8 ways to make money online using a cell phone or Desktop.

This year, I don’t know what you have planned to accomplish or you still like to go back to that 9am to 5pm job that you never had time for yourself and family all through last year.

Today I want to disclose to you the best proven 8 ways to make money online using a cell phone or desktop.8 ways to make money online using a cell phone or Desktop.

Everyone wants to obtain more money with less action and in a shorter period of time. I’m sorry to tell you that I have both good and bad news for you.The good news is that, in comparison to early eras, there are more options to make extra money today. At the end of this article the awful news would be disclosed.

Without further Ado let’s get down to business.The Following is a list of alternatives to easily attain your goal of generating money, if you are properly prepared for it. Based on my substantial research, here is my top list in today’s topic at paddedvibez blog.

1. Freelancing

8 ways to make money online using a cell phone or Desktop.

Freelancing is the art of providing services online utilizing an internet connection and getting paid for it. In today’s list I will only talk of the top 5 freelance websites. If you have a skill like content writing, content creation, web development, digital marketing, social media management, graphic design, or even a good command of your mother tongue, you’ll be in good shape.

You may easily create an account and start using it right away.The very list of the top best freelance website I will suggest are as follows:







Becoming a freelancer is one of the ways to earn money online from the comfort of your home, offices and anywhere you can think of. It requires that you build up a freelance account in one of the above listed freelancing websites above and revise your profile with a sharp description of your skills and what you tend to give your future clients.

Remember this is not a get rich quick strategy where you will jump in and pull out $10 million and rush out; it takes patience, courage and consistency to attain your first job from the outlet,as you grow in the freelance world your clients grows too, then your monthly income boosts as well.

A regular freelancer in Fiverr earns over $2000-$5000 in a monthly basis through Shareasale

2. Website and App Testing

8 ways to make money online using a cell phone or Desktop.

Website testing has been a top notch IT skill that could earn you thousands of cash monthly just by serving from anywhere with your mobile device or desktop.

You can also make money by testing websites and apps this way. To be accepted as a tester, you must have sufficient knowledge and experience in this field.

You will begin collecting offers to spend your time and knowledge in trade for money once you have been accepted after passing a brief test.You can earn from $200-500 daily as a beginner website tester right from home.

3. Participate in paid surveys.

8 ways to make money online using a cell phone or Desktop.

Paid survey is one of the  proven mean to earn massively online with your mobile phone or Desktop.Various websites like Swagbucks etc are the best platform to earn money just by accomplishing some little tasks and taking some surveys online.Many websites pay  to discuss with their clients to perform surveys on their behalf. To earn cash or gift cards, register with them and start this side hustle immediately without wasting any money as a capital.

4. Blogging

8 ways to make money online using a cell phone or Desktop.

Starting a blog could be the best opinion you would ever make this year. The smallest beginner blogger earns nothing less than $1000-$5000 through google adsense,shareasale affiliate and other blog monetization methods.

While some skilled bloggers earn from $100,000 – $200,000 monthly from their blog site. Padded Vibez   a blog with over 50k subscribers last month from ads earning from N50000 to N80000 without doing much work just by creating content and through blog monetization.

If you admire writing, this is the best and most lucrative way to make money available to you. You can create your own self hosted blog site with one of my best suggested web hosting for WordPress and put down some high quality texts and drive traffic to your site then you start monetizing your site once you have your devoted readers.

You are reimbursed when a link in your blog is clicked to purchase a commodity or service once you join an affiliate network/program.

5. Vlogging 

8 ways to make money online using a cell phone or Desktop.

Being a video producer pays more than some of the white collar jobs that Lots of people long for. If you’re a a decent speaker who enjoys visiting new areas and has recently purchased anything new, such as a smartwatch or even a new phone, or if you have a bird as a pet.

After establishing a channel on YouTube, record the videos and post them. Once you’ve succeeded in enticing a large number of people’s awareness.You may make a lot of money by promoting your films with Google Adsense, Amazon Associate Program, and other services.

A lot of YouTubers are reaping millions from YouTube through different ways which are Through;

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google adsense

You can Optimize your YouTube channel for views and subscribers with  Tubebuddy, an official YouTube tool for bringing high traffic to your channel and boosting subscribers and view count.

6.become an influencer

8 ways to make money online using a cell phone or Desktop.

A few simple actions to follow: Choose a niche area, a platform, and get launched right now. For fame building, it is significant to conduct thorough study on the chosen specialty.

Prepare to assist as a brand ambassador once your status has been ascertained. Then you start making cashe from your brand through advertisement.You can choose to use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube,Twitter or create your own website or blog and dominate there.

7.Investing in Cryptocurrencies

8 ways to make money online using a cell phone or Desktop.

This is my option on my list of the easiest methods to make money. Cryptocurrency investment has the potential to make you rich overnight, but it is often undertaken without reasonable research and market technique.This can cost you a lot of money. In common, the greater the risk, the greater the reward, simple.

You can also earn money by mining cryptocurrencies. This is the simplest choice; you may begin mining with your phone or invest a large sum of money in costly device to earn a large sum of money.

The sky is the limit; the extra money you put into high-performance mining hardware, the better your results are going to be.

The best portion of cryptocurrency investment I love so much is the buy and hold technique that has little or no risk which I explained in how to make money with cryptocurrency.


8 ways to make money online using a cell phone or Desktop.

A lot of people get it twisted when it comes to drop-shipping, but today let’s set aside the grammar they always use to define drop-shipping. Let’s bring it down to a lay man understanding.

Dropshipping is simply marketing a product that is supplied by another person. For instance Mr A has a product that he needs to sell to the customers but he doesn’t have much customer and Mr B doesn’t have any product.

But he knows people he can bring in to buy the products that Mr A is selling, Then Mr B agreed with Mr A for a percentage of the income per products he recommends buyer to come in for.

In this scenario Mr B is the Dropshipper and Mr A is the Merchant and the customers are the people buying the products. Mr B can make over $4000 just by doing this dropshipping online with no money. All you need to do is go over to Shopify and create a free store and put in the necessary details and get your store read for selling products.

After that you sign up with AliExpress and select the top selling products and embed them in your store. Once someone comes through your store and clicks on any product and got redirected to AliExpress with a complete purchase,you will get a percentage in return. Do it over and over again.

Bonus point

8 ways to make money online using a cell phone or Desktop.

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Now for the bad news I said I will share with you: if you are not well ready for this hustles, there is no easier or faster way to generate money online.

What you choose to accomplish should include a skill set, aids, hard effort, and most importantly, consistency to be able to make money.

You will not be successful in any of the above techniques unless and until you are completely committed to pursuing them with enormous dedication.

The ability to master new capacities, and most importantly, the intention to be a successful human being comes from what you are doing consistently with all your heart.

It’s not always easy trying to build a business of your own, you have to provide it your best and don’t rush out if you couldn’t make money in your first few months.

But consistently do what you have been thought to do and always learn, soon you too can earn over 8 figures online. 

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