15 Amateur Blogging Tips to explore instantly.

I Have glanced a lot In the bloggIng world and something activated me to put down this  Amateur Blogging Tips to explore instantly and make things right for the novices bloggers out there.

I chose to share some blogging guidance in this article because I’ve been seeing some unhappy bloggers complaining on how frustrating blogging is and how they haven’t been able to get things right even when they claim to have put in the best effort.

Amateur Blogging Tips to explore instantly.

I’ve been trying to share this advice but I believe this should be the right way and time to do it here in our masterclass. However, nothing feels good than seeing all of us succeed in this blogging industry and that’s why I’m sharing this little advice in paddedvibez masterclass to fellow bloggers especially the beginners.Okay, let’s go!

There’s a high chance your blog is going to survive if you begin as a startup, not an ordinary blog site. Blogging is a lucrative business model and should be treated as one from the beginning.

I heard many people saying they’re blogging for passion.My dear friend, passion wouldn’t take you far if you don’t earn money. Blogging is one of the skills that can’t earn you money online.It’s said “if you are good at something don’t do it for free”. If Messi, the football legend, was only playing football for passion, would he have earned so much money that he has today? Blogging should be both money and passion driven.

Amateur Blogging Tips to explore instantly.

Learn the basic:

There should be Quest for in-depth knowledge of blogging before you start. You can’t invest in a business without knowing its nitty-gritty.you have to know the basic things to do like the niche you should be blogging about.you should be able to know Why you should start a blog and and build your audience and subscribers then you  can monetize your blog.

Build a team:

As I always tell people, you need a team. You can’t do it alone. Look for like minds like you. Draw marketing strategy, financial strategy, managerial plan. This is a real business, man. People are generating $150K per month off blogging. you too can do it.


You’re going to spend money if you want to make real money in this blogging business. It’s an investment and you need to invest. Though you can be using some free tools and plans as a beginner.

It’s About your audience and not you:

Listen up, you don’t choose a niche because you love it, choose it because people are searching for its contents and it’s monetizable. Make a research on your niche CPC before you choose it. If you choose a non-monetizable niche because you love it. You’re on your own.

For me “I decide on what to sell only AFTER I have seen a market that wants to buy.Rather than creating a product and looking for customers. You have to target the audience that needs the information that you need to convey.

Amateur Blogging Tips to explore instantly.

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know your SEO:

Master Search Engine Optimization very well. Link building/Guest blogging is quite important. Build massive email list, social media pages. Submit your site to many directories. You need SEO in-depth knowledge to win this blogging race.

Know the basic monetization tips:

 Emphatically, don’t seek for Adsense alone. Irrespective of your niche, there are many products on Amazon that relate to your site you can sell. Create a separate store page to sell the products using the Woozone plugin for easy product adding.I like using Adsense, Amazon affiliate, affiliate links and paid advert.There are top best strategies to monetize a blog and you should be able to stick to few of them. I recommend Shareasale affiliate site

Collaborate with other bloggers:

Importantly, make friends with other bloggers. No one is an island of knowledge. Build mutual relationships with them. Having conversation with people of the same dreams and aspirations will make you achieve them quickly. Check out these below tools, plugins and websites I use to manage my site..

As a beginner you might be confused about which plugin, features should I add in my website to make it stand out.Below I will write down the basic tools you need to get started.


This is the best part. I recommend you push it so hard. Starting a blog will be so challenging when you don’t have the audience to read your blog post. This is where promotion comes in, you can decide to use free organic promotion sources like Facebook, Instagram, Quora, digest, Reddit, Pinterest and google business etc. This source will help to bring in much traffic to your blog site but it normally takes time. But if you are buoyant enough, you can use the paid traffic sources like Facebook ads, google ads, Pinterest ads, YouTube ads and build up your subscribers and grow your traffic and domain authority. Promotion is very important once you have a very quality and converting content that people love to read. Traffic will help you build the best community and grow your business and in turn make money.

Amateur Blogging Tips to explore instantly.


  • Your theme
  • Woocommerce
  • Woozone
  • WP Auto republish
  • Easy Table of Content plugin
  • Link Whisper Plugin
  • Pretty Links/thirsty affiliate
  • Uncanny Automator
  • G Translate (Multi-language plugin)
  • Onesignal plugin
  • WP Content Copy Protection Pro
  • Progressive Web App
  • Social Auto Poster – dlvrit.com
  • Social Share / Mashshare
  • Short pixel
  • Rafflepress
  • Ads Pro
  • WP forms

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  • Render forest: Youtube intro maker
  • Google workspace: collaboration
  • QuickBooks: Expenses management
  • Hootsuite: social media management
  • LastPass: password management
  • Namecheck: domain names checking
  • Bitly: URL shortening
  • Freshdesk: customer service
  • Hunter.io: find a specific email address
  • Contactout: find the email, phone number and social media.
  • Colour.adobe.com
  • Ingredients.com
  • Whatwpthemeisthat.com
  • Proposable.com
  • Blisk.io
  • Lordicon.com
  • Onlywire.com
  • What font.com
  • Projecthuddle.com
  • Placeit.com


  • Google Trends: Keyword trends over time.
  • Google Planner: 
  • Exploding Topics: New globally-trending topics.
  • Semrush: Keyword research tool
  • Moz: Keyword research tool
  • Ah ref: Keyword research tool
  • Seed keywords.com
  • Surperator.com
  • LSI Graph: suggests closely-related keywords.
  • Tubebuddy: Youtube Keyword research tool
  • World Tracker Scout: Scans a post page for more keywords
  • Google Search Console: Website SEO analyser. 
  • Answer the Public: Shows questions people ask in relation to your keyword.
  • Animalz Revive: It discovers where your site post need to be updated, upgraded etc.
  • Site liner: Scans your site for SEO problems


  • KWfinder.com
  • Udemy.com

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  • Gmetrix.com
  • Tools.pingdom.com
  • Pagespeed.web.dev
  • Managewp.com
  • Tinyjpg.com
  • Woorank.com
  • Google Page speed Insights


  • Shutterstuck.com
  • Pexels.com
  • Freepik.com
  • Canva.com
  • Flaticon.com
  • Pixabay.com
  • Blush.design


  • My blog guest
  • Guest Logitech
  • Group high
  • Blog synergy
  • Blogger linkup
  • Moz Link Explorer

Email marketing sites

. MailChimp

.Get response

. converting

. email subscribers



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  • Helpdesk@yoursite.com
  • Info@yoursite.com
  • Ads@yoursite.com
  • Apply@scholarskit.com
  • Management@yourssite.com
  • And each member of your team webmail

Amateur Blogging Tips to explore instantly.


Blogging has been a very lucrative online business which can generate you over thousands of dollars when you apply the basic strategies and get consistent with what you do. But the sad news here is that your new blog will not automatically start generating millions when you are just starting out, it takes time and patience to build up a very standard and income stream blog. The best thing that matters is your quality contents, audience and traffic. Once you have built up that great community then be sure of getting a great amount of income coming in. Just stay focused and the money will definitely come.

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