Amazon Kdp beginners guide

Amazon Kdp beginners guide to make money online

Having a consistent flow of income with zero skill and little stress is something that many would call it impossible. Well, with Amazon KDP that impossibility could become your lifestyle. Amazon KDP is a platform that lets you self-publish your books for free! And still get  paid when they sell.

You are probably concerned about what to write, your lack of writing skills, and the stress of finishing a book. But don’t worry, you’ll learn here how to create your own book without any skill or even much content and have it ready to sell in a matter of  hours! Because you don’t need to worry about content when you make Amazon KDP  low content books.Now let’s learn how to make easy money:

Table of content

  • Publishing
  • Traditional Book Publishing:
  • Self-Publishing:
  • benefits of self publishing

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

  • What are low content books?
  • How to create a low content book
  • Publishing and pricing 

Amazon Kdp beginners guide


There are 2 main types of book publishing; Traditional and Self-publishing

● Traditional Book Publishing:

This is when the book publishing is handled by an already existing publishing house. In this case, the publishing house handles the book design, publishing, production and marketing.

Usually, in traditional publishing, the publishing house doesn’t write the book, the manuscript is purchased from the original author and then published and sold for profit by the publishing house.

● Self-Publishing:

Self-publishing refers to when the production, design, editing, marketing and everything involved with the publishing and sale of a book is handled by the author without help or the involvement of an established publishing house. In this case, the author is in control of everything, including trying to source for customers and an audience.


  • You are in complete control and get to tailor the books as you see fit as the entire publishing process is self owned.
  • You can choose whether to publish as a physical book or as an ebook. 
  • The author is responsible for the pricing and receives profits. The author decides how much to charge and gets to keep a larger portion of the profit.
  • It is a source of consistent income: Even after the launch, people can still buy the books and since the rights and manuscripts are not sold to a publishing company, the benefits never actually end.
  • It provides the author with the chance to meet new people and grow both in the market and as an individual.

With the many pros of self-publishing it is obvious that it is a much better option for 

anyone that wants to have a steady and consistent stream of income. But why then do people sell their works to publishing firms and houses? This is because a lot of self-publishers struggle with the cost of design, production and publishing. 

This coupled with the stress of having to amass an audience and get people to actually buy the book is enough to discourage a lot of people from self publishing. This is why you should go for a good self publishing platform with low cost advertising and Amazon KDP is just what you need! Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Amazon is the world’s largest service provider and online retailer.

Amazon Kdp beginners guide

Originally an online book selling company, Amazon has now become a giant of e-commerce. Also, with Amazon holding at least 80% of the ebook market, it is the best platform to sell, publish and get sales.

The best part of this? You’re able to publish E-books and paperbacks for free and reach millions of readers (and in your case, millions of customers!).

With Amazon KDP (kindle direct publishing) you are able to skip the hassle of not just traditional publishing but also self publishing from your own pockets.Now that you understand publishing and that Amazon Kdp is the best platform to

publish for free and get the best visibility, let’s begin the money making journey!

You’re probably wondering how you’d be able to create and publish a money-making book in a matter of hours and with almost no content! This is where low-content books come in handy.

According to Amazon’s reports; there were 200,000 sellers worldwide with over $100,000 in sales in 2018 which increased by 12% to 225,000 in 2019. (That’s a lot of money to be made!)

What Are Low Content Books?

Low content books, as the name implies, are books that have little to no content on the inside. Some examples are journals, notebooks, planners, and coloring books.

Basically, the pages are created to be used and filled by the buyer or user. The pages are often repetitive , containing only a few words if any content.

As a result of them not containing substantial content, you are not required to include an ISBN and can publish without it. which is an added bonus! Because this means even less work.

Benefits of Amazon KDP Low Content Books

  • Production and selling on Amazon is completely free of charge, with Amazon only taking a small percentage of your profits, which is worthwhile considering you spent nothing.
  • Low content books are so easy to make, that you can create and publish them in less than a day.
  • They are an amazing source of passive and low effort income 
  • A study showed that out of 86 kdp authors, about 15% were making over $500 a month! Imagine earning that much and not having to stress.

How To Create A Low Content Book.

In order for you to create a low-content book to start earning your money, you need to first have an Amazon kdp account.

  • Do you already have a an Amazon account if not then click here to sign up
  • After creating your Amazon account, click on Create your kdp account and fill in your details (name, email and password)
  • Once you’re done creating, there should be a warning notification telling you that your account information is incomplete. Update and fill in the required information (which includes payment information etc)
  • Go on to complete your KDP account information: Don’t be worried about using your name because it does not get automatically added to your books. 

This way you get to put whatever name you want (pen names are allowed) and every book can have a different author without it affecting your account in any way. After creation, fill in your tax information so that profits from the book would be directly deposited in your bank account.Now you are all set to start earning!

Creating Your First Low Content Book

Before publishing your book, there are certain things that must be considered and done to make it good enough to attract downloads. Remember, you may be doing all the publishing for free, but the money comes from the traffic (the downloads and engagements). So here are a few things to consider before making even your low content books to get the money coming in:

Amazon Kdp beginners guide


To make downloadable content on Amazon, you need to publish Something worthwhile. So do your research, find out what moves on the market and the kind of low content books that seem to be thriving at the moment. The more popular the niche, the higher your chances.

Examples of popular low content niches are: Journals, cookbooks, planners and cook books. The next step is to narrow down to something specific within that niche. An example is a daily meal planner.


Combine a list of popular keywords that are most likely to come up in searches within that niche. For example, anyone searching for a planner or their diet would probably search “meal planner” or “diet planner”


For your content to sell, it has to stand out

  1. Make sure that the description is catchy and attractive 
  2. If your book is in a popular niche with popular keywords but there are not so many of its kind, then you’re doing it right !


To create the cover of your book, keep in mind that the cover is the first thing that 

people see and in this market everyone judges a book by its cover.

  1. The cover should be attractive and eye-catching
  2. The cover should not look mediocre (no one wants to buy a book that looks low in quality).
  1. Don’t use images of people to avoid copyright problems and If you must, use license free images.
  1. The description should match the cover and also be as catchy and appealing.
  2. Choose categories that would make your book easy to find.

Publishing and Pricing

  1. You do not need an isbn for low content books but you can also choose to get free KDP isbn.
  1. Choose the black and white interior with white paper.
  2. Upload the pdf/file containing the inner content.
  3. Set up the book cover by uploading your designed cover
  4. To choose a price, it is advisable to use the average price of books similar to yours. If a book is too pricey, it would drive away potential customers and a cheap book would seem low quality.


Making money from Amazon Kdp low content books is possible and I must let you know that it doesn’t just happen overnight, you have to put in the work and know what you are doing. Advertise your books and share your books so people can get to know about it. 

And you don’t just publish one or two books and expect to make sales, you have to publish lots of books to make a reasonable amount of money.








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