online shopping. 

Now I will be introducing you to , which is the best blogging platform for those who really want to take their blogging passion to the next level and make a good amount of money. With this platform you can make over $200,000 as a pro blogger if you know what you are doing.

But here you have to sacrifice those small cash that could get you a wrist watch or probably sunglasses. You have to gather the money and pay for your professional blog building process,Which includes the hosting, the theme, the designing,etc which mount to a total of over $20 to $50 for a start.

Best cheapest WordPress hosting company


Amazon USA online shopping

To get started with a self-hosted WordPress blog, you’ll need to buy a domain name and choose a WordPress web hosting. We have tested all major web hosting platforms by looking at their price, their reliability, their performance, their features, and their security and Bluehost is the best choice for new websites. With Bluehost, you will always get:

1.Your website free custom domain name (free for the initial year) with an SSL certificate (designed for security).

2. Website hosting starting from $2.95/month

3. A Simple and one click for installing for

4. A Free business email accounts (e.g.,

If you are choosing another web hosting company and platform, make sure they have “one click WordPress installs” for blogging. This will help make your blog site  setup process much more easier.

And these hosting platforms are also our top best when it comes to quality and trust.


Amazon usa

Justhost hosting includes a lot of top free extras that come with its shared hosting service, which makes them a solid, and affordable  hosting option to power your website. 


Amazon USA

This is an An Excellent and a Focused Web Hosting company. There is a lot to like about, there service has a flexible cloud hosting best plans, a fast setup times, a top notch best web based customer service, and an excellent uptime. These are our top picks when you think of starting a blog. But you can take your game higher by seeing these overall best WordPress hosting for maximum conversion and traffic.

For you to complete your blog building,this article will walk you through and get your blog set up and running.


After setting your blog, just head over to Amazon associate and register with them and start promoting the products link. Once anyone purchases any product via your link, you get a percentage of the product.

6 – Buy from Ebay and sell on Amazon (i.e online arbitrage).

This is one of my favorite methods,I and a friend like you just hit $1750 the first week we start this business. From just buying from eBay at cheaper price and reselling at higher price in amazoy.

Learn more about this method here

Amazon USA online shopping

Other methods you can implement to make money from Amazon includes.

 ✓– you can Work from home as an Amazon reppresentative by Joining the Mech Turk program.

 ✓ –you can Handcraft your items to sell them on Amazon through the Amazon Handmade.

  ✓– you can Sell your shirts, the hats, the coffee mugs and lots more through Merch by the Amazon USA online shopping.

 ✓ – you can Trade in all the unwanted items with Amazon’s to Trade n program instantly.

 ✓ –you can Offer your services through the Amazon Services.

 ✓– you can Do seasonal work for the Amazon USA online shopping with Camper-Force.

 ✓- you can Work in one of fulfillment or the distribution centers.

Hurray ,we made it to the end of the article and hope your journey with me Throughout the beginning of the article was smooth…

yes I guess so..


you  can make money daily, monthly or yearly from Amazon with this information I just shared with you without much stress.

Just feel free to live a comment in the comment box and share the best method that worked for you.

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